comma; phrase marked by pause

to read; to study; reading of word (i.e. pronunciation), similar to 拼音

strokes 22
strokes after radical 15
白读 白讀 bai2 du2
colloquial (rather than literary) pronunciation of a Chinese character

百读不厌 百讀不厭 bai3 du2 bu4 yan4
to be worth reading a hundred times (idiom)

拜读 拜讀 bai4 du2
(polite) to read (sth)

半工半读 半工半讀 ban4 gong1 ban4 du2
part work, part study; work-study program

饱读 飽讀 bao3 du2
to read intensively

唇读 唇讀 chun2 du2
to lip-read; lipreading

错读 錯讀 cuo4 du2
to mispronounce

导读 導讀 dao3 du2
guide (e.g. book or other printed material)

读报 讀報 du2 bao4
to read newspapers

读本 讀本 du2 ben3
reader; an instructional book

读懂 讀懂 du2 dong3
to read and understand

读法 讀法 du2 fa3
reading; pronunciation (of a Chinese character)

读后感 讀後感 du2 hou4 gan3
impression of a book; opinion expressed in a book review

读经 讀經 du2 jing1
to study the Confucian classics; to read scriptures or canonical texts

读卡器 讀卡器 du2 ka3 qi4
card reader

读卖新闻 讀賣新聞 du2 mai4 xin1 wen2
Yomiuri Shimbun (Japanese newspaper)

读破 讀破 du2 po4
to read extensively and thoroughly; nonstandard pronunciation of a Chinese character, e.g. reading in compound 愛好|爱好 "hobby" in place of

读破句 讀破句 du2 po4 ju4
incorrect break in reading Chinese, dividing text into clauses at wrong point

读谱 讀譜 du2 pu3
to read a score; to read music

读取 讀取 du2 qu3
(of a computer etc) to read (data)

读书 讀書 du2 shu1
to read a book; to study; to attend school

读书会 讀書會 du2 shu1 hui4
study group

读书机 讀書機 du2 shu1 ji1
audio-output reading machine

读书人 讀書人 du2 shu1 ren2
scholar; intellectual

读数 讀數 du2 shu4
reading; data from meter

读头 讀頭 du2 tou2
reading head (e.g. in tape deck)

读万卷书,行万里路 讀萬卷書,行萬里路 du2 wan4 juan4 shu1 - xing2 wan4 li3 lu4
see 行萬里路,讀萬卷書|行万里路,读万卷书

读物 讀物 du2 wu4
reading material

读写 讀寫 du2 xie3
reading and writing

读写能力 讀寫能力 du2 xie3 neng2 li4

读心术 讀心術 du2 xin1 shu4
mind reading (in psychology or Western magic)

读研 讀研 du2 yan2
to attend graduate school

读音 讀音 du2 yin1
pronunciation; literary (rather than colloquial) pronunciation of a Chinese character

读音错误 讀音錯誤 du2 yin1 cuo4 wu4
mistake of pronunciation

读者 讀者 du2 zhe3

读者文摘 讀者文摘 du2 zhe3 wen2 zhai1
Reader's Digest

泛读 泛讀 fan4 du2
extensive reading

复读 復讀 fu4 du2
to return to the same school and repeat a course from which one has already graduated, as a result of failing to get good enough results to progress to one's desired higher-level school

复读 複讀 fu4 du2
(of an audio device) to repeat a recorded phrase (e.g. for language learning)

复读生 復讀生 fu4 du2 sheng1
student who repeats (a course, grade etc) at school

耕读 耕讀 geng1 du2
to be both a farmer and a scholar; to work the land and also undertake academic studies

攻读 攻讀 gong1 du2
to major (in a field); to study a specialty to obtain a higher degree

工读生 工讀生 gong1 du2 sheng1
student who also works part-time; (old) reform-school student

工读学校 工讀學校 gong1 du2 xue2 xiao4
the reformatory; reform school

计算机可读 計算機可讀 ji4 suan4 ji1 ke3 du2
computer-readable; machine-readable

解读 解讀 jie3 du2
to decipher; to decode; to interpret

借读 借讀 jie4 du2
to attend school on a temporary basis

精读 精讀 jing1 du2
intensive reading; to peruse; perusal

精读课 精讀課 jing1 du2 ke4
intensive reading course

就读 就讀 jiu4 du2
to go to school

句读 句讀 ju4 dou4
pausing at the end of a phrase or sentence (in former times, before punctuation marks were used); punctuation; periods and commas; sentences and phrases

可擦写可编程只读存储器 可擦寫可編程祇讀存儲器 ke3 ca1 xie3 ke3 bian1 cheng2 zhi1 du2 cun2 chu3 qi4
EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory)

可读音性 可讀音性 ke3 du2 yin1 xing4

课外读物 課外讀物 ke4 wai4 du2 wu4
extracurricular reading material

朗读 朗讀 lang3 du2
to read aloud

连读 連讀 lian2 du2
liaison (in phonetics)

略读 略讀 lve4 du2
to read cursorily; to skim through

默读 默讀 mo4 du2
to read in silence

判读 判讀 pan4 du2
to interpret (a visual document, a medical exam, an historical event etc); to analyze data (from a chip, a black box etc)

陪读 陪讀 pei2 du2
to accompany one's child or spouse who is studying overseas; to help a child with their study, reading or practicing together

捧读 捧讀 peng3 du2
to read (honorific: e.g. your distinguished article)

拼读 拼讀 pin1 du2
phonetic reading; combine sounds into words

破读 破讀 po4 du2
pronunciation of a character other than the standard; lit. broken reading

审读 審讀 shen3 du2
to read (a draft); to review

失读症 失讀症 shi1 du2 zheng4

试读 試讀 shi4 du2
to read a sample chapter of a book; to subscribe to a publication on a trial basis; to attend classes on a trial basis

释读 釋讀 shi4 du2
to read and interpret ancient texts; to decipher

熟读 熟讀 shu2 du2
to read and re-read sth until one is familiar with it

诵读 誦讀 song4 du2
to read aloud

诵读困难症 誦讀困難症 song4 du2 kun4 nan5 zheng4

速读 速讀 su4 du2
speed reading

听君一席话,胜读十年书 聽君一席話,勝讀十年書 ting1 jun1 yi1 xi2 hua4 - sheng4 du2 shi2 nian2 shu1
listening to the words of a wise man can be superior to studying ten years of books (proverb)

统读 統讀 tong3 du2
standard (unified) pronunciation of a character with multiple readings, as stipulated by the PRC Ministry of Education in 1985

唯读 唯讀 wei2 du2
read only (computing)

文读 文讀 wen2 du2
literary (rather than colloquial) pronunciation of a Chinese character

误读 誤讀 wu4 du2
to misread; (fig.) to misunderstand; to misinterpret

行千里路,读万卷书 行千里路,讀萬卷書 xing2 qian1 li3 lu4 - du2 wan4 juan4 shu1
see 行萬里路,讀萬卷書|行万里路,读万卷书

行万里路,读万卷书 行萬里路,讀萬卷書 xing2 wan4 li3 lu4 - du2 wan4 juan4 shu1
Knowledge comes from books and from experience of the world. (idiom); Learn as much as you can and do all you can.

行万里路胜读万卷书 行萬里路勝讀萬捲書 xing2 wan4 li3 lu4 sheng4 du2 wan4 juan3 shu1
to travel a thousand miles beats reading a thousand books

宣读 宣讀 xuan1 du2
to read out loud to an audience; a prepared speech (e.g. to a party conference)

研读 研讀 yan2 du2
to study attentively (a book); to delve into

以飨读者 以饗讀者 yi3 xiang3 du2 zhe3
for the benefit of the reader

易读 易讀 yi4 du2
legible; readable

异读 異讀 yi4 du2
variant pronunciation (when the same character has more than one reading)

异读词 異讀詞 yi4 du2 ci2
word having alternative pronunciations

音读 音讀 yin1 du2
reading or phonetic value of a character

有声读物 有聲讀物 you3 sheng1 du2 wu4
audiobook; recording of a person reading the text of a book

元音失读 元音失讀 yuan2 yin1 shi1 du2
vowel devoicing

阅读 閱讀 yue4 du2
to read; reading

阅读广度 閱讀廣度 yue4 du2 guang3 du4
reading span

阅读理解 閱讀理解 yue4 du2 li3 jie3
reading comprehension

阅读器 閱讀器 yue4 du2 qi4
reader (software)

阅读时间 閱讀時間 yue4 du2 shi2 jian1
viewing time

阅读障碍 閱讀障礙 yue4 du2 zhang4 ai4

阅读装置 閱讀裝置 yue4 du2 zhuang1 zhi4
electronic reader (e.g. for barcodes, RFID tags etc)

再读 再讀 zai4 du2
to read again; to review (a lesson etc)

折节读书 折節讀書 zhe2 jie2 du2 shu1
to start reading furiously, contrary to previous habit (idiom)

只读 只讀 zhi3 du2
read-only (computing)

重读 重讀 zhong4 du2
stress (on a syllable)

住读 住讀 zhu4 du2
to attend boarding school

走读 走讀 zou3 du2
to attend school as a day student