variant of 訴|诉

to complain; to sue; to tell

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
败诉 敗訴 bai4 su4
lose a lawsuit

被上诉人 被上訴人 bei4 shang4 su4 ren2
appellee (side that won in trial court, whose victory is being appealed by losing side)

撤诉 撤訴 che4 su4
to drop a lawsuit

陈诉 陳訴 chen2 su4
to state; to assert

反诉 反訴 fan3 su4
counterclaim; countercharge (law)

反诉状 反訴狀 fan3 su4 zhuang4

分诉 分訴 fen1 su4
to narrate; to explain; to justify oneself

告诉 告訴 gao4 su4
to press charges; to file a complaint

告诉 告訴 gao4 su5
to tell; to inform; to let know

公诉 公訴 gong1 su4
public charges (law)

公诉人 公訴人 gong1 su4 ren2
district attorney; public prosecutor; procurator

互诉衷肠 互訴衷腸 hu1 su4 zhong1 chang2
to confide in each other (idiom)

抗诉 抗訴 kang4 su4
to protest against a verdict; to lodge an appeal

控诉 控訴 kong4 su4
to accuse; to denounce; to make a complaint against; denunciation

哭诉 哭訴 ku1 su4
to lament; to complain tearfully; to wail accusingly

民事诉讼 民事訴訟 min2 shi4 su4 song4
common plea; civil appeal (as opposed to criminal case)

起诉 起訴 qi3 su4
to sue; to bring a lawsuit against; to prosecute

起诉书 起訴書 qi3 su4 shu1
indictment (law); statement of charges (law)

起诉员 起訴員 qi3 su4 yuan2

起诉者 起訴者 qi3 su4 zhe3

倾诉 傾訴 qing1 su4
to say everything (that is on one's mind)

如泣如诉 如泣如訴 ru2 qi4 ru2 su4
lit. as if weeping and complaining (idiom); fig. mournful (music or singing)

上诉 上訴 shang4 su4
to appeal (a judicial case); appeal

上诉法院 上訴法院 shang4 su4 fa3 yuan4
appeals court

申诉 申訴 shen1 su4
to file a complaint; to appeal (to an authority, a higher court of justice etc); complaint; appeal

申诉书 申訴書 shen1 su4 shu1
written appeal

胜诉 勝訴 sheng4 su4
to win a court case

诉苦 訴苦 su4 ku3
to grumble; to complain; grievance

诉论 訴論 su4 lun4
lawsuit; legal action; accusation

诉求 訴求 su4 qiu2
to appeal; to demand (an answer); requirement; demand; claim; appeal; (marketing) message

诉述 訴述 su4 shu4
to narrate; to tell of

诉说 訴說 su4 shuo1
to recount; to tell of; to relate; (fig.) (of a thing) to stand as testament to (some past history)

诉讼 訴訟 su4 song4

诉讼法 訴訟法 su4 song4 fa3
procedural law

诉讼中 訴訟中 su4 song4 zhong1
pendente lite; during litigation

诉冤 訴冤 su4 yuan1
to complain; to vent one's grievances

诉愿 訴願 su4 yuan4
to appeal; an appeal (law)

诉诸 訴諸 su4 zhu1
to appeal (to reason, sentiment, charity etc); to resort to (a course of action)

诉诸公论 訴諸公論 su4 zhu1 gong1 lun4
to appeal to the public

诉状 訴狀 su4 zhuang4
indictment; plea; complaint

提起公诉 提起公訴 ti2 qi3 gong1 su4
to raise a charge; to sue; to institute proceedings

投诉 投訴 tou2 su4
complaint; to complain; to register a complaint (esp. as a customer)

吐诉 吐訴 tu3 su4
to pour forth (one's opinions)

刑事诉讼法 刑事訴訟法 xing2 shi4 su4 song4 fa3
criminal procedure

刑诉法 刑訴法 xing2 su4 fa3
criminal procedure; abbr. for 刑事訴訟法|刑事诉讼法

行销诉求 行銷訴求 xing2 xiao1 su4 qiu2
marketing message

在诉讼期间 在訴訟期間 zai4 su4 song4 qi1 jian1
pendente lite; during litigation

追诉 追訴 zhui1 su4
to prosecute; given leave to sue

追诉时效 追訴時效 zhui1 su4 shi2 xiao4
period during which one can prosecute or sue sb; within the statute of limitation

自诉 自訴 zi4 su4
private prosecution (law); (of a patient) to describe (one's symptoms)