to explain; to comment; to annotate

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
诠解 詮解 quan2 jie3
to explain (a text)

诠释 詮釋 quan2 shi4
to interpret; to comment and explain; to annotate; to perform (i.e. interpret a theatrical role); to decode; interpretation; annotation

诠释学 詮釋學 quan2 shi4 xue2

诠释资料 詮釋資料 quan2 shi4 zi1 liao4

诠注 詮註 quan2 zhu4
notes and commentary; exegesis

真诠 真詮 zhen1 quan2
to explain truly (esp. of classic or religious text); true commentary; correct exegesis

正教真诠 正教真詮 zheng4 jiao4 zhen1 quan2
Exegesis of true religion by Wang Daiyu 王岱輿|王岱舆, a study of Islam; also translated as Real hermeneutics of orthodox religion