to discuss; to comment; to criticize; to judge; to choose (by public appraisal)

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
不予评论 不予評論 bu4 yu3 ping2 lun4
No comment!

测评 測評 ce4 ping2
to test and evaluate

差评 差評 cha4 ping2
poor evaluation; adverse criticism

重评 重評 chong2 ping2
to reevaluate; to reassess

重新评价 重新評價 chong2 xin1 ping2 jia4
a re-evaluation; to re-assess

点评 點評 dian3 ping2
to comment; a point by point commentary

反批评 反批評 fan3 pi1 ping2

好评 好評 hao3 ping2
favorable criticism; positive evaluation

环境影响评估 環境影響評估 huan2 jing4 ying3 xiang3 ping2 gu1
environmental impact assessment EIA; abbr. to 環評|环评

环评 環評 huan2 ping2
environmental impact assessment (EIA); abbr. for 環境影響評估|环境影响评估

佳评如潮 佳評如潮 jia1 ping2 ru2 chao2
a hit; tremendous popularity

尖锐批评 尖銳批評 jian1 rui4 pi1 ping2
sharp criticism

建设性的批评 建設性的批評 jian4 she4 xing4 de5 pi1 ping2
constructive criticism

讲评 講評 jiang3 ping2
to criticize; to evaluate

考评 考評 kao3 ping2
evaluation; to investigate and evaluate

批评 批評 pi1 ping2
to criticize; criticism

批评家 批評家 pi1 ping2 jia1

批评者 批評者 pi1 ping2 zhe3
critic; detractor

品评 品評 pin3 ping2
to judge; to assess

评比 評比 ping2 bi3
to evaluate (by comparison)

评点 評點 ping2 dian3
to comment; a point by point commentary

评定 評定 ping2 ding4
to evaluate; to make one's judgment

评断 評斷 ping2 duan4
to judge

评分 評分 ping2 fen1
to grade; to mark (student's work); grade; score (of student's work)

评估 評估 ping2 gu1
to evaluate; to assess; assessment; evaluation

评话 評話 ping2 hua4
storytelling dramatic art dating back to Song and Yuan periods, single narrator without music, often historical topics with commentary

评级 評級 ping2 ji2

评价 評價 ping2 jia4
to evaluate; to assess

评价分类 評價分類 ping2 jia4 fen1 lei4
rank, classify

评鉴 評鑒 ping2 jian4
evaluation; assessment

评介 評介 ping2 jie4
to review (a book)

评理 評理 ping2 li3
to judge between right and wrong; to reason things out

评论 評論 ping2 lun4
to comment on; to discuss; comment; commentary

评论家 評論家 ping2 lun4 jia1
critic; reviewer

评判 評判 ping2 pan4
to judge (a competition); to appraise

评审 評審 ping2 shen3
to appraise; to evaluate; to judge

评审团 評審團 ping2 shen3 tuan2
jury; panel of judges

评审团特别奖 評審團特別獎 ping2 shen3 tuan2 te4 bie2 jiang3
Special Jury Prize

评事 評事 ping2 shi4
to discuss and evaluate; to appraise

评书 評書 ping2 shu1
pingshu, a folk art where a single performer narrates stories from history or fiction

评述 評述 ping2 shu4
to comment on; commentary

评说 評說 ping2 shuo1
to comment; to evaluate

评头论足 評頭論足 ping2 tou2 lun4 zu2
lit. to assess the head and discuss the feet (idiom); minute criticism of a woman's appearance; fig. to find fault in minor details; to remark upon a person's appearance; nitpicking; overcritical; judgmental

评头品足 評頭品足 ping2 tou2 pin3 zu2
to make idle remarks about a woman's appearance (idiom)

评为 評為 ping2 wei2
to elect as; to choose as; to consider as

评委 評委 ping2 wei3
evaluation committee; judging panel; judging panel member; adjudicator; abbr. for 評選委員會委員|评选委员会委员

评选 評選 ping2 xuan3
to select on the basis of a vote or consensus

评议 評議 ping2 yi4
to appraise through discussion

评议会 評議會 ping2 yi4 hui4

评语 評語 ping2 yu3
comment; evaluation

评阅 評閱 ping2 yue4
to read and appraise

评章 評章 ping2 zhang1
to appraise

评骘 評騭 ping2 zhi4
to evaluate; to appraise

评注 評註 ping2 zhu4
to annotate; annotation; commentary; remark

社评 社評 she4 ping2
editorial (in a newspaper); also written 社論|社论

书评 書評 shu1 ping2
book review; book notice

同级评审 同級評審 tong2 ji2 ping2 shen3
peer review

危害评价 危害評價 wei1 hai4 ping2 jia4
hazard assessment

信用评等 信用評等 xin4 yong4 ping2 deng3
credit rating

信用评级 信用評級 xin4 yong4 ping2 ji2
credit rating

严厉批评 嚴厲批評 yan2 li4 pi1 ping2
to criticize severely; to slate

影评 影評 ying3 ping2
film review

展评 展評 zhan3 ping2
to display for evaluation; to exhibit and compare

置评 置評 zhi4 ping2
comment; statement

专家评价 專家評價 zhuan1 jia1 ping2 jia4
expert evaluation

专家评论 專家評論 zhuan1 jia1 ping2 lun4
expert commentary

自我批评 自我批評 zi4 wo3 pi1 ping2