flaky pastry; crunchy; limp; soft; silky

strokes 12
strokes after radical 5
蛋奶酥 蛋奶酥 dan4 nai3 su1

蝴蝶酥 蝴蝶酥 hu2 die2 su1
crispy short-crust pastry; mille-feuilles

奶酥 奶酥 nai3 su1
butter biscuit; butter bun

牛脷酥 牛脷酥 niu2 li4 su1
ox tongue pastry, oval Guangdong pastry made of fried dough, resembling an ox tongue

酥脆 酥脆 su1 cui4
crisp (of food)

酥酪 酥酪 su1 lao4
yogurt; curd cheese

酥麻 酥麻 su1 ma2
limp and numb (of limbs)

酥软 酥軟 su1 ruan3
weak (of body or limbs); limp; gone soft

酥松 酥鬆 su1 song1
loose (soil, or limbs of a relaxed person etc); flaky (pastry etc)

酥松油脂 酥鬆油脂 su1 song1 you2 zhi1
shortening (fat used in cooking cakes)

酥油 酥油 su1 you2

酥油茶 酥油茶 su1 you2 cha2
butter tea (Tibetan, Mongolian etc drink derived from milk)

酥油花 酥油花 su1 you2 hua1
butter sculpture (Tibetan art form using paint derived from milk products)

咸酥鸡 鹹酥雞 xian2 su1 ji1
fried chicken pieces with salt and pepper; Taiwan-style fried chicken

香酥 香酥 xiang1 su1

耶酥 耶酥 ye1 su1
Jesus (耶稣 is more usual)

耶酥会 耶酥會 ye1 su1 hui4
the Society of Jesus; the Jesuits

耶酥会士 耶酥會士 ye1 su1 hui4 shi4
a Jesuit