honest; sincere; true

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
不诚实 不誠實 bu4 cheng2 shi2

诚笃 誠篤 cheng2 du3
honest; sincere and serious

诚服 誠服 cheng2 fu2
to be completely convinced; to fully accept another person's views

诚惶诚恐 誠惶誠恐 cheng2 huang2 cheng2 kong3
in fear and trepidation (idiom); in reverence before your majesty (court formula of humility)

诚恳 誠懇 cheng2 ken3
sincere; honest; cordial

诚聘 誠聘 cheng2 pin4
to seek to recruit; to invite job applications from

诚朴 誠樸 cheng2 pu3
simple and sincere

诚然 誠然 cheng2 ran2
indeed; true! (I agree with you)

诚实 誠實 cheng2 shi2
honest; honesty; honorable; truthful

诚心 誠心 cheng2 xin1

诚心诚意 誠心誠意 cheng2 xin1 cheng2 yi4
earnestly and sincerely (idiom); with all sincerity

诚心实意 誠心實意 cheng2 xin1 shi2 yi4
earnestly and sincerely (idiom); with all sincerity

诚心所愿 誠心所願 cheng2 xin1 suo3 yuan4
so be it; amen

诚信 誠信 cheng2 xin4
genuine; honest; in good faith; honesty; integrity

诚意 誠意 cheng2 yi4
sincerity; good faith

诚挚 誠摯 cheng2 zhi4
sincere; cordial

赤诚 赤誠 chi4 cheng2
utterly sincere; wholly devoted

赤诚相待 赤誠相待 chi4 cheng2 xiang1 dai4
to treat utterly sincerely; open and above board in dealing with sb

赤诚相见 赤誠相見 chi4 cheng2 xiang4 jian4
candidly sharing confidences

非诚勿扰 非誠勿擾 fei1 cheng2 wu4 rao3
serious inquiries only

竭诚 竭誠 jie2 cheng2

精诚 精誠 jing1 cheng2
sincerity; absolute good faith

精诚所加,金石为开 精誠所加,金石為開 jing1 cheng2 suo3 jia1 - jin1 shi2 wei4 kai1
lit. sincerity splits open metal and metal (idiom); if you put your heart to it, you can break up metal and rocks; With a will, you can achieve anything.

精诚所至 精誠所至 jing1 cheng2 suo3 zhi4
with a will, you can achieve anything (idiom); cf 精誠所至,金石為開|精诚所至,金石为开

精诚所至,金石为开 精誠所至,金石為開 jing1 cheng2 suo3 zhi4 - jin1 shi2 wei4 kai1
lit. sincerity splits open metal and metal (idiom); if you put your heart to it, you can break up metal and rocks; With a will, you can achieve anything.

掬诚 掬誠 ju1 cheng2
wholeheartedly; sincerely

开诚 開誠 kai1 cheng2
to be honest; to show sincerity

开诚布公 開誠佈公 kai1 cheng2 bu4 gong1
variant of 開誠布公|开诚布公

开诚布公 開誠布公 kai1 cheng2 bu4 gong1
lit. deal sincerely and fairly (idiom); frank and open-minded; plain speaking; Let's talk frankly and openly between ourselves.; to put one's cards on the table

开诚相见 開誠相見 kai1 cheng2 xiang1 jian4
candid and open (idiom)

李诚恩 李誠恩 li3 cheng2 en1
Euna Li, US-Korean woman journalist imprisoned as spy by North Korea in 2009

李嘉诚 李嘉誠 li3 jia1 cheng2
Sir Li Ka-shing (1928-), Hong Kong businessman

孟思诚 孟思誠 meng4 si1 cheng2
Maeng Saseong (1360-1438), Korean politician of the Goryeo-Joseon transition, famous for his honesty and wisdom

谦诚 謙誠 qian1 cheng2
modest and sincere; humble

虔诚 虔誠 qian2 cheng2
pious; devout; sincere

巧诈不如拙诚 巧詐不如拙誠 qiao3 zha4 bu4 ru2 zhuo1 cheng2
the unvarnished truth is better than a cunning ruse (idiom); honesty is the best policy

亲爱精诚 親愛精誠 qin1 ai4 jing1 cheng2

热诚 熱誠 re4 cheng2
devotion; fervor

实诚 實誠 shi2 cheng2
sincere; honest

坦诚 坦誠 tan3 cheng2
candid; frank; plain dealing

坦诚相见 坦誠相見 tan3 cheng2 xiang1 jian4
to trust one another fully; to treat sb with sincerity

投诚 投誠 tou2 cheng2
to defect; to surrender; to capitulate

心悦诚服 心悅誠服 xin1 yue4 cheng2 fu2
to submit cheerfully; to accept willingly (idiom)

一秉虔诚 一秉虔誠 yi1 bing3 qian2 cheng2
earnestly and sincerely (idiom); devoutly

真诚 真誠 zhen1 cheng2
true; sincere; genuine

至诚 至誠 zhi4 cheng2

挚诚 摯誠 zhi4 cheng2

忠诚 忠誠 zhong1 cheng2
devoted; loyal; fidelity; loyalty