money; wealth; riches; property; valuables

strokes 10
strokes after radical 3
爱财 愛財 ai4 cai2

爱财如命 愛財如命 ai4 cai2 ru2 ming4
lit. to love money as much as one's own life (idiom); fig. avaricious; tightfisted

不义之财 不義之財 bu4 yi4 zhi1 cai2
ill-gotten wealth or gains

财宝 財寶 cai2 bao3
money and valuables

财报 財報 cai2 bao4
financial report

财帛 財帛 cai2 bo2
wealth; money

财产 財產 cai2 chan3
property; assets; estate

财产公证 財產公證 cai2 chan3 gong1 zheng4
property notarization

财产价值 財產價值 cai2 chan3 jia4 zhi2
property value

财产权 財產權 cai2 chan3 quan2
property rights

财大气粗 財大氣粗 cai2 da4 qi4 cu1
rich and imposing; rich and overbearing

财东 財東 cai2 dong1
shop owner; moneybags

财阀 財閥 cai2 fa2
plutocracy; monopolistic corporation, esp. prewar Japanese zaibatsu; Korean chaebol; plutocrat; tycoon; oligarch; financial magnate

财赋 財賦 cai2 fu4
government revenue; tributary goods and finances; finances and taxes; wealth; property; belongings

财富 財富 cai2 fu4
wealth; riches

财经 財經 cai2 jing1
finance and economics

财会 財會 cai2 kuai4
finance and accounting

财利 財利 cai2 li4
wealth and profit; riches

财力 財力 cai2 li4
financial resources; financial ability

财路 財路 cai2 lu4

财贸 財貿 cai2 mao4
finance and trade

财迷 財迷 cai2 mi2
money grubber; miser

财迷心窍 財迷心竅 cai2 mi2 xin1 qiao4
mad about money (idiom)

财年 財年 cai2 nian2
fiscal year; financial year

财权 財權 cai2 quan2
property ownership or right; financial power; financial control

财神 財神 cai2 shen2
god of wealth

财神爷 財神爺 cai2 shen2 ye2
god of wealth; very wealthy man

财势 財勢 cai2 shi4
wealth and influence

财税 財稅 cai2 shui4
finance and taxation

财税厅 財稅廳 cai2 shui4 ting1
(provincial) department of finance

财团 財團 cai2 tuan2
financial group

财物 財物 cai2 wu4
property; belongings

财务 財務 cai2 wu4
financial affairs

财务大臣 財務大臣 cai2 wu4 da4 chen2
finance minister

财务秘书 財務秘書 cai2 wu4 mi4 shu1

财务软件 財務軟件 cai2 wu4 ruan3 jian4
financial software; accounting software

财务再保险 財務再保險 cai2 wu4 zai4 bao3 xian3
financial reinsurance; fin re

财相 財相 cai2 xiang4
minister of finance

财源 財源 cai2 yuan2
financial resources; source of revenue

财源滚滚 財源滾滾 cai2 yuan2 gun3 gun3
profits pouring in from all sides (idiom); raking in money; bonanza

财长 財長 cai2 zhang3
treasurer; head of finances; minister of finance

财政 財政 cai2 zheng4
finances (public); financial

财政部 財政部 cai2 zheng4 bu4
Ministry of Finance

财政部长 財政部長 cai2 zheng4 bu4 zhang3
minister of finance

财政大臣 財政大臣 cai2 zheng4 da4 chen2
finance minister; UK chancellor of exchequer

财政年度 財政年度 cai2 zheng4 nian2 du4
financial year; fiscal year (e.g. from April to March, for tax purposes)

财主 財主 cai2 zhu3
rich man; moneybags

打击社会财富 打擊社會財富 da3 ji1 she4 hui4 cai2 fu4

发财 發財 fa1 cai2
to get rich

发财车 發財車 fa1 cai2 che1
(Tw) mini truck; Kei truck

发财致富 發財致富 fa1 cai2 zhi4 fu4
to become rich; enrichment

发横财 發橫財 fa1 heng4 cai2
to make easy money; to make a fortune; to line one's pockets

浮财 浮財 fu2 cai2
movable property; money and belongings; non-real estate assets

公共财产 公共財產 gong1 gong4 cai2 chan3
public property

公司理财 公司理財 gong1 si1 li3 cai2
company finance; corporate finance

恭喜发财 恭喜發財 gong1 xi3 fa1 cai2
May you have a prosperous New Year! (New Year's greeting)

贵州财经学院 貴州財經學院 gui4 zhou1 cai2 jing1 xue2 yuan4
Guizhou University of Finance and Economics

和气生财 和氣生財 he2 qi4 sheng1 cai2
(idiom) amiability makes you rich

横财 橫財 heng4 cai2
easy money; windfall; ill-gotten gains; undeserved fortune; illegal profit

汇业财经集团 匯業財經集團 hui4 ye4 cai2 jing1 ji2 tuan2
Delta Asia Financial Group (Macau)

婚前财产公证 婚前財產公證 hun1 qian2 cai2 chan3 gong1 zheng4
prenuptial agreement; dowry contract

见财起意 見財起意 jian4 cai2 qi3 yi4
seeing riches provokes evil designs

精神财富 精神財富 jing1 shen2 cai2 fu4
spiritual wealth

酒色财气 酒色財氣 jiu3 se4 cai2 qi4
wine, sex, avarice and temper (idiom); four cardinal vices

劳民伤财 勞民傷財 lao2 min2 shang1 cai2
waste of manpower and resources

理财 理財 li3 cai2
financial management; finance

理财学 理財學 li3 cai2 xue2
financial management science

敛财 斂財 lian3 cai2
to accumulate wealth; to rake in money

买路财 買路財 mai3 lu4 cai2
see 買路錢|买路钱

民穷财尽 民窮財盡 min2 qiong2 cai2 jin4
the people are impoverished, their means exhausted (idiom); to drive the nation to bankruptcy

谋财害命 謀財害命 mou2 cai2 hai4 ming4
to plot and kill sb for his property (idiom); to murder for money

拚财 拚財 pan4 cai2
to make rash speculations

破财 破財 po4 cai2
bankrupt; to suffer financial loss

破财免灾 破財免災 po4 cai2 mian3 zai1
a financial loss may prevent disaster (idiom)

钱财 錢財 qian2 cai2
wealth; money

人财两空 人財兩空 ren2 cai2 liang3 kong1
loss of life and property; to lose the beauty and her possessions

人为财死,鸟为食亡 人為財死,鳥為食亡 ren2 wei4 cai2 si3 - niao3 wei4 shi2 wang2
lit. human beings will die for riches, just as birds will for food (idiom); fig. man will do anything in his means to become rich

善财 善財 shan4 cai2
to cherish wealth

善财难舍 善財難捨 shan4 cai2 nan2 she3
to cherish wealth and find it hard to give up (idiom); refusing to contribute to charity; skinflint; miserly

上海财经大学 上海財經大學 shang4 hai3 cai2 jing1 da4 xue2
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE)

生财 生財 sheng1 cai2
to make money

生财有道 生財有道 sheng1 cai2 you3 dao4
lit. there are principles behind making money (idiom); fig. to have a knack for good business; knowing how to accumulate wealth; good at feathering one's own nest

升官发财 升官發財 sheng1 guan1 fa1 cai2
to be promoted and gain wealth (idiom)

守财奴 守財奴 shou3 cai2 nu2
miser; scrooge

首席财务官 首席財務官 shou3 xi2 cai2 wu4 guan1
chief financial officer (CFO)

疏财仗义 疏財仗義 shu1 cai2 zhang4 yi4
distributing money, fighting for virtue (idiom); fig. generous in helping the needy

疏财重义 疏財重義 shu1 cai2 zhong4 yi4
distributing money, supporting virtue (idiom); fig. to give generously in a public cause

贪财 貪財 tan1 cai2
to be greedy in getting money

图财害命 圖財害命 tu2 cai2 hai4 ming4
see 謀財害命|谋财害命

土财主 土財主 tu3 cai2 zhu3
local wealthy landlord; country money-bags; rich provincial

万贯家财 萬貫家財 wan4 guan4 jia1 cai2
vast wealth

小发财 小發財 xiao3 fa1 cai2
(coll.) (Tw) mini truck; Kei truck

邪财 邪財 xie2 cai2
windfall; easy money; ill-gotten gains

信报财经新闻 信報財經新聞 xin4 bao4 cai2 jing1 xin1 wen2
Hong Kong Economic Journal

央财 央財 yang1 cai2
Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing; abbr. for 中央財經大學|中央财经大学

仗义疏财 仗義疏財 zhang4 yi4 shu1 cai2
to help the needy for justice (idiom); to be loyal to one's friends and generous to the needy

招财 招財 zhao1 cai2
lit. inviting wealth; We wish you success and riches (cf idiom 招財進寶|招财进宝)

招财进宝 招財進寶 zhao1 cai2 jin4 bao3
ushering in wealth and prosperity (idiom and traditional greeting, esp. at New Year); We wish you wealth and success!

招财猫 招財貓 zhao1 cai2 mao1
maneki-neko or "lucky cat", Japanese figurine cat usually found at the entrance of shops, restaurants etc, believed to bring good fortune

中财 中財 zhong1 cai2
Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing; abbr. for 中央財經大學|中央财经大学

中央财经大学 中央財經大學 zhong1 yang1 cai2 jing1 da4 xue2
Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing

资财 資財 zi1 cai2
assets; capital and materials

赀财 貲財 zi1 cai2
variant of 資財|资财