error; false; to extort

variant of 訛|讹

strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
差讹 差訛 cha1 e2
error; mistake

讹传 訛傳 e2 chuan2
unfounded rumor

讹谬 訛謬 e2 miu4
error; mistake

讹人 訛人 e2 ren2
to blackmail; to extort

讹误 訛誤 e2 wu4
error in a text; text corruption

讹诈 訛詐 e2 zha4
to extort under false pretenses; to blackmail; to bluff; to defraud

讹字 訛字 e2 zi4
erroneous character; typographical error

以讹传讹 以訛傳訛 yi3 e2 chuan2 e2
to spread falsehoods; to increasingly distort the truth; to pile errors on top of errors (idiom)