to cheat; to swindle; to pretend; to feign; to draw sb out; to try to extract information by deceit or bluff

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
兵不厌诈 兵不厭詐 bing1 bu4 yan4 zha4
there can never be too much deception in war; in war nothing is too deceitful; all's fair in war

讹诈 訛詐 e2 zha4
to extort under false pretenses; to blackmail; to bluff; to defraud

尔虞我诈 爾虞我詐 er3 yu2 wo3 zha4
lit. you hoodwink me and I cheat you (idiom); fig. mutual deception; each tries to outwit the other; dog eats dog and devil take the hindmost

诡诈 詭詐 gui3 zha4
sly; treacherous

机诈 機詐 ji1 zha4

奸诈 奸詐 jian1 zha4
treachery; devious; a rogue

狡诈 狡詐 jiao3 zha4
craft; cunning; deceitful

桀贪骜诈 桀貪驁詐 jie2 tan1 ao4 zha4
brutal, greedy, arrogant and deceitful (idiom)

狂三诈四 狂三詐四 kuang2 san1 zha4 si4
to deceive and swindle across the board (idiom)

欺诈 欺詐 qi1 zha4
to cheat

欺诈者 欺詐者 qi1 zha4 zhe3

敲诈 敲詐 qiao1 zha4
to rip off; to extort (money); extortion; blackmail

敲诈勒索 敲詐勒索 qiao1 zha4 le4 suo3
extortion and blackmail (idiom)

敲诈罪 敲詐罪 qiao1 zha4 zui4

巧诈 巧詐 qiao3 zha4
deceitful; crafty; artful

巧诈不如拙诚 巧詐不如拙誠 qiao3 zha4 bu4 ru2 zhuo1 cheng2
the unvarnished truth is better than a cunning ruse (idiom); honesty is the best policy

网络欺诈 網絡欺詐 wang3 luo4 qi1 zha4

险诈 險詐 xian3 zha4
sinister and deceitful

虚诈 虛詐 xu1 zha4
tricky and hypocritical

诈病 詐病 zha4 bing4
to feign illness; to malinger

诈唬 詐唬 zha4 hu5
to bluff; to bluster; to intimidate

诈领 詐領 zha4 ling3
to defraud; to obtain by fraud; to embezzle; fraudulent

诈冒 詐冒 zha4 mao4
to claim ownership (of stolen goods)

诈骗 詐騙 zha4 pian4
to defraud; to swindle; to blackmail

诈骗罪 詐騙罪 zha4 pian4 zui4

诈欺 詐欺 zha4 qi1
fraud; deception

诈晴 詐晴 zha4 qing2
to clear up (of weather after rain)

诈取 詐取 zha4 qu3
to swindle; to defraud

诈尸 詐屍 zha4 shi1
sudden movement of a corpse (superstition); fig. sudden torrent of abuse

诈死 詐死 zha4 si3
to feign death; to fake death

诈降 詐降 zha4 xiang2
feigned surrender

诈语 詐語 zha4 yu3
falsehood; lies; fabrication