heel; to follow closely; to go with; (of a woman) to marry sb; with; compared with; to; towards; and (joining two nouns)

strokes 13
strokes after radical 6
柏油脚跟之州 柏油腳跟之州 bai3 you2 jiao3 gen1 zhi1 zhou1
Tar Heel state

词跟语 詞跟語 ci2 gen1 yu3
amorphous language

打跟头 打跟頭 da3 gen1 tou5
to turn a somersault; to turn head over heels

翻跟斗 翻跟斗 fan1 gen1 dou3
to turn a somersault

翻跟头 翻跟頭 fan1 gen1 tou5
to turn a somersault

高跟鞋 高跟鞋 gao1 gen1 xie2
high-heeled shoes

跟班 跟班 gen1 ban1
attendant; footman (servant)

跟包 跟包 gen1 bao1
to work as footman; to do odd jobs; to understudy (an opera actor)

跟不上 跟不上 gen1 bu5 shang4
not able to keep up with

跟差 跟差 gen1 chai1

跟从 跟從 gen1 cong2
to follow; (of a woman) to get married; (old) attendant

跟风 跟風 gen1 feng1
to go with the tide; to blindly follow the crowd; to follow the trend

跟腱 跟腱 gen1 jian4
heel tendon of mammals; Achilles tendon

跟脚 跟腳 gen1 jiao3
to feet the feet perfectly; to follow closely; hard on sb's heels

跟进 跟進 gen1 jin4
to follow; to follow up

跟拍 跟拍 gen1 pai1
to document on film the course of events; to follow sb with a camera

跟屁虫 跟屁蟲 gen1 pi4 chong2
lit. bum beetle; sb who tags along; shadow; sycophant

跟屁股 跟屁股 gen1 pi4 gu5
to tag along behind; to follow sb closely

跟前 跟前 gen1 qian2
the front (of); (in) front; (in) sb's presence; just before (a date)

跟前 跟前 gen1 qian5
(of children, parents etc) at one's side; living with one

跟人 跟人 gen1 ren2
to marry (of woman)

跟上 跟上 gen1 shang4
to catch up with; to keep pace with

跟手 跟手 gen1 shou3
(coll.) pronto; immediately

跟随 跟隨 gen1 sui2
to follow

跟头 跟頭 gen1 tou5
tumble; somersault

跟头虫 跟頭蟲 gen1 tou5 chong2
wriggler; mosquito larva

跟着 跟著 gen1 zhe5
to follow after; immediately afterwards

跟注 跟注 gen1 zhu4
to match a bet; to call (poker)

跟踪 跟蹤 gen1 zong1
to follow sb's tracks; to tail; to shadow; tracking

跟踪狂 跟蹤狂 gen1 zong1 kuang2

好男不跟女斗 好男不跟女鬥 hao3 nan2 bu4 gen1 nv3 dou4
a real man doesn't fight with womenfolk (idiom)

脚跟 腳跟 jiao3 gen1

脚跟脚 腳跟腳 jiao3 gen1 jiao3
one closely following the other

脚后跟 腳後跟 jiao3 hou4 gen1

紧跟 緊跟 jin3 gen1
to follow precisely; to comply with

哪儿跟哪儿 哪兒跟哪兒 na3 er5 gen1 na3 er5
what's that have to do with it?; what's the connection?

蹑跟 躡跟 nie4 gen1
too large or small for the feet (of shoes)

蹑脚跟 躡腳跟 nie4 jiao3 gen1
to walk cautiously in order not to make noise

摔跟头 摔跟頭 shuai1 gen1 tou5
to fall; fig. to suffer a setback

鞋跟 鞋跟 xie2 gen1
heel (of a shoe)

栽跟头 栽跟頭 zai1 gen1 tou5
to fall head over heels; (fig.) to come a cropper

站稳脚跟 站穩腳跟 zhan4 wen3 jiao3 gen1
to stand firmly; to gain a foothold; to establish oneself

折跟头 折跟頭 zhe1 gen1 tou5
to do a somersault; to turn head over heels