variant of 贊|赞; to praise

strokes 26
strokes after radical 19
按赞 按讚 an4 zan4
to give sb a thumbs-up (on social media)

称赞 稱讚 cheng1 zan4
to praise; to acclaim; to commend; to compliment

绝赞 絕讚 jue2 zan4
amazing; awesome; ultimate

礼赞 禮讚 li3 zan4
to praise; well done, bravo!

满口称赞 滿口稱讚 man3 kou3 cheng1 zan4
to praise profusely

盛赞 盛讚 sheng4 zan4
to praise highly; an accolade

赞不绝口 讚不絕口 zan4 bu4 jue2 kou3
to praise without cease (idiom); praise sb to high heaven

赞美 讚美 zan4 mei3
to admire; to praise; to eulogize

赞赏 讚賞 zan4 shang3
to admire; to praise; to appreciate

赞颂 讚頌 zan4 song4
to bless; to praise

赞叹 讚嘆 zan4 tan4
to exclaim in admiration

赞同 讚同 zan4 tong2
to approve of; to endorse; (vote) in favor

赞许 讚許 zan4 xu3
to praise; to laud

赞扬 讚揚 zan4 yang2
to praise; to approve of; to show approval

值得称赞 值得稱讚 zhi2 de5 cheng1 zan4