detailed; comprehensive

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
安详 安詳 an1 xiang2

不详 不詳 bu4 xiang2
not in detail; not quite clear

参详 參詳 can1 xiang2
to collate and examine critically (texts etc)

端详 端詳 duan1 xiang2
full details; full particulars

端详 端詳 duan1 xiang5
to look over carefully; to scrutinize

耳熟能详 耳熟能詳 er3 shu2 neng2 xiang2
what's frequently heard can be repeated in detail (idiom)

内详 內詳 nei4 xiang2
name and address of the sender enclosed; details inside

推详 推詳 tui1 xiang2
to study in detail

未详 未詳 wei4 xiang2
unknown; unclear

详备 詳備 xiang2 bei4

详和 詳和 xiang2 he2
serene; calm

详见 詳見 xiang2 jian4
for further details, refer to

详解 詳解 xiang2 jie3
to explain in detail; detailed answer; full solution (to a math problem)

详尽 詳盡 xiang2 jin4
thorough and detailed; exhaustive; the tedious details in full

详尽无遗 詳盡無遺 xiang2 jin4 wu2 yi2
exhaustive; thorough

详略 詳略 xiang2 lve4
concise; the details in brief

详梦 詳夢 xiang2 meng4
to analyze dreams (for fortune-telling)

详密 詳密 xiang2 mi4
detailed; meticulous

详情 詳情 xiang2 qing2
details; particulars

详实 詳實 xiang2 shi2
detailed and reliable; full and accurate

详述 詳述 xiang2 shu4
to recount

详细 詳細 xiang2 xi4
detailed; in detail; minute

语焉不详 語焉不詳 yu3 yan1 bu4 xiang2
to mention sth without elaborating (idiom); not giving details

愿闻其详 願聞其詳 yuan4 wen2 qi2 xiang2
I'd like to hear the details

周详 周詳 zhou1 xiang2
meticulous; thorough; comprehensive; complete; detailed

作者不详 作者不詳 zuo4 zhe3 bu4 xiang2
anonymous author

作者未详 作者未詳 zuo4 zhe3 wei4 xiang2
anonymous author