to hinder; to block; to obstruct

strokes 7
strokes after radical 5
变阻器 變阻器 bian4 zu3 qi4
rheostat (variable resistor)

磁阻 磁阻 ci2 zu3
magnetic reluctance

电阻 電阻 dian4 zu3
(electrical) resistance

电阻器 電阻器 dian4 zu3 qi4

遏阻 遏阻 e4 zu3
to stop; to contain; to deter

风雨无阻 風雨無阻 feng1 yu3 wu2 zu3
regardless of weather conditions; rain, hail or shine

风阻尼器 風阻尼器 feng1 zu3 ni2 qi4
wind damper (engineering)

梗阻 梗阻 geng3 zu3
to hamper; to obstruct

艰难险阻 艱難險阻 jian1 nan2 xian3 zu3
untold dangers and difficulties (idiom)

交通阻塞 交通阻塞 jiao1 tong1 zu3 se4
traffic jam

空气阻力 空氣阻力 kong1 qi4 zu3 li4
atmospheric drag

拦阻 攔阻 lan2 zu3
to block; to obstruct

力阻 力阻 li4 zu3
to block; to prevent by force

慢性阻塞性肺病 慢性阻塞性肺病 man4 xing4 zu3 se4 xing4 fei4 bing4
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

偏置电阻 偏置電阻 pian1 zhi4 dian4 zu3
bias impedance (electronics)

劝阻 勸阻 quan4 zu3
to advise against; to dissuade

受阻 受阻 shou4 zu3
blocked; obstructed; detained

通行无阻 通行無阻 tong1 xing2 wu2 zu3
unobstructed passage; to go through unhindered

推三阻四 推三阻四 tui1 san1 zu3 si4
to use all sorts of excuses

险阻 險阻 xian3 zu3
dangerous and difficult (path)

修阻 修阻 xiu1 zu3
(literary) long and arduous (road)

阻碍 阻礙 zu3 ai4
to obstruct; to hinder; to block; obstruction; hindrance

阻差办公 阻差辦公 zu3 chai1 ban4 gong1
(law) obstructing government administration (Hong Kong)

阻挡 阻擋 zu3 dang3
to stop; to resist; to obstruct

阻断 阻斷 zu3 duan4
to block; to obstruct; to intercept; to interdict

阻遏 阻遏 zu3 e4
to impede; to hold sb back

阻隔 阻隔 zu3 ge2
to separate; to cut off

阻攻 阻攻 zu3 gong1
to block a shot (basketball) (Tw)

阻击 阻擊 zu3 ji1
to check; to stop

阻截 阻截 zu3 jie2
to stop; to obstruct; to bar the way

阻绝 阻絕 zu3 jue2
to block; to obstruct; to clog

阻抗 阻抗 zu3 kang4
(electrical) impedance

阻抗变换器 阻抗變換器 zu3 kang4 bian4 huan4 qi4
impedance converter

阻抗匹配 阻抗匹配 zu3 kang4 pi3 pei4
impedance matching

阻拦 阻攔 zu3 lan2
to stop; to obstruct

阻力 阻力 zu3 li4
resistance; drag

阻留 阻留 zu3 liu2
to intercept; interception

阻难 阻難 zu3 nan4
to thwart; to impede

阻挠 阻撓 zu3 nao2
to thwart; to obstruct (sth)

阻尼 阻尼 zu3 ni2

阻燃 阻燃 zu3 ran2
fire resistant

阻桡 阻橈 zu3 rao2
thwart; obstruct

阻扰 阻擾 zu3 rao3
to obstruct; to impede

阻塞 阻塞 zu3 se4
to block; to clog

阻雨 阻雨 zu3 yu3
immobilized by rain

阻援 阻援 zu3 yuan2
to block reinforcements

阻值 阻值 zu3 zhi2
numerical value of electrical impedance

阻止 阻止 zu3 zhi3
to prevent; to block

阻滞 阻滯 zu3 zhi4
to clog up; silted up