to entice; to tempt

strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
饵诱 餌誘 er3 you4
to lure; to entice

哄诱 哄誘 hong3 you4
to coax; to induce

利诱 利誘 li4 you4
to use gain as a lure

劝诱 勸誘 quan4 you4
to prevail upon; to coax

色诱 色誘 se4 you4
to seduce; to lead into sex

威逼利诱 威逼利誘 wei1 bi1 li4 you4
to make threats and promises

循循善诱 循循善誘 xun2 xun2 shan4 you4
to guide patiently and systematically (idiom)

引诱 引誘 yin3 you4
to coerce (sb into doing sth bad); to lure (into a trap); to seduce

诱变剂 誘變劑 you4 bian4 ji4

诱捕 誘捕 you4 bu3
to lure into a trap; to trap; to capture

诱导 誘導 you4 dao3
to induce; to encourage; to provide guidance; (medicine, chemistry) induction

诱导分娩 誘導分娩 you4 dao3 fen1 mian3
to induce labor (i.e. childbirth); labor induction

诱动 誘動 you4 dong4
to tempt; to seduce

诱饵 誘餌 you4 er3

诱发 誘發 you4 fa1
to induce; to cause; to elicit; to trigger

诱拐 誘拐 you4 guai3
to abduct; to kidnap

诱拐者 誘拐者 you4 guai3 zhe3

诱惑 誘惑 you4 huo4
to entice; to lure; to induce; to attract

诱骗 誘騙 you4 pian4
to entice; to lure; to scam; to hoodwink; to decoy

诱人 誘人 you4 ren2
attractive; alluring; captivating; to attract; to captivate

诱使 誘使 you4 shi3
to lure into; to entrap; to trick into; to entice; to induce; to invite; to tempt

诱陷 誘陷 you4 xian4
to lure into a trap

诱掖 誘掖 you4 ye4
to help and encourage

诱因 誘因 you4 yin1
cause; triggering factor; incentive; inducement

招诱 招誘 zhao1 you4
to invite; to recruit; to attract; to entice