dialect; language; spoken words; speech; talk; words; conversation; what sb said

old variant of 話|话

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
阿比西尼亚官话 阿比西尼亞官話 a1 bi3 xi1 ni2 ya4 guan1 hua4
Amharic (language)

白话 白話 bai2 hua4
spoken language; vernacular

白话诗 白話詩 bai2 hua4 shi1
free verse in the vernacular

白话文 白話文 bai2 hua4 wen2
writings in the vernacular

煲电话粥 煲電話粥 bao1 dian4 hua4 zhou1
to talk endlessly on the phone

报话机 報話機 bao4 hua4 ji1
walkie-talkie; portable radio transmitter

北京话 北京話 bei3 jing1 hua4
Beijing dialect

博客话剧 博客話劇 bo2 ke4 hua4 ju4
blog drama (netspeak)

不成话 不成話 bu4 cheng2 hua4
see 不像話|不像话

步话机 步話機 bu4 hua4 ji1

不是话 不是話 bu4 shi4 hua4
see 不像話|不像话

不问就听不到假话 不問就聽不到假話 bu4 wen4 jiu4 ting1 bu4 dao4 jia3 hua4
Don't ask and you won't be told any lies. (idiom)

不像话 不像話 bu4 xiang4 hua4
unreasonable; shocking; outrageous

不象话 不象話 bu4 xiang4 hua4
unreasonable; shocking; outrageous; also written 不像話|不像话

不在话下 不在話下 bu4 zai4 hua4 xia4
to be nothing difficult; to be a cinch

插话 插話 cha1 hua4
to interrupt (sb speaking); interruption; digression

茶话会 茶話會 cha2 hua4 hui4
tea party

长话短说 長話短說 chang2 hua4 duan3 shuo1
to make a long story short (idiom)

长途电话 長途電話 chang2 tu2 dian4 hua4
long-distance call

长途话费 長途話費 chang2 tu2 hua4 fei4
long distance call charge

畅谈话卡 暢談話卡 chang4 tan2 hua4 ka3
long-term calling card (telephone)

成话 成話 cheng2 hua4
to make sense

程控电话 程控電話 cheng2 kong4 dian4 hua4
automatic telephone exchange

丑话 醜話 chou3 hua4
ugly talk; vulgarity; obscenity

传呼电话 傳呼電話 chuan2 hu1 dian4 hua4
to notify sb of a call; to call sb to the phone

传话 傳話 chuan2 hua4
to pass on a story; to communicate a message

传话人 傳話人 chuan2 hua4 ren2
messenger; communicator; relay

词话 詞話 ci2 hua4
form of writing novels that comprise lots of poetry in the body of the text, popular in the Ming Dynasty

刺儿话 刺兒話 ci4 er5 hua4
biting words; stinging words

粗话 粗話 cu1 hua4
vulgar language (esp. scatological insults); uncultured speech

搭话 搭話 da1 hua4
to talk; to get into conversation with; to send word

答话 答話 da2 hua4
to reply; to answer

打电话 打電話 da3 dian4 hua4
to make a telephone call

打官话 打官話 da3 guan1 hua4
to talk officiously; to assume the air of a functionary; to talk in official jargon

打开话匣子 打開話匣子 da3 kai1 hua4 xia2 zi5
to start talking

打开天窗说亮话 打開天窗說亮話 da3 kai1 tian1 chuang1 shuo1 liang4 hua4
not to mince words; not to beat about the bush

大白话 大白話 da4 bai2 hua4
colloquial speech

大话骰 大話骰 da4 hua4 tou2
liar's dice (dice game)

的话 的話 de5 hua4
if (coming after a conditional clause)

电话 電話 dian4 hua4
telephone; phone call; phone number

电话簿 電話簿 dian4 hua4 bu4
telephone directory

电话服务 電話服務 dian4 hua4 fu2 wu4
telephone service

电话会议 電話會議 dian4 hua4 hui4 yi4
(telephone) conference call

电话机 電話機 dian4 hua4 ji1
telephone equipment

电话卡 電話卡 dian4 hua4 ka3
telephone card

电话铃声 電話鈴聲 dian4 hua4 ling2 sheng1
(telephone) ring; ringing

电话门 電話門 dian4 hua4 men2
"Phone Gate", corruption scandal unearthed through telephone records

电话区码 電話區碼 dian4 hua4 qu1 ma3
area code; telephone dialing code

电话亭 電話亭 dian4 hua4 ting2
telephone booth

电话网 電話網 dian4 hua4 wang3
telephone network

电话网路 電話網路 dian4 hua4 wang3 lu4
telephone network

电话线 電話線 dian4 hua4 xian4
telephone line; telephone wire

电话线路 電話線路 dian4 hua4 xian4 lu4
telephone line

电话信号 電話信號 dian4 hua4 xin4 hao4
telephone signal

东洋话 東洋話 dong1 yang2 hua4
Japanese (language) (old)

对方付费电话 對方付費電話 dui4 fang1 fu4 fei4 dian4 hua4
collect call

对方付款电话 對方付款電話 dui4 fang1 fu4 kuan3 dian4 hua4
collect call

对话 對話 dui4 hua4

对话课 對話課 dui4 hua4 ke4
conversation class

对话框 對話框 dui4 hua4 kuang4
dialog box (computing)

对讲电话 對講電話 dui4 jiang3 dian4 hua4

二话 二話 er4 hua4
objection; differing opinion

二话不说 二話不說 er4 hua4 bu4 shuo1
not saying anything further (idiom); not raising any objection; without demur

二话没说 二話沒說 er4 hua4 mei2 shuo1
see 二話不說|二话不说

反话 反話 fan3 hua4
irony; ironic remark

放话 放話 fang4 hua4
to give orders; to spread news or rumors; to leak certain information intentionally

废话 廢話 fei4 hua4
nonsense; rubbish; superfluous words; You don't say!; No kidding! (gently sarcastic)

废话连篇 廢話連篇 fei4 hua4 lian2 pian1
a bunch of nonsense; verbose and rambling

风凉话 風涼話 feng1 liang2 hua4
sneering; sarcasm; cynical remarks

风流佳话 風流佳話 feng1 liu2 jia1 hua4
romance; romantic affair

公共交换电话网路 公共交換電話網路 gong1 gong4 jiao1 huan4 dian4 hua4 wang3 lu4
public switched telephone network; PSTN

公用电话 公用電話 gong1 yong4 dian4 hua4
public phone

公用交换电话网 公用交換電話網 gong1 yong4 jiao1 huan4 dian4 hua4 wang3
public switched telephone network; PSTN

共话 共話 gong4 hua4
to discuss together

固定电话 固定電話 gu4 ding4 dian4 hua4
landline telephone; fixed-line telephone

怪话 怪話 guai4 hua4
ridiculous talk; preposterous remark

官话 官話 guan1 hua4
"officialese"; bureaucratic language; Mandarin

广东话 廣東話 guang3 dong1 hua4
Cantonese language

鬼话 鬼話 gui3 hua4
lie; false words; nonsense

鬼话连篇 鬼話連篇 gui3 hua4 lian2 pian1
to tell one lie after another (idiom); to talk nonsense; bogus story

国际电报电话咨询委员会 國際電報電話咨詢委員會 guo2 ji4 dian4 bao4 dian4 hua4 zi1 xun2 wei3 yuan2 hui4
International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT)

国际电话 國際電話 guo2 ji4 dian4 hua4
international call

过头话 過頭話 guo4 tou2 hua4

行话 行話 hang2 hua4
jargon; language of the trade

好话 好話 hao3 hua4
friendly advice; words spoken on sb's behalf; a good word; kind words; words that sound fine but are not followed up with actions

黑话 黑話 hei1 hua4
argot; bandits' secret jargon; malicious words

后话 後話 hou4 hua4
something to be taken up later in speech or writing

胡话 胡話 hu2 hua4
nonsense; ridiculous talk; hogwash

话本 話本 hua4 ben3
Song and Yuan literary form based on vernacular folk stories

话别 話別 hua4 bie2
to say good-bye; to bid sb farewell

话柄 話柄 hua4 bing3
a pretext for gossip; a matter for derision

话不投机半句多 話不投機半句多 hua4 bu4 tou2 ji1 ban4 ju4 duo1
when words get sour, adding words is useless (idiom)

话茬 話茬 hua4 cha2
tone of voice; topic; subject under discussion

话茬儿 話茬兒 hua4 cha2 er5
erhua variant of 話茬|话茬

话到嘴边 話到嘴邊 hua4 dao4 zui3 bian1
to be on the verge of saying what is on one's mind

话到嘴边留三分 話到嘴邊留三分 hua4 dao4 zui3 bian1 liu2 san1 fen1
A still tongue makes a wise head. (idiom)

话多不甜 話多不甜 hua4 duo1 bu4 tian2
too much talk is a nuisance (idiom)

话费 話費 hua4 fei4
call charge

话锋 話鋒 hua4 feng1
topic under discussion; thread of discussion

话旧 話舊 hua4 jiu4
to reminisce

话剧 話劇 hua4 ju4
stage play; modern drama

话卡 話卡 hua4 ka3
calling card (telephone)

话痨 話癆 hua4 lao2

话里套话 話裡套話 hua4 li3 tao4 hua4
to use seemingly innocent conversation topics as a pretext to glean information; to touch upon other matters not central to the topic being discussed

话里有话 話裡有話 hua4 li3 you3 hua4
to have hidden meaning; implication; more than just the apparent meaning; something hinted

话梅 話梅 hua4 mei2
plum candy; preserved plum

话说 話說 hua4 shuo1
It is said that ... (at the start of a narrative); to discuss; to recount

话说回来 話說回來 hua4 shuo1 hui2 lai5
returning to our main topic,...; that said,...; again,...; in this connection; in passing; nevertheless,...; anyhow

话虽如此 話雖如此 hua4 sui1 ru2 ci3
be that as it may

话题 話題 hua4 ti2
subject (of a talk or conversation); topic

话亭 話亭 hua4 ting2
telephone booth

话筒 話筒 hua4 tong3
microphone; (telephone) receiver; handset

话头 話頭 hua4 tou2
subject (under discussion); thread (of an argument)

话务员 話務員 hua4 wu4 yuan2
phone operator

话匣子 話匣子 hua4 xia2 zi5
phonograph or radio (old term); chatterbox; talkative person

话音 話音 hua4 yin1
one's speaking voice; tone; implication

话又说回来 話又說回來 hua4 you4 shuo1 hui2 lai5
returning to our main topic,...; that said,...; again,...; in this connection; in passing; nevertheless,...; anyhow

话语 話語 hua4 yu3
words; speech; utterance; discourse

话中有刺 話中有刺 hua4 zhong1 you3 ci4
hidden barbs in one's words; hostile subtext

话中有话 話中有話 hua4 zhong1 you3 hua4
overtones in conversation; things indirectly implied from what is said

坏话 壞話 huai4 hua4
unpleasant talk; malicious words

换句话说 換句話說 huan4 ju4 hua4 shuo1
in other words

谎话 謊話 huang3 hua4

回话 回話 hui2 hua4
to reply

会话 會話 hui4 hua4

荤笑话 葷笑話 hun1 xiao4 hua4
dirty jokes; jokes of a visceral nature

佳话 佳話 jia1 hua4
story or deed that captures the imagination and is spread far and wide

假话 假話 jia3 hua4
a lie; untrue statement; misstatement

江淮官话 江淮官話 jiang1 huai2 guan1 hua4
Jianghuai Mandarin

讲话 講話 jiang3 hua4
a speech; to speak; to talk; to address

讲闲话 講閒話 jiang3 xian2 hua4
to gossip; to make unfavorable comments

金瓶梅词话 金瓶梅詞話 jin1 ping2 mei2 ci2 hua4
Jinpingmei or the Golden Lotus (1617), Ming dynasty vernacular novel, formerly notorious and banned for its sexual content

精神训话 精神訓話 jing1 shen2 xun4 hua4
pep talk

句句实话 句句實話 ju4 ju4 shi2 hua4
to speak honestly (idiom)

可视电话 可視電話 ke3 shi4 dian4 hua4

客家话 客家話 ke4 jia1 hua4
Hakka dialect

客气话 客氣話 ke4 qi5 hua4
words of politeness; politesse; decorous talking; talk with propriety

客套话 客套話 ke4 tao4 hua4
conventional greeting; polite formula

空话 空話 kong1 hua4
empty talk; bunk; malicious gossip

空话连篇 空話連篇 kong1 hua4 lian2 pian1
long-winded empty talk

空口白话 空口白話 kong1 kou3 bai2 hua4
empty promises

空口说白话 空口說白話 kong1 kou3 shuo1 bai2 hua4
to make empty promises

拉话 拉話 la1 hua4
(dialect) to chat

冷话 冷話 leng3 hua4
harsh words; sarcasm; bitter remarks

冷笑话 冷笑話 leng3 xiao4 hua4
joke intended to be so corny it makes one groan

两岸对话 兩岸對話 liang3 an4 dui4 hua4
bilateral talks

留话 留話 liu2 hua4
to leave word; to leave a message

满口脏话 滿口髒話 man3 kou3 zang1 hua4
to pour out obscenities; filthy mouthed

美国电话电报公司 美國電話電報公司 mei3 guo2 dian4 hua4 dian4 bao4 gong1 si1

梦话 夢話 meng4 hua4
talking in one's sleep; words spoken during sleep; fig. speech bearing no relation to reality; delusions

闽南话 閩南話 min3 nan2 hua4
Southern Min, a Sinitic language spoken in southern Fujian and surrounding areas

哪儿的话 哪兒的話 na3 er5 de5 hua4
(coll.) not at all (humble expression denying compliment); don't mention it

那话儿 那話兒 na4 hua4 er5
genitalia; doohickey; thingumbob

闹笑话 鬧笑話 nao4 xiao4 hua4
made to look a fool; a laughingstock

屁话 屁話 pi4 hua4
shit; nonsense

平话 平話 ping2 hua4
storytelling dramatic art dating back to Song and Yuan periods, single narrator without music, often historical topics with commentary

评话 評話 ping2 hua4
storytelling dramatic art dating back to Song and Yuan periods, single narrator without music, often historical topics with commentary

普通话 普通話 pu3 tong1 hua4
Mandarin (common language); Putonghua (common speech of the Chinese language); ordinary speech

启海话 啟海話 qi3 hai3 hua4
Qihai dialect, a Wu dialect spoken in Tongzhou, Haimen, and Qidong districts in southern Jiangsu province, and on Chongming Island in Shanghai

气话 氣話 qi4 hua4
angry words; sth said in the moment of anger

悄悄话 悄悄話 qiao1 qiao5 hua4
whisperings; private words; confidences; sweet nothings

俏皮话 俏皮話 qiao4 pi5 hua4
witticism; wisecrack; sarcastic remark; double entendre

情话 情話 qing2 hua4
terms of endearment; words of love

日本电报电话公司 日本電報電話公司 ri4 ben3 dian4 bao4 dian4 hua4 gong1 si1
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone; NTT

三句话不离本行 三句話不離本行 san1 ju4 hua4 bu4 li2 ben3 hang2
to talk shop all the time (idiom)

散话 散話 san3 hua4

丧气话 喪氣話 sang4 qi4 hua4
demoralizing talk

骚话 騷話 sao1 hua4
obscenities; lewd talk

沙地话 沙地話 sha1 di4 hua4
see 啟海話|启海话

傻话 傻話 sha3 hua4
foolish talk; nonsense

上海话 上海話 shang4 hai3 hua4
Shanghainese; Shanghai dialect

神话 神話 shen2 hua4
legend; fairy tale; myth; mythology

神话故事 神話故事 shen2 hua4 gu4 shi5
mythological story; myth

实话 實話 shi2 hua4

实话实说 實話實說 shi2 hua4 shi2 shuo1
to tell the truth; to tell it as it is

说不出话来 說不出話來 shuo1 bu4 chu1 hua4 lai2

说废话 說廢話 shuo1 fei4 hua4
to talk nonsense; to bullshit

说风凉话 說風涼話 shuo1 feng1 liang2 hua4
to sneer; to make cynical remarks; sarcastic talk

说话 說話 shuo1 hua4
to speak; to say; to talk; to gossip; to tell stories; talk; word

说话不当话 說話不當話 shuo1 hua4 bu4 dang4 hua4
to fail to keep to one's word; to break a promise

说话算话 說話算話 shuo1 hua4 suan4 hua4
to do as promised; to be as good as one's word; to honor one's word; to mean what one says

说话算数 說話算數 shuo1 hua4 suan4 shu4
to keep one's promise; to mean what one says

说话要算数 說話要算數 shuo1 hua4 yao4 suan4 shu4
promises must be kept

说来话长 說來話長 shuo1 lai2 hua4 chang2
start explaining and it's a long story (idiom); complicated and not easy to express succinctly

说实话 說實話 shuo1 shi2 hua4
to speak the truth; truth to tell; frankly

苏州话 蘇州話 su1 zhou1 hua4
Suzhou dialect, one of the main Wu dialects 吳語|吴语

俗话 俗話 su2 hua4
common saying; proverb

俗话说 俗話說 su2 hua4 shuo1
as the proverb says; as they say...

算话 算話 suan4 hua4
(of sb's words) to count; can be trusted

台湾话 台灣話 tai2 wan1 hua4
Taiwanese Chinese (language)

谈话 談話 tan2 hua4
talk; conversation

套话 套話 tao4 hua4
polite phrase; conventional greetings; cliché; to try to worm facts out of sb

听话 聽話 ting1 hua4
to do what one is told; obedient

听话听声,锣鼓听音 聽話聽聲,鑼鼓聽音 ting1 hua4 ting1 sheng1 - luo2 gu3 ting1 yin1
to understand the unspoken implications (idiom)

听君一席话,胜读十年书 聽君一席話,勝讀十年書 ting1 jun1 yi1 xi2 hua4 - sheng4 du2 shi2 nian2 shu1
listening to the words of a wise man can be superior to studying ten years of books (proverb)

通电话 通電話 tong1 dian4 hua4
to phone sb up

通话 通話 tong1 hua4
to hold a conversation; to talk over the telephone; phone call

童话 童話 tong2 hua4
children's fairy tales

童话故事 童話故事 tong2 hua4 gu4 shi4
fairy tale

土话 土話 tu3 hua4
vernacular; slang; dialect; patois

外国话 外國話 wai4 guo2 hua4
foreign languages

玩话 玩話 wan2 hua4
playful talk; joking

问话 問話 wen4 hua4
questioning (a suspect); interrogation

无话不谈 無話不談 wu2 hua4 bu4 tan2
not to hold anything back (idiom); (of close friends etc) to tell each other everything

无话可说 無話可說 wu2 hua4 ke3 shuo1
to have nothing to say (idiom)

无线电话 無線電話 wu2 xian4 dian4 hua4
radio telephony; wireless telephone

希腊神话 希臘神話 xi1 la4 shen2 hua4
Greek mythology

闲话 閑話 xian2 hua4
variant of 閒話|闲话; digression; gossip; complaint; scandal

闲话 閒話 xian2 hua4
digression; gossip; complaint; scandal

闲话家常 閑話家常 xian2 hua4 jia1 chang2
to chat about domestic trivia (idiom)

象话 象話 xiang4 hua4
proper; also written 像話|像话

像话 像話 xiang4 hua4

笑话 笑話 xiao4 hua4
joke; jest; to laugh at; to mock

心里话 心裡話 xin1 li5 hua4
(to express one's) true feelings; what is on one's mind; secret mind

行动电话 行動電話 xing2 dong4 dian4 hua4
mobile telephone

修饰话 修飾話 xiu1 shi4 hua4
modifier (grammar)

训话 訓話 xun4 hua4
to admonish subordinates

洋话 洋話 yang2 hua4
foreign language (esp. Western)

摇电话 搖電話 yao2 dian4 hua4
(old) to make a phone call

一句话 一句話 yi1 ju4 hua4
in a word; in short

一席话 一席話 yi1 xi2 hua4
the content of a conversation; words; remarks

移动电话 移動電話 yi2 dong4 dian4 hua4
mobile telephone

移动式电话 移動式電話 yi2 dong4 shi4 dian4 hua4
mobile telephone

逸话 逸話 yi4 hua4
rumor; anecdote (not in the official record); apocryphal story

有话快说 有話快說 you3 hua4 kuai4 shuo1
spit it out!

有话要说 有話要說 you3 hua4 yao4 shuo1
to speak one's mind

脏话 髒話 zang1 hua4
profanity; obscene language; speaking rudely

站着说话不腰疼 站著說話不腰疼 zhan4 zhe5 shuo1 hua4 bu4 yao1 teng2
it's all very well to talk, but getting things done is another matter (idiom); to be an armchair expert; to blabber on

真心话大冒险 真心話大冒險 zhen1 xin1 hua4 da4 mao4 xian3
The Moment of Truth (TV show); Truth or Dare (game)

睁眼说瞎话 睜眼說瞎話 zheng1 yan3 shuo1 xia1 hua4
to lie through one's teeth (idiom); to talk drivel

睁着眼睛说瞎话 睜著眼睛說瞎話 zheng1 zhe5 yan3 jing1 shuo1 xia1 hua4
to lie through one's teeth (idiom); to talk drivel

直话 直話 zhi2 hua4
straight talk; straightforward words

中国话 中國話 zhong1 guo2 hua4
(spoken) Chinese language

重话 重話 zhong4 hua4
harsh words