mistake; error; to miss; to harm; to delay; to neglect; mistakenly

strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
笔误 筆誤 bi3 wu4
a slip of a pen

差误 差誤 cha1 wu4

迟误 遲誤 chi2 wu4
to delay; to procrastinate

聪明反被聪明误 聰明反被聰明誤 cong1 ming2 fan3 bei4 cong1 ming2 wu4
a clever person may become the victim of his own ingenuity (idiom); cleverness may overreach itself; too smart for one's own good

错误 錯誤 cuo4 wu4
error; mistake; mistaken; false; wrong

耽误 耽誤 dan1 wu5
to delay; to hold up; to waste time; to interfere with

担误 擔誤 dan1 wu5
variant of 耽誤|耽误

读音错误 讀音錯誤 du2 yin1 cuo4 wu4
mistake of pronunciation

段错误 段錯誤 duan4 cuo4 wu4
segmentation fault

讹误 訛誤 e2 wu4
error in a text; text corruption

脚误 腳誤 jiao3 wu4
foot fault (tennis etc)

刊误 刊誤 kan1 wu4
to correct printing errors

勘误 勘誤 kan1 wu4
to correct printing errors

刊误表 刊誤表 kan1 wu4 biao3
variant of 勘誤表|勘误表

勘误表 勘誤表 kan1 wu4 biao3

两不误 兩不誤 liang3 bu4 wu4
to neglect neither one

逻辑错误 邏輯錯誤 luo2 ji5 cuo4 wu4
logical error

迷误 迷誤 mi2 wu4
to mislead; to confuse; error; misconception; erroneous

谬误 謬誤 miu4 wu4
error; mistaken idea; falsehood

偏误 偏誤 pian1 wu4
bias (statistics)

拼写错误 拼寫錯誤 pin1 xie3 cuo4 wu4
spelling mistake; written error

声旁错误 聲旁錯誤 sheng1 pang2 cuo4 wu4
phonological error

失误 失誤 shi1 wu4
lapse; mistake; to make a mistake; fault; service fault (in volleyball, tennis etc)

双误 雙誤 shuang1 wu4
double fault (in tennis)

脱误 脫誤 tuo1 wu4
omission; missing word

违误 違誤 wei2 wu4
to disobey and cause delays; to obstruct and procrastinate

无误 無誤 wu2 wu4
verified; unmistaken

误差 誤差 wu4 cha1
difference; error; inaccuracy

误车 誤車 wu4 che1
to miss (bus, train etc)

误打误撞 誤打誤撞 wu4 da3 wu4 zhuang4
accidentally; to act before thinking

误导 誤導 wu4 dao3
to mislead; to misguide; misleading

误点 誤點 wu4 dian3
not on time; late (public transport, airlines); overdue; behind schedule; delayed

误读 誤讀 wu4 du2
to misread; (fig.) to misunderstand; to misinterpret

误工 誤工 wu4 gong1
to delay one's work; to be late for or absent from work; loss of working time

误会 誤會 wu4 hui4
to misunderstand; to mistake; misunderstanding

误机 誤機 wu4 ji1
to miss a plane

误解 誤解 wu4 jie3
to misunderstand; to misread; misunderstanding

误判 誤判 wu4 pan4
to misjudge; error of judgment; incorrect ruling; miscarriage of justice

误判案 誤判案 wu4 pan4 an4
miscarriage of justice

误区 誤區 wu4 qu1
mistaken ideas; misconceptions; the error of one's ways

误人子弟 誤人子弟 wu4 ren2 zi3 di4
(of a lazy or incompetent teacher) to hamper students' progress; (of media) to propagate errors; to lead people astray

误入歧途 誤入歧途 wu4 ru4 qi2 tu2
to take a wrong step in life (idiom); to go astray

误入歧途效应 誤入歧途效應 wu4 ru4 qi2 tu2 xiao4 ying4
garden path effect

误杀 誤殺 wu4 sha1
to mistakenly kill; manslaughter

误伤 誤傷 wu4 shang1
to injure accidentally; accidental injury

误上贼船 誤上賊船 wu4 shang4 zei2 chuan2
lit. to mistakenly board a pirate ship; to embark on a hopeless adventure

误事 誤事 wu4 shi4
to hold things up; to make a botch of things

误写 誤寫 wu4 xie3
to unwittingly write the wrong thing

误信 誤信 wu4 xin4
to falsely believe; to be mislead; to fall for (a trick etc)

误用 誤用 wu4 yong4
to misuse

误植 誤植 wu4 zhi2
to write a word incorrectly; typo; (medicine) to mistakenly transplant (an infected organ etc)

误置 誤置 wu4 zhi4
to put sth in the wrong place

误作 誤作 wu4 zuo4
to consider erroneously; incorrectly attributed to sb

延误 延誤 yan2 wu5
to delay; to be held up; to miss (an opportunity); delay; holdup

延误费 延誤費 yan2 wu5 fei4
demurrage (shipping)

贻误 貽誤 yi2 wu4
to affect adversely; to delay or hinder; to waste (an opportunity); to mislead

运行时错误 運行時錯誤 yun4 xing2 shi2 cuo4 wu4
run-time error (in computing)

照作不误 照作不誤 zhao4 zuo4 bu4 wu4
to do something, never mind the circumstances

正误 正誤 zheng4 wu4
true or false?; correct or incorrect; to correct errors (in a document)

正误表 正誤表 zheng4 wu4 biao3