poetic essay; taxation; to bestow on; to endow with

strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
哀江南赋 哀江南賦 ai1 jiang1 nan2 fu4
Lament for the South, long poem in Fu style by Yu Xin 庾信 mourning the passing of Liang of the Southern dynasties 南朝梁朝

禀赋 稟賦 bing3 fu4
natural endowment; gift

财赋 財賦 cai2 fu4
government revenue; tributary goods and finances; finances and taxes; wealth; property; belongings

赋格曲 賦格曲 fu4 ge2 qu3
fugue (loanword)

赋诗 賦詩 fu4 shi1
to versify; to compose poetry

赋税 賦稅 fu4 shui4

赋闲 賦閒 fu4 xian2
to stay idle at home; to have resigned from office; to be unemployed; to have been fired; to be on a sabbatical

赋形剂 賦形劑 fu4 xing2 ji4
(pharm.) vehicle; excipient

赋予 賦予 fu4 yu3
to assign; to entrust (a task); to give; to bestow

赋与 賦與 fu4 yu3
variant of 賦予|赋予

贡赋 貢賦 gong4 fu4

蠲赋 蠲賦 juan1 fu4
to remit levies

天赋 天賦 tian1 fu4
gift; innate skill

田赋 田賦 tian2 fu4
land tax