strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
包揽词讼 包攬詞訟 bao1 lan3 ci2 song4
to canvas for lawsuits (idiom); to practice chicanery

词讼 詞訟 ci2 song4
lawsuit; legal case

词讼费 詞訟費 ci2 song4 fei4
legal fees; costs (of a lawsuit)

聚讼纷纭 聚訟紛紜 ju4 song4 fen1 yun2
(of a body of people) to offer all kinds of different opinions (idiom); to argue endlessly

民事诉讼 民事訴訟 min2 shi4 su4 song4
common plea; civil appeal (as opposed to criminal case)

涉讼 涉訟 she4 song4
to be involved in a lawsuit

诉讼 訴訟 su4 song4

诉讼法 訴訟法 su4 song4 fa3
procedural law

诉讼中 訴訟中 su4 song4 zhong1
pendente lite; during litigation

听讼 聽訟 ting1 song4
to hear litigation (in a law court); to hear a case

刑事诉讼法 刑事訴訟法 xing2 shi4 su4 song4 fa3
criminal procedure

酗讼 酗訟 xu4 song4
to be drunk and rowdy

在诉讼期间 在訴訟期間 zai4 su4 song4 qi1 jian1
pendente lite; during litigation

争讼 爭訟 zheng1 song4
dispute involving litigation; legal dispute

诤讼 諍訟 zheng4 song4
to contest a lawsuit