commandment; to prohibit

strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
告诫 告誡 gao4 jie4
to warn; to admonish

规诫 規誡 gui1 jie4
to warn (against some course); to admonish

诫命 誡命 jie4 ming4

警诫 警誡 jing3 jie4
variant of 警戒; to warn

劝诫 勸誡 quan4 jie4
to exhort; to admonish

十诫 十誡 shi2 jie4
ten commandments

小惩大诫 小懲大誡 xiao3 cheng2 da4 jie4
lit. to punish a little to prevent a lot (idiom); to criticize former mistakes firmly to prevent large scale repetition

训诫 訓誡 xun4 jie4
to reprimand; to admonish; to lecture sb

谆谆告诫 諄諄告誡 zhun1 zhun1 gao4 jie4
to repeatedly advise sb earnestly (idiom); to admonish