surname Gu

crime; sin

strokes 12
strokes after radical 5
辜负 辜負 gu1 fu4
to fail to live up (to expectations); unworthy (of trust); to let down; to betray (hopes); to disappoint

辜鸿铭 辜鴻銘 gu1 hong2 ming2
Ku Hung-ming or Gu Hongming (1857-1928), Malaysian man of letters, highly regarded for his literary works written mostly in English, and known for his monarchist views

辜振甫 辜振甫 gu1 zhen4 fu3
Koo Chen-fu (1917-2005), Taiwanese businessman and diplomat

滥杀无辜 濫殺無辜 lan4 sha1 wu2 gu1
willfully slaughter the innocent (idiom)

伤及无辜 傷及無辜 shang1 ji2 wu2 gu1
to harm the innocent (idiom)

死有余辜 死有餘辜 si3 you3 yu2 gu1
death cannot wipe out the crimes (idiom); dreadful crimes that rankled even after the perpetrator is dead

无辜 無辜 wu2 gu1
innocent; innocence; not guilty (law)