surname Tan

to speak; to talk; to converse; to chat; to discuss

strokes 10
strokes after radical 8
笔谈 筆談 bi3 tan2
to communicate by means of written notes (instead of speaking); to publish one's opinion (e.g. as part of a scholarly dialog); (in book titles) essays; sketches

闭口不谈 閉口不談 bi4 kou3 bu4 tan2
to refuse to say anything about (idiom); to remain tight-lipped; to avoid mentioning

不经之谈 不經之談 bu4 jing1 zhi1 tan2
absurd statement; cock-and-bull story

长谈 長談 chang2 tan2
a long talk

畅谈 暢談 chang4 tan2
to chat; a long talk; verbose; to talk freely to one's heart's content

畅谈话卡 暢談話卡 chang4 tan2 hua4 ka3
long-term calling card (telephone)

朝鲜核谈 朝鮮核談 chao2 xian3 he2 tan2
talks on North Korea's nuclear program

扯谈 扯談 che3 tan2
to talk nonsense (dialect)

侈谈 侈談 chi3 tan2
to prate

丛谈 叢談 cong2 tan2
discussion; forum

促膝谈心 促膝談心 cu4 xi1 tan2 xin1
to sit side-by-side and have a heart-to-heart talk (idiom)

大谈 大談 da4 tan2
to harangue; to yak

大谈特谈 大談特談 da4 tan2 te4 tan2
to keep on talking about

对谈 對談 dui4 tan2
to talk with sb (face to face); discussion; talk; chat

泛泛而谈 泛泛而談 fan4 fan4 er2 tan2
to speak in general terms

访谈 訪談 fang3 tan2
to visit and discuss; to interview

高谈阔论 高談闊論 gao1 tan2 kuo4 lun4
to harangue; loud arrogant talk; to spout

和平会谈 和平會談 he2 ping2 hui4 tan2
peace talks; peace discussions

和平谈判 和平談判 he2 ping2 tan2 pan4
peace negotiations

和谈 和談 he2 tan2
peace talks

核谈判 核談判 he2 tan2 pan4
nuclear negotiations

会谈 會談 hui4 tan2
talks; discussions

混为一谈 混為一談 hun4 wei2 yi1 tan2
to confuse one thing with another (idiom); to muddle

健谈 健談 jian4 tan2
entertaining in conversation

交谈 交談 jiao1 tan2
to discuss; to converse; chat; discussion

教育相谈 教育相談 jiao4 yu4 xiang1 tan2
education counselor

街谈巷议 街談巷議 jie1 tan2 xiang4 yi4
the talk of the town (idiom)

举行会谈 舉行會談 ju3 xing2 hui4 tan2
to hold talks; to take part in discussions with

聚谈 聚談 ju4 tan2
to have a discussion in a group; to have a chat with sb

侃侃而谈 侃侃而談 kan3 kan3 er2 tan2
to speak frankly with assurance

空谈 空談 kong1 tan2
prattle; idle chit-chat

夸夸其谈 誇誇其談 kua1 kua1 qi2 tan2
to talk big; to sound off; bombastic; grandiloquent

老生常谈 老生常談 lao3 sheng1 chang2 tan2
an old observation (idiom); a truism; banal comments

六方会谈 六方會談 liu4 fang1 hui4 tan2
six-sided talks (on North Korea)

美谈 美談 mei3 tan2
anecdote passed on with approbation

梦溪笔谈 夢溪筆談 meng4 xi1 bi3 tan2
Dream Pool Essays by Shen Kuo 沈括, book on various fields of knowledge, the first to describe the magnetic needle compass

密谈 密談 mi4 tan2
commune; private discussion

面谈 面談 mian4 tan2
face-to-face meeting; an interview

攀谈 攀談 pan1 tan2
to chat

辟室密谈 闢室密談 pi4 shi4 mi4 tan2
to discuss behind closed doors

撇开不谈 撇開不談 pie1 kai1 bu4 tan2
to ignore an issue (idiom)

奇谈 奇談 qi2 tan2
odd story; exotic tale; fig. ridiculous argument

奇谈怪论 奇談怪論 qi2 tan2 guai4 lun4
strange tales and absurd arguments (idiom); unreasonable remarks

洽谈 洽談 qia4 tan2
to discuss

清谈 清談 qing1 tan2
light intellectual conversation

倾谈 傾談 qing1 tan2
to have a good talk

清谈节目 清談節目 qing1 tan2 jie2 mu4
talk show

商谈 商談 shang1 tan2
to confer; to discuss; to engage in talks

深谈 深談 shen1 tan2
to have an in depth conversation; to have intimate talks; to discuss thoroughly

十日谈 十日談 shi2 ri4 tan2
Decameron, collection of 100 tales of love supposedly told by ten young people in ten days, written by Giovanni Boccaccio 薄伽丘

首脑会谈 首腦會談 shou3 nao3 hui4 tan2
summit talks; discussion between heads of state

司马谈 司馬談 si1 ma3 tan2
Sima Tan (-110 BC), Han dynasty scholar and historian, and father of 司馬遷|司马迁

谈不拢 談不攏 tan2 bu4 long3
can't come to an agreement

谈不上 談不上 tan2 bu5 shang4
to be out of the question

谈到 談到 tan2 dao4
to refer to; to speak about; to talk about

谈得来 談得來 tan2 de5 lai2
to be able to talk to; to get along with; to be congenial

谈古论今 談古論今 tan2 gu3 lun4 jin1
to talk of the past and discuss the present (idiom); to chat freely; to discuss everything

谈何容易 談何容易 tan2 he2 rong2 yi4
easier said than done (idiom)

谈虎色变 談虎色變 tan2 hu3 se4 bian4
to turn pale at the mention of a tiger (idiom); to be scared at the mere mention of

谈话 談話 tan2 hua4
talk; conversation

谈及 談及 tan2 ji2
to talk about; to mention

谈价 談價 tan2 jia4
to negotiate (prices); to haggle

谈恋爱 談戀愛 tan2 lian4 ai4
to court; to go steady; to be dating

谈论 談論 tan2 lun4
to discuss; to talk about

谈判 談判 tan2 pan4
to negotiate; negotiation; talks; conference

谈判制度 談判制度 tan2 pan4 zhi4 du4
collective bargaining system

谈判桌 談判桌 tan2 pan4 zhuo1
conference table

谈朋友 談朋友 tan2 peng2 you5
to be dating sb

谈情说爱 談情說愛 tan2 qing2 shuo1 ai4
to murmur endearments (idiom); to get into a romantic relationship

谈谈 談談 tan2 tan2
to discuss; to have a chat

谈天 談天 tan2 tian1
to chat

谈天说地 談天說地 tan2 tian1 shuo1 di4
to talk endlessly; talking of anything under the sun

谈吐 談吐 tan2 tu3
style of conversation

谈笑风生 談笑風生 tan2 xiao4 feng1 sheng1
to talk cheerfully and wittily; to joke together

谈笑自若 談笑自若 tan2 xiao4 zi4 ruo4
to talk and laugh as though nothing had happened; to remain cheerful (despite a crisis)

谈心 談心 tan2 xin1
to have a heart-to-heart chat

谈星 談星 tan2 xing1
astrology; fortune-telling

谈性变色 談性變色 tan2 xing4 bian4 se4
to turn green at the mention of sex; prudish

谈资 談資 tan2 zi1
sth that people like to chat about; topic of idle conversation

无话不谈 無話不談 wu2 hua4 bu4 tan2
not to hold anything back (idiom); (of close friends etc) to tell each other everything

无稽之谈 無稽之談 wu2 ji1 zhi1 tan2
complete nonsense (idiom)

晤谈 晤談 wu4 tan2
to speak face to face; meeting; interview

闲谈 閑談 xian2 tan2
variant of 閒談|闲谈

闲谈 閒談 xian2 tan2
to chat

乡谈 鄉談 xiang1 tan2
local dialect

笑谈 笑談 xiao4 tan2
object of ridicule; laughingstock; to laugh over sth; to make light chat

谐谈 諧談 xie2 tan2
joking; humorous talk

叙谈 敘談 xu4 tan2
to chat

言谈 言談 yan2 tan2
discourse; words; utterance; what one says; manner of speech

言谈林薮 言談林藪 yan2 tan2 lin2 sou3
articulate in speech (idiom); eloquent

杂谈 雜談 za2 tan2
discussion of various topics

纸上谈兵 紙上談兵 zhi3 shang4 tan2 bing1
lit. military tactics on paper (idiom); fig. theoretical discussion that is worse than useless in practice; armchair strategist; idle theorizing; cf Zhao Kuo 趙括|赵括 leading an army of 400,000 to total annihilation at battle of Changping 長平之戰|长平之战 in 260 BC

纵谈 縱談 zong4 tan2
to talk freely

座谈 座談 zuo4 tan2
to have an informal discussion

座谈会 座談會 zuo4 tan2 hui4
conference; symposium; rap session