調 diao4
to transfer; to move (troops or cadres); to investigate; to enquire into; accent; view; argument; key (in music); mode (music); tune; tone; melody

調 tiao2
to harmonize; to reconcile; to blend; to suit well; to adjust; to regulate; to season (food); to provoke; to incite

strokes 10
strokes after radical 8
本底调查 本底調查 ben3 di3 diao4 cha2
background investigation

笔调 筆調 bi3 diao4
(of writing) tone; style

变调 變調 bian4 diao4
tone sandhi; modified tone; (music) to change key; modulation

变调夹 變調夾 bian4 diao4 jia1

步调 步調 bu4 diao4
gait; marching order; step; pace

步调一致 步調一致 bu4 diao4 yi1 zhi4
to be united in action

不调和 不調和 bu4 tiao2 he2

不协调 不協調 bu4 xie2 tiao2
uncoordinated; disharmony

查调 查調 cha2 diao4
to obtain (information) from a database etc

岔调 岔調 cha4 diao4
(of a voice) husky; hoarse; affected; (music) to go off-key

唱反调 唱反調 chang4 fan3 diao4
to express a different view; to take a different position

唱高调 唱高調 chang4 gao1 diao4
to sing the high part; to speak fine sounding but empty words (idiom)

唱高调儿 唱高調兒 chang4 gao1 diao4 er5
erhua variant of 唱高調|唱高调

陈词滥调 陳詞濫調 chen2 ci2 lan4 diao4
cliché; commonplace; truism; stereotype

冲调 沖調 chong1 tiao2
to reconstitute (a powdered beverage) by adding water, milk etc

抽调 抽調 chou1 diao4
to transfer (personnel or material)

出口调查 出口調查 chu1 kou3 diao4 cha2
exit poll

搭调 搭調 da1 diao4
to match; in tune; reasonable

大调 大調 da4 diao4
major key (in music)

带调 帶調 dai4 diao4
to have a tone mark

单调 單調 dan1 diao4

单调乏味 單調乏味 dan1 diao4 fa2 wei4
monotonous; dull; tedious (idiom)

低调 低調 di1 diao4
low pitch; quiet (voice); subdued; low-key; low-profile

地调 地調 di4 diao4
geological survey, abbr. for 地質調查|地质调查

电缆调制解调器 電纜調制解調器 dian4 lan3 tiao2 zhi4 jie3 tiao2 qi4
cable modem

调包 調包 diao4 bao1
see 掉包

调兵遣将 調兵遣將 diao4 bing1 qian3 jiang4
to move an army and send a general (idiom); to deploy an army; to send a team on a task

调兵山 調兵山 diao4 bing1 shan1
Mt Diaobingshan in Tieling; Diaobingshan district of Tieling city 鐵嶺市|铁岭市, Liaoning

调兵山市 調兵山市 diao4 bing1 shan1 shi4
Diaobingshan district of Tieling city 鐵嶺市|铁岭市, Liaoning

调拨 調撥 diao4 bo1
to send (products); to allocate; to commit (funds); to channel (goods)

调查 調查 diao4 cha2
investigation; inquiry; to investigate; to survey; survey; (opinion) poll

调查表 調查表 diao4 cha2 biao3
questionnaire; inventory list

调查核实 調查核實 diao4 cha2 he2 shi2
to investigate; investigation; fact-checking

调查结果 調查結果 diao4 cha2 jie2 guo3
results (of an investigation, poll)

调查人员 調查人員 diao4 cha2 ren2 yuan2

调查团 調查團 diao4 cha2 tuan2
investigating team

调查员 調查員 diao4 cha2 yuan2

调查者 調查者 diao4 cha2 zhe3

调档 調檔 diao4 dang4
to transfer a dossier; to consult a dossier

调动 調動 diao4 dong4
to transfer; to maneuver (troops etc); movement of personnel; to mobilize; to bring into play

调度 調度 diao4 du4
to dispatch (vehicles, staff etc); to schedule; to manage; dispatcher; scheduler

调发 調發 diao4 fa1
to requisition; to dispatch

调防 調防 diao4 fang2
to relieve a garrison

调赴 調赴 diao4 fu4
to dispatch (troops to the front)

调干 調幹 diao4 gan4
to reassign a cadre; to choose a worker to be promoted to cadre

调干生 調幹生 diao4 gan4 sheng1
worker chosen to become a cadre and sent to complete his schooling

调号 調號 diao4 hao4
tone mark on a Chinese syllable (i.e. accents on ā á ǎ à); (music) key signature

调虎离山 調虎離山 diao4 hu3 li2 shan1
to lure the tiger from its domain in the mountains (idiom); to lure an enemy away from his territory

调换 調換 diao4 huan4
to exchange; to change places; to swap

调集 調集 diao4 ji2
to summon; to muster; to assemble

调门 調門 diao4 men2
melody; pitch or key (music); tone; style; point of view

调门儿 調門兒 diao4 men2 er5
erhua variant of 調門|调门

调派 調派 diao4 pai4
to send on assignment; to deploy (troops)

调配 調配 diao4 pei4
to allocate; to deploy

调迁 調遷 diao4 qian1
to transfer; to move; to shift

调遣 調遣 diao4 qian3
to dispatch; to assign; a dispatch

调取 調取 diao4 qu3
to obtain (information from an archive etc)

调任 調任 diao4 ren4
to transfer; to move to another post

调入 調入 diao4 ru4
to bring in; to call in; to transfer (a person, data); (computing) to call; to load (a subroutine etc)

调升 調升 diao4 sheng1
to promote

调式 調式 diao4 shi4
(musical) mode

调头 調頭 diao4 tou2
variant of 掉頭|掉头

调头 調頭 diao4 tou5
tone (of voice); tune

调研 調研 diao4 yan2
to investigate and research; research; investigation

调用 調用 diao4 yong4
to transfer (for a specific purpose); to allocate; (computing) to invoke (a command, an application etc)

调阅 調閱 diao4 yue4
to access (a document); to consult

调值 調值 diao4 zhi2
pitch of tones

调职 調職 diao4 zhi2
to be transferred to another post; to post away

调转 調轉 diao4 zhuan3
to reassign sb to a different job; to turn around; to change direction; to make a U turn

调子 調子 diao4 zi5
tune; melody; tuning; cadence; intonation; (speech) tone

定调 定調 ding4 diao4
to set the tone

定调子 定調子 ding4 diao4 zi5
to set the tone

对调 對調 dui4 diao4
to swap places; to exchange roles

风调 風調 feng1 diao4
character (of a person, verse, object etc); style

风调雨顺 風調雨順 feng1 tiao2 yu3 shun4
favorable weather (idiom); good weather for crops

浮力调整背心 浮力調整背心 fu2 li4 tiao2 zheng3 bei4 xin1
BCD; Buoyancy Compensation Device (diving)

浮力调整装置 浮力調整裝置 fu2 li4 tiao2 zheng3 zhuang1 zhi4
BCD; Buoyancy Compensation Device (diving)

高调 高調 gao1 diao4
high-sounding speech; bombast; high-profile

格调 格調 ge2 diao4
style (of art or literature); form; one's work style; moral character

宫调 宮調 gong1 diao4
modes of ancient Chinese music

怪腔怪调 怪腔怪調 guai4 qiang1 guai4 diao4
strange accent; odd manner of speaking or singing

宏观调控 宏觀調控 hong2 guan1 tiao2 kong4

呼吸调节器 呼吸調節器 hu1 xi1 tiao2 jie2 qi4
regulator (diving)

徽调 徽調 hui1 diao4
Anhui opera

回调函数 回調函數 hui2 diao4 han2 shu4
callback (computing)

婚姻调解 婚姻調解 hun1 yin1 tiao2 jie3
marriage counseling

基调 基調 ji1 diao4
main key (of a musical composition); keynote (speech)

降调 降調 jiang4 diao4
falling intonation (linguistics); to lower the key of a tune; to demote

解调 解調 jie3 tiao2
demodulation; to demodulate

借调 借調 jie4 diao4
to temporarily transfer (personnel)

九声六调 九聲六調 jiu3 sheng1 liu4 diao4
nine tones and six modes (tonal system of Cantonese and other southern languages)

旧调重弹 舊調重彈 jiu4 diao4 chong2 tan2
replaying the same old tunes (idiom); conservative, unoriginal and discredited; to keep harping on about the same old stuff

旧调子 舊調子 jiu4 diao4 zi5
old tune; fig. conservative opinion; the same old stuff

可调 可調 ke3 tiao2

空气调节 空氣調節 kong1 qi4 tiao2 jie2
air conditioning

空调 空調 kong1 tiao2
air conditioning; air conditioner (including units that have a heating mode)

空调车 空調車 kong1 tiao2 che1
air conditioned vehicle

蓝调 藍調 lan2 diao4
blues (music)

谰调 讕調 lan2 diao4
slander; calumny; to accuse unjustly

滥调 濫調 lan4 diao4
hackneyed talk; platitude

老调重弹 老調重彈 lao3 diao4 chong2 tan2
to play the same old tune (idiom); unoriginal

联邦调查局 聯邦調查局 lian2 bang1 diao4 cha2 ju2
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

联调联试 聯調聯試 lian2 tiao2 lian2 shi4
debugging and commissioning; testing (of a whole system)

连续变调 連續變調 lian2 xu4 bian4 diao4
tone sandhi

论调 論調 lun4 diao4
argument; view (sometimes derogatory)

美国地质调查局 美國地質調查局 mei3 guo2 di4 zhi4 diao4 cha2 ju2
United States Geological Survey (USGS)

民调 民調 min2 diao4
opinion poll

民意调查 民意調查 min2 yi4 diao4 cha2
opinion poll

母音调和 母音調和 mu3 yin1 tiao2 he2
vowel harmony (in phonetics)

南腔北调 南腔北調 nan2 qiang1 bei3 diao4
a regional accent

暖调 暖調 nuan3 diao4
warm tone; warm color

跑调 跑調 pao3 diao4
to be off-key or out of tune (while singing) (colloquial)

烹调 烹調 peng1 tiao2
to cook; cooking

烹调术 烹調術 peng1 tiao2 shu4

频率调制 頻率調制 pin2 lv4 tiao2 zhi4
frequency modulation

腔调 腔調 qiang1 diao4

强调 強調 qiang2 diao4
to emphasize (a statement); to stress

琴瑟不调 琴瑟不調 qin2 se4 bu4 tiao2
out of tune; marital discord, cf qin and se 琴瑟, two string instruments as symbol of marital harmony

情调 情調 qing2 diao4
sentiment; tone and mood; taste

请调 請調 qing3 diao4
to request a transfer

曲调 曲調 qu3 diao4
tune; melody

饶舌调唇 饒舌調唇 rao2 she2 tiao2 chun2
blabbing and showing off (idiom); loud-mouthed trouble maker

人口调查 人口調查 ren2 kou3 diao4 cha2

认知失调 認知失調 ren4 zhi1 shi1 tiao2
cognitive dissonance

色调 色調 se4 diao4
hue; tone

商调 商調 shang1 diao4
to negotiate the transfer of personnel

上调 上調 shang4 tiao2
to raise (prices); to adjust upwards

上同调 上同調 shang4 tong2 diao4
cohomology (invariant of a topological space in math.)

射频调谐器 射頻調諧器 she4 pin2 tiao2 xie2 qi4
RF tuner

升调 昇調 sheng1 diao4
rising tone (phonetics, e.g. on a question in English)

声调 聲調 sheng1 diao4
tone; note; a tone (on a Chinese syllable)

声调轮廓 聲調輪廓 sheng1 diao4 lun2 kuo4
tone contour

声调语言 聲調語言 sheng1 diao4 yu3 yan2
tonal language (e.g. Chinese or Vietnamese)

失调 失調 shi1 diao4
out of tune (music)

失调 失調 shi1 tiao2
imbalance; to become dysfunctional; to lack proper care (after an illness etc)

时调 時調 shi2 diao4
regional folk song popular during a certain period of time

市场调查 市場調查 shi4 chang3 diao4 cha2
market research

手眼协调 手眼協調 shou3 yan3 xie2 tiao2
hand-eye coordination

睡眠失调 睡眠失調 shui4 mian2 shi1 tiao2
sleep disorder

思觉失调 思覺失調 si1 jue2 shi1 tiao2

速调管 速調管 su4 tiao2 guan3
klystron (electronic tube used to produce high frequency radio waves)

特调 特調 te4 tiao2
special blend; house blend

提调 提調 ti2 diao4
to supervise (troops); to appoint (officers); to select and assign

调变 調變 tiao2 bian4
modulation; to modulate (electronics)

调拨 調撥 tiao2 bo1
to sow discord

调挡 調擋 tiao2 dang3
gear shift

调幅 調幅 tiao2 fu2
amplitude modulation (AM); size of an adjustment

调羹 調羹 tiao2 geng1

调光器 調光器 tiao2 guang1 qi4

调和 調和 tiao2 he2
harmonious; to mediate; to reconcile; to compromise; mediation; to mix; to blend; blended; to season; seasoning; to placate

调和分析 調和分析 tiao2 he2 fen1 xi1
harmonic analysis (math.)

调和平均数 調和平均數 tiao2 he2 ping2 jun1 shu4
harmonic mean

调和振动 調和振動 tiao2 he2 zhen4 dong4
harmonic oscillation

调剂 調劑 tiao2 ji4
to adjust; to balance; to make up a medical prescription

调价 調價 tiao2 jia4
to raise or lower the price; price adjustment

调降 調降 tiao2 jiang4
(Tw) to lower (prices, interest rates etc); to reduce; to cut

调焦 調焦 tiao2 jiao1
to focus

调教 調教 tiao2 jiao4
to instruct; to teach; to train; to raise (livestock)

调节 調節 tiao2 jie2
to adjust; to regulate; to harmonize; to reconcile (accountancy etc)

调节器 調節器 tiao2 jie2 qi4

调解 調解 tiao2 jie3
to mediate; to bring parties to an agreement

调酒 調酒 tiao2 jiu3
to mix drinks; cocktail

调酒器 調酒器 tiao2 jiu3 qi4
(cocktail) shaker

调酒师 調酒師 tiao2 jiu3 shi1

调侃 調侃 tiao2 kan3
to ridicule; to tease; to mock; idle talk; chitchat

调控 調控 tiao2 kong4
to regulate; to control

调理 調理 tiao2 li3
to nurse one's health; to recuperate; to take care of; to look after; to discipline; to educate; to train; to prepare food; (dialect) to make fun of; (medicine) to opsonize

调料 調料 tiao2 liao4
condiment; seasoning; flavoring

调律 調律 tiao2 lv4
to tune (e.g. piano)

调门 調門 tiao2 men2

调弄 調弄 tiao2 nong4
to tease; to make fun of; to provoke; to stir up (trouble)

调配 調配 tiao2 pei4
to blend (colors, herbs); to mix

调皮 調皮 tiao2 pi2
naughty; mischievous; unruly

调皮捣蛋 調皮搗蛋 tiao2 pi2 dao3 dan4
naughty; mischievous; to act up

调频 調頻 tiao2 pin2
frequency modulation; FM

调情 調情 tiao2 qing2
to flirt

调三窝四 調三窩四 tiao2 san1 wo1 si4
to sow the seeds of discord everywhere (idiom)

调色 調色 tiao2 se4
to blend colors; to mix colors

调色板 調色板 tiao2 se4 ban3

调摄 調攝 tiao2 she4
to nurse to health; to recuperate

调升 調升 tiao2 sheng1
to adjust upward; to upgrade; (price) hike

调试 調試 tiao2 shi4
to debug; to adjust components during testing; debugging

调适 調適 tiao2 shi4
to adapt (to an environment etc); to make sth suitable; adaptation; adjustment; adaptive

调速 調速 tiao2 su4
to adjust the speed

调唆 調唆 tiao2 suo1
to provoke; to stir up (trouble); to instigate

调停 調停 tiao2 ting2
to reconcile; to mediate; to bring warring parties to agreement; to arbitrate

调停者 調停者 tiao2 ting2 zhe3
mediator; intermediary; go-between

调味 調味 tiao2 wei4
seasoning; condiment; flavoring; dressing; essences

调味剂 調味劑 tiao2 wei4 ji4
flavoring agent

调味料 調味料 tiao2 wei4 liao4
seasoning; condiment; flavoring; dressing; essences

调味品 調味品 tiao2 wei4 pin3
seasoning; flavoring

调味肉汁 調味肉汁 tiao2 wei4 rou4 zhi1

调味汁 調味汁 tiao2 wei4 zhi1
dressing; sauce

调戏 調戲 tiao2 xi4
to take liberties with a woman; to dally; to assail a woman with obscenities

调相 調相 tiao2 xiang4
phase modulation

调笑 調笑 tiao2 xiao4
to tease; to poke fun at

调谐 調諧 tiao2 xie2
harmonious; to adjust; to tune (e.g. wireless receiver); to bring into harmony

调协 調協 tiao2 xie2
to harmonize; to match

调休 調休 tiao2 xiu1
to compensate for working on a holiday by resting on a workday; to compensate for resting on a workday by working on a holiday

调谑 調謔 tiao2 xue4
to make fun of; to mock

调训 調訓 tiao2 xun4
to train; to care for and educate

调驯 調馴 tiao2 xun4
to look after and train (animals)

调研人员 調研人員 tiao2 yan2 ren2 yuan2
research workers; survey and research workers

调养 調養 tiao2 yang3
to take care of (sb's health); to nurse

调药刀 調藥刀 tiao2 yao4 dao1

调音 調音 tiao2 yin1
to tune (a musical instrument)

调匀 調勻 tiao2 yun2
to blend (cooking); to mix evenly

调整 調整 tiao2 zheng3
to adjust; adjustment; revision

调制 調製 tiao2 zhi4
to concoct by mixing ingredients; to prepare according to a recipe; to make (a salad, a cocktail, cosmetics etc)

调制 調制 tiao2 zhi4
to modulate; modulation

调制波 調制波 tiao2 zhi4 bo1
modulated wave (elec.)

调制解调器 調制解調器 tiao2 zhi4 jie3 tiao2 qi4

调准 調準 tiao2 zhun3
to adjust to the right value; to tune; to focus (a camera etc); to set (the date, the time) to the correct value

调资 調資 tiao2 zi1
wage adjustment; to raise or lower wages

调嘴 調嘴 tiao2 zui3
to hold forth; to quibble

调嘴学舌 調嘴學舌 tiao2 zui3 xue2 she2
to incite trouble between people (idiom)

同调 同調 tong2 diao4
same tone; in agreement with; homology (invariant of a topological space in math.)

微调 微調 wei1 tiao2
fine tuning; trimming

细调 細調 xi4 diao4
to fine tune

下调 下調 xia4 diao4
to demote; to pass down to a lower unit

下调 下調 xia4 tiao2
to adjust downwards; to lower (prices, wages etc)

小调 小調 xiao3 diao4
xiaodiao, a Chinese folk song genre; minor key (in music)

协调 協調 xie2 tiao2
to coordinate; to harmonize; to fit together; to match (colors etc); harmonious; concerted

协调人 協調人 xie2 tiao2 ren2

协调世界时 協調世界時 xie2 tiao2 shi4 jie4 shi2
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

协调员 協調員 xie2 tiao2 yuan2

洋腔洋调 洋腔洋調 yang2 qiang1 yang2 diao4
to speak with a foreign accent or using words from a foreign language (usually derogatory) (idiom)

野调无腔 野調無腔 ye3 diao4 wu2 qiang1
coarse in speech and manner

移调 移調 yi2 diao4
to transpose (music)

异国情调 異國情調 yi4 guo2 qing2 diao4
exoticism; local color; exotic

音调 音調 yin1 diao4
pitch of voice (high or low); pitch (of a musical note); tone

咏叹调 詠嘆調 yong3 tan4 diao4

油腔滑调 油腔滑調 you2 qiang1 hua2 diao4
flippant and insincere (piece of writing or speech); glib-tongued; oily

舆论调查 輿論調查 yu2 lun4 diao4 cha2
opinion poll

语调 語調 yu3 diao4

韵调 韻調 yun4 diao4
rhyme and tone; intonation

招聘协调人 招聘協調人 zhao1 pin4 xie2 tiao2 ren2
recruiting coordinator

征调 徵調 zheng1 diao4
to conscript; to second (personnel); to requisition (supplies etc)

蒸发空调 蒸發空調 zheng1 fa1 kong1 tiao2
evaporative air conditioner; evaporative cooler

中国地质调查局 中國地質調查局 zhong1 guo2 di4 zhi4 diao4 cha2 ju2
China Geological Survey (CGS)

主调 主調 zhu3 diao4
main point of an argument; a principal viewpoint

转调 轉調 zhuan3 diao4
(music) to change key; modulation; (of an employee) to be transferred to another post

追踪调查 追蹤調查 zhui1 zong1 diao4 cha2
follow-up study; investigative follow-up

字调 字調 zi4 diao4
tone of a character

走调 走調 zou3 diao4
out of tune; off-key