king; monarch; to enlist; to repel; to avoid

law; variant of 闢|辟

to open (a door); to open up (for development); to dispel; to refute; to repudiate

strokes 13
strokes after radical 6
辟邪 辟邪 bi4 xie2
to ward off evil spirits; mythical lion-like animal that wards off evil (also called 貔貅)

辟雍 辟雍 bi4 yong1
central of the five Zhou dynasty royal academies

鞭辟入里 鞭闢入裡 bian1 pi4 ru4 li3
penetrated; trenchant; incisive

大辟 大辟 da4 pi4
death sentence; crime punishable by death

独辟蹊径 獨辟蹊徑 du2 pi4 xi1 jing4
to blaze a new trail (idiom); to display originality

复辟 復辟 fu4 bi4
to recover one's power or authority; restoration (of a past regime)

精辟 精闢 jing1 pi4
clear and penetrating (e.g. analysis); incisive; insightful

警辟 警闢 jing3 pi4
profound, thorough and moving

开辟 開闢 kai1 pi4
to open up; to set up; to establish

开辟者 開闢者 kai1 pi4 zhe3
pioneer; groundbreaker

开天辟地 開天闢地 kai1 tian1 pi4 di4
to split heaven and earth apart (idiom); refers to the Pangu 盤古|盘古 creation myth

另辟蹊径 另闢蹊徑 ling4 pi4 xi1 jing4
to take an alternate route (idiom); to find an alternative; to take a different approach; to blaze a new trail

辟谷 辟穀 pi4 gu3
to abstain from eating cereals (Taoist practice); to fast

辟室 闢室 pi4 shi4
lit. to open a room; fig. to settle in a quiet room; behind closed doors

辟室密谈 闢室密談 pi4 shi4 mi4 tan2
to discuss behind closed doors

辟谣 闢謠 pi4 yao2
to refute a rumor; to deny

辟雍砚 辟雍硯 pi4 yong1 yan4
ink slab or ink stone of celadon or white porcelain with unglazed surface

攘辟 攘辟 rang3 bi4
to stand off; to make way

透辟 透闢 tou4 pi4
penetrating; incisive