see 謎兒|谜儿, riddle


strokes 11
strokes after radical 9
猜谜儿 猜謎兒 cai1 mi2 er5
guess a riddle; guess

春灯谜 春燈謎 chun1 deng1 mi2
Spring lantern riddles (guessing game at Lantern Festival 元宵節|元宵节, at the end of Spring festival 春節|春节)

打哑谜 打啞謎 da3 ya3 mi2
to talk in riddles

灯谜 燈謎 deng1 mi2
riddles written on lanterns (e.g. for the Lantern Festival at the end of Chinese New Year)

解谜 解謎 jie3 mi2
to solve the riddle

谜儿 謎兒 mei4 er5

谜底 謎底 mi2 di3
answer to a riddle

谜题 謎題 mi2 ti2
puzzle; riddle

谜团 謎團 mi2 tuan2
riddle; enigma; unpredictable situation; elusive matters

谜样 謎樣 mi2 yang4

谜语 謎語 mi2 yu3
riddle; conundrum

未解之谜 未解之謎 wei4 jie3 zhi1 mi2
unsolved mystery

哑谜 啞謎 ya3 mi2
puzzle; mystery

字谜 字謎 zi4 mi2
letter puzzle

纵横字谜 縱橫字謎 zong4 heng2 zi4 mi2