to distinguish; to recognize

strokes 16
strokes after radical 9
八纲辨证 八綱辨證 ba1 gang1 bian4 zheng4
pattern-syndrome identification based on the eight principles (TCM)

辨别 辨別 bian4 bie2
to differentiate; to distinguish; to discriminate

辨别力 辨別力 bian4 bie2 li4
discrimination; power of discrimination

辨明 辨明 bian4 ming2
to clarify; to distinguish; to elucidate

辨认 辨認 bian4 ren4
to recognize; to identify

辨识 辨識 bian4 shi2
identification; to identify; to recognize

辨析 辨析 bian4 xi1
to differentiate and analyze; to discriminate

辨证 辨證 bian4 zheng4
to investigate

辨证论治 辨證論治 bian4 zheng4 lun4 zhi4
holistic diagnosis and treatment (TCM)

辨证施治 辨證施治 bian4 zheng4 shi1 zhi4
diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis of the illness and the patient's condition

不辨菽麦 不辨菽麥 bu4 bian4 shu1 mai4
lit. cannot tell beans from wheat (idiom); fig. ignorant of practical matters

答辨 答辨 da2 bian4
to plead (in law court); to reply to a charge

分辨 分辨 fen1 bian4
to distinguish; to differentiate; to resolve

分辨率 分辨率 fen1 bian4 lv4
resolution (of images, monitors, scanners etc)

高分辨率 高分辨率 gao1 fen1 bian4 lv4
high resolution

明辨 明辨 ming2 bian4
to discern; to distinguish clearly

明辨是非 明辨是非 ming2 bian4 shi4 fei1
to distinguish right and wrong (idiom)

是非莫辨 是非莫辨 shi4 fei1 mo4 bian4
unable to distinguish right and wrong (idiom)

真假难辨 真假難辨 zhen1 jia3 nan2 bian4
hard to distinguish real from imitation

真伪莫辨 真偽莫辨 zhen1 wei3 mo4 bian4
can't judge true or false (idiom); unable to distinguish the genuine from the fake; not to know whether to believe (what one reads in the news)