surname Lai

to depend on; to hang on in a place; bad; to renege (on promise); to disclaim; to rat (on debts); rascally; to blame; to put the blame on

variant of 賴|赖

strokes 13
strokes after radical 9
奥尔布赖特 奧爾布賴特 ao4 er3 bu4 lai4 te4
Madeleine Albright (1937-), former US Secretary of State

奥赖恩 奧賴恩 ao4 lai4 en1
Orion (NASA spacecraft)

百无聊赖 百無聊賴 bai3 wu2 liao2 lai4
bored to death (idiom); bored stiff; overcome with boredom

惫赖 憊賴 bei4 lai4
naughty; cheeky

不赖 不賴 bu4 lai4
(coll.) not bad; good; fine

城市依赖症 城市依賴症 cheng2 shi4 yi1 lai4 zheng4
"urban dependence disease" (sufferers are unwilling to give up city comforts and return to the countryside)

达赖 達賴 da2 lai4
the Dalai Lama; abbr. of 達賴喇嘛|达赖喇嘛

达赖喇嘛 達賴喇嘛 da2 lai4 la3 ma5
Dalai Lama

打赖 打賴 da3 lai4
to deny; to disclaim; to disavow

抵赖 抵賴 di3 lai4
to refuse to admit (what one has done); to disavow; to renege

端赖 端賴 duan1 lai4
to depend ultimately on (Tw); absolutely reliant on

恶叉白赖 惡叉白賴 e4 cha1 bai2 lai4
evil behavior (idiom); brazen villainy

富布赖特 富布賴特 fu4 bu4 lai4 te4
Fulbright (scholarship)

好死不如赖活着 好死不如賴活著 hao3 si3 bu4 ru2 lai4 huo2 zhe5
better a bad life than a good death (idiom)

狡赖 狡賴 jiao3 lai4
to deny (through sophism)

康多莉扎·赖斯 康多莉扎·賴斯 kang1 duo1 li4 zha1 - lai4 si1
Rice (name); Condoleezza Rice (1954-) US Secretary of State from 2005

克赖斯特彻奇 克賴斯特徹奇 ke4 lai4 si1 te4 che4 qi2
Christchurch (New Zealand city)

赖安 賴安 lai4 an1
Ryan (name)

赖氨酸 賴氨酸 lai4 an1 suan1
lysine (Lys), an essential amino acid

赖比瑞亚 賴比瑞亞 lai4 bi3 rui4 ya4
Liberia (Tw)

赖昌星 賴昌星 lai4 chang1 xing1
Lai Changxing (1958-), notorious Xiamen mafia boss involved in large scale corruption and smuggling, extradited from Canada back to China in 2008

赖床 賴床 lai4 chuang2
to have a lie-in; to dawdle in bed

赖婚 賴婚 lai4 hun1
to go back on a marriage contract; to repudiate an engagement

赖脸 賴臉 lai4 lian3
to be shameless

赖皮 賴皮 lai4 pi2
shameless; (slang) rascal

赖声川 賴聲川 lai4 sheng1 chuan1
Lai Shengchuan (1954-), US-Taiwanese dramatist and director

赖斯 賴斯 lai4 si1
Rice (name); Condoleezza Rice (1954-) US Secretary of State 2005-2009

赖索托 賴索托 lai4 suo3 tuo1
Lesotho (Tw)

赖特 賴特 lai4 te4
Wright (name)

赖校族 賴校族 lai4 xiao4 zu2
campus dwellers (slang); graduates who cannot break away from campus life

赖以 賴以 lai4 yi3
to rely on; to depend on

赖账 賴賬 lai4 zhang4
to renege on a debt

聊赖 聊賴 liao2 lai4
to suffer tedium

撒赖 撒賴 sa1 lai4
to make a scene; to raise hell

耍赖 耍賴 shua3 lai4
to act shamelessly; to refuse to acknowledge that one has lost the game, or made a promise etc; to act dumb; to act as if sth never happened

耍无赖 耍無賴 shua3 wu2 lai4
to act shamelessly; to behave in a way that leaves others tut-tutting and shaking their heads in disapproval

死皮赖脸 死皮賴臉 si3 pi2 lai4 lian3
brazen faced (idiom); shameless

死乞白赖 死乞白賴 si3 qi5 bai2 lai4
to pester someone again and again

死气白赖 死氣白賴 si3 qi5 bai2 lai4
variant of 死乞白賴|死乞白赖

诬赖 誣賴 wu1 lai4
to accuse falsely

无赖 無賴 wu2 lai4
hoodlum; rascal; rogue; rascally; scoundrelly

信赖 信賴 xin4 lai4
to trust; to have confidence in; to have faith in; to rely on

信赖区间 信賴區間 xin4 lai4 qu1 jian1
confidence interval (statistics)

仰赖 仰賴 yang3 lai4
to rely on

依赖 依賴 yi1 lai4
to depend on; to be dependent on

倚赖 倚賴 yi3 lai4
to rely on; to be dependent on

有赖于 有賴於 you3 lai4 yu2
to rely on; to depend on

语境依赖性 語境依賴性 yu3 jing4 yi1 lai4 xing4
context dependency

源赖朝 源賴朝 yuan2 lai4 chao2
MINAMOTO no Yoritomo (1147-1199), Japanese warlord and founder of the Kamakura shogunate 鐮倉幕府|镰仓幕府

值得信赖 值得信賴 zhi2 de5 xin4 lai4