to examine or treat medically

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
按诊 按診 an4 zhen3
palpation (as a method of examination)

出诊 出診 chu1 zhen3
to visit a patient at home (of a doctor); house call

触诊 觸診 chu4 zhen3
body palpation (diagnostic method in TCM); tactile examination

复诊 復診 fu4 zhen3
another visit to doctor; further diagnosis

候诊 候診 hou4 zhen3
waiting to see a doctor; awaiting treatment

后诊 後診 hou4 zhen3
postoperative examination

候诊室 候診室 hou4 zhen3 shi4
waiting room (at clinic, hospital)

会诊 會診 hui4 zhen3
consultation (medical); to meet for diagnosis; (by extension) consultation of different specialists

急诊 急診 ji2 zhen3
emergency call; emergency (medical) treatment

急诊室 急診室 ji2 zhen3 shi4
emergency room

健诊 健診 jian4 zhen3
check-up (health, car safety, environment etc)

就诊 就診 jiu4 zhen3
to see a doctor; to seek medical advice

脉诊 脈診 mai4 zhen3
(TCM) diagnosis based on the patient's pulse; to make such a diagnosis

门诊 門診 men2 zhen3
outpatient service

门诊室 門診室 men2 zhen3 shi4
clinic; outpatient department (or consulting room)

切诊 切診 qie4 zhen3
(TCM) pulse feeling and palpitation, one of the four methods of diagnosis 四診|四诊

确诊 確診 que4 zhen3
to make a definite diagnosis

四诊 四診 si4 zhen3
(TCM) the four methods of diagnosis, namely 望診|望诊 (observation), 聞診|闻诊 (auscultation and olfaction), 問診|问诊 (interrogation), 切診|切诊 (pulse feeling and palpation)

听诊器 聽診器 ting1 zhen3 qi4

望诊 望診 wang4 zhen3
(TCM) observation, one of the four methods of diagnosis 四診|四诊

闻诊 聞診 wen2 zhen3
(TCM) auscultation and smelling, one of the four methods of diagnosis 四診|四诊

问诊 問診 wen4 zhen3
(TCM) interrogation, one of the four methods of diagnosis 四診|四诊

应诊 應診 ying4 zhen3
to see patients (of doctor); to hold a surgery

诊断 診斷 zhen3 duan4
diagnosis; to diagnose

诊费 診費 zhen3 fei4
medical fees

诊间 診間 zhen3 jian1
examination room (in a doctor's office)

诊疗 診療 zhen3 liao2
diagnosis and treatment

诊脉 診脈 zhen3 mai4
to feel the pulse (TCM); Taiwan pr.

诊室 診室 zhen3 shi4
consulting room

诊所 診所 zhen3 suo3

诊治 診治 zhen3 zhi4
to diagnose and treat

中德诊所 中德診所 zhong1 de2 zhen3 suo3
Sino-German clinic

转诊 轉診 zhuan3 zhen3
to transfer (a patient for treatment in a different hospital)