to plan; to seek; scheme

strokes 11
strokes after radical 9
不谋而合 不謀而合 bu4 mou2 er2 he2
to agree without prior consultation; to happen to hold the same view

不在其位不谋其政 不在其位不謀其政 bu4 zai4 qi2 wei4 bu4 mou4 qi2 zheng4
don't meddle in affairs that are not part of your position (Confucius)

参谋 參謀 can1 mou2
staff officer; to give advice

参谋长 參謀長 can1 mou2 zhang3
chief of staff

参谋总长 參謀總長 can1 mou2 zong3 zhang3
army Chief of Staff

策谋 策謀 ce4 mou2
stratagem (political or military); trick

筹谋 籌謀 chou2 mou2
to work out a strategy; to come up with a plan for

出谋划策 出謀劃策 chu1 mou2 hua4 ce4
to put forward plans and ideas (also derogatory); to give advice (idiom)

串谋 串謀 chuan4 mou2
to conspire

道不同不相为谋 道不同不相為謀 dao4 bu4 tong2 bu4 xiang1 wei2 mou2
lit. persons who walk different paths cannot make plans together; to go separate ways (idiom)

多谋善断 多謀善斷 duo1 mou2 shan4 duan4
resourceful and decisive; resolute and sagacious

非预谋 非預謀 fei1 yu4 mou2

共谋 共謀 gong4 mou2
to scheme together; to conspire; joint plan; conspiracy

共谋者 共謀者 gong4 mou2 zhe3

共谋罪 共謀罪 gong4 mou2 zui4

合谋 合謀 he2 mou2
to conspire; to plot together

机谋 機謀 ji1 mou2
stratagem; scheme; shrewdness

计谋 計謀 ji4 mou2
stratagem; scheme

老谋深算 老謀深算 lao3 mou2 shen1 suan4
rigorous schemes and deep foresight (idiom); astute and circumspect

另谋高就 另謀高就 ling4 mou2 gao1 jiu4
to get a better job somewhere else (idiom); to seek alternative employment

密谋 密謀 mi4 mou2
conspiracy; secret plan; to conspire

谋财害命 謀財害命 mou2 cai2 hai4 ming4
to plot and kill sb for his property (idiom); to murder for money

谋臣 謀臣 mou2 chen2
imperial strategic adviser; expert on strategy

谋臣猛将 謀臣猛將 mou2 chen2 meng3 jiang4
strategic experts and powerful generals (idiom)

谋臣如雨 謀臣如雨 mou2 chen2 ru2 yu3
strategic experts as thick as rain (idiom); no shortage of advisers on strategy

谋臣武将 謀臣武將 mou2 chen2 wu3 jiang4
strategic experts and powerful generals (idiom)

谋刺 謀刺 mou2 ci4
to plot to assassinate

谋得 謀得 mou2 de2
to get; to obtain

谋反 謀反 mou2 fan3
to plot a rebellion; to conspire against the state

谋害 謀害 mou2 hai4
to conspire to murder; to plot against sb's life

谋划 謀劃 mou2 hua4
to scheme; to plot; conspiracy

谋计 謀計 mou2 ji4
stratagem; scheme

谋利 謀利 mou2 li4
to make a profit; to gain; to get an advantage

谋虑 謀慮 mou2 lv4
to plan and consider; to reflect on one's best strategy

谋略 謀略 mou2 lve4
stratagem; strategy; resourcefulness

谋面 謀面 mou2 mian4
to meet

谋求 謀求 mou2 qiu2
to seek; to strive for

谋取 謀取 mou2 qu3
to seek; to strive for; to obtain; see also 牟取

谋杀 謀殺 mou2 sha1
to murder; to assassinate; intentional homicide

谋杀案 謀殺案 mou2 sha1 an4
murder case

谋杀罪 謀殺罪 mou2 sha1 zui4

谋生 謀生 mou2 sheng1
to seek one's livelihood; to work to support oneself; to earn a living

谋食 謀食 mou2 shi2
to make a living; to strive to earn a living

谋事 謀事 mou2 shi4
to plan matters; to look for a job

谋士 謀士 mou2 shi4
skilled manipulator; tactician; strategist; advisor; counsellor

谋事在人,成事在天 謀事在人,成事在天 mou2 shi4 zai4 ren2 - cheng2 shi4 zai4 tian1
planning is with man, accomplishing with heaven (idiom); Man proposes but God disposes.

谋职 謀職 mou2 zhi2
to look for a job; to seek employment

谋智 謀智 mou2 zhi4
Mozilla Corporation; intelligence and wisdom; resourceful; same as 智謀|智谋

权谋 權謀 quan2 mou2
trickery; tactics

善自为谋 善自為謀 shan4 zi4 wei2 mou2
to be good at working for one's own profit (idiom)

深谋 深謀 shen1 mou2

深谋远虑 深謀遠慮 shen1 mou2 yuan3 lv4
lit. deep plans and distant thoughts; to plan far ahead (idiom)

深谋远略 深謀遠略 shen1 mou2 yuan3 lve4
a well-thought out long-term strategy

思谋 思謀 si1 mou2
to consider; to turn over in one's mind

私谋叛国 私謀叛國 si1 mou2 pan4 guo2
to secretly plan treason (idiom)

同谋 同謀 tong2 mou2
to conspire with sb; to plot; a conspirator; a partner in crime; an accomplice

图谋 圖謀 tu2 mou2
to conspire

蓄谋 蓄謀 xu4 mou4
to premeditate; to plot

阳谋 陽謀 yang2 mou2
to conspire openly; overt plot

以权谋私 以權謀私 yi3 quan2 mou2 si1
to use one's position for personal gain (idiom)

阴谋 陰謀 yin1 mou2
plot; conspiracy

阴谋颠覆政府罪 陰謀顛覆政府罪 yin1 mou2 dian1 fu4 zheng4 fu3 zui4
the crime of conspiracy to overthrow the government

阴谋诡计 陰謀詭計 yin1 mou2 gui3 ji4
crafty plots and machinations (idiom)

阴谋论 陰謀論 yin1 mou2 lun4
conspiracy theory

营谋 營謀 ying2 mou2
to do business; to manage; to strive for; to use every possible means (toward a goal)

有勇无谋 有勇無謀 you3 yong3 wu2 mou2
bold but not very astute (idiom)

有预谋 有預謀 you3 yu4 mou2

预谋 預謀 yu4 mou2
premeditated; to plan sth in advance (esp. a crime)

预谋杀人 預謀殺人 yu4 mou2 sha1 ren2
premeditated murder

渊谋 淵謀 yuan1 mou2
profound or erudite plans

元谋 元謀 yuan2 mou2
Yuanmou county in Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture 楚雄彞族自治州|楚雄彝族自治州, Yunnan

元谋县 元謀縣 yuan2 mou2 xian4
Yuanmou county in Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture 楚雄彞族自治州|楚雄彝族自治州, Yunnan

远谋 遠謀 yuan3 mou2
a long-term plan; an ambitious strategy

张艺谋 張藝謀 zhang1 yi4 mou2
Zhang Yimou (1950-), PRC film director

智谋 智謀 zhi4 mou2
resourceful; intelligent

筑室道谋 築室道謀 zhu4 shi4 dao4 mou2
lit. ask passers-by how to build one's house (idiom); fig. to have no idea what to do; without a clue

总参谋部 總參謀部 zong3 can1 mou2 bu4
(military) General Staff Headquarters

总参谋长 總參謀長 zong3 can1 mou2 zhang3
(military) Chief of Staff

足智多谋 足智多謀 zu2 zhi4 duo1 mou2
resourceful; full of stratagems

钻谋 鑽謀 zuan1 mou2
to use influence to get what one wants; to find a way through (esp. corrupt); to succeed by means fair or foul