farewell; secrets (of an art)

strokes 6
strokes after radical 4
江湖一点诀 江湖一點訣 jiang1 hu2 yi1 dian3 jue2
special technique; trick of the trade; knack

诀别 訣別 jue2 bie2
to bid farewell; to part (usually with little hope of meeting again)

诀窍 訣竅 jue2 qiao4
secret; trick; knack; key

口诀 口訣 kou3 jue2
mnemonic chant; rhyme for remembering (arithmetic tables, character stroke order etc)

秘诀 秘訣 mi4 jue2
secret know-how; key (to longevity); secret (of happiness); recipe (for success)

要诀 要訣 yao4 jue2
the key trick; the secret of success

永诀 永訣 yong3 jue2
to part forever; eternal parting (i.e. death)

永诀式 永訣式 yong3 jue2 shi4