to read aloud; to recite

strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
背诵 背誦 bei4 song4
to recite; to repeat from memory

传诵 傳誦 chuan2 song4
widely known; on everyone's lips

告诵 告誦 gao4 song4
to tell; to inform

朗诵 朗誦 lang3 song4
to read aloud with expression; to recite; to declaim

李诵 李誦 li3 song4
Li Song, personal name of eleventh Tang emperor Shunzong 順宗|顺宗 (761-806), reigned 805-806

联诵 聯誦 lian2 song4
liaison (in phonetics) (loanword)

默诵佛号 默誦佛號 mo4 song4 fo2 hao4
to chant the names of Buddha

念诵 念誦 nian4 song4
to read out; to recite; to remember sb (while talking about sth else)

诵读 誦讀 song4 du2
to read aloud

诵读困难症 誦讀困難症 song4 du2 kun4 nan5 zheng4

诵经 誦經 song4 jing1
to chant the sutras

弦诵不缀 弦誦不綴 xian2 song4 bu4 chuo4
variant of 弦誦不輟|弦诵不辍

弦诵不辍 弦誦不輟 xian2 song4 bu4 chuo4
incessant playing of instruments and reciting of poems (idiom)

吟诵 吟誦 yin2 song4
to read aloud; to recite rhythmically; to chant; to intone (esp. poems in rhythm)