low; humble; plain; ugly; mean; vulgar

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
卑陋 卑陋 bei1 lou4
humble; petty; crude

卑陋龌龊 卑陋齷齪 bei1 lou4 wo4 chuo4
sordid and contemptible (idiom); vile and repulsive (esp. character or action)

鄙陋 鄙陋 bi3 lou4
superficial; shallow

陈规陋习 陳規陋習 chen2 gui1 lou4 xi2
outmoded conventions; old-fashioned ways

丑陋 醜陋 chou3 lou4

粗陋 粗陋 cu1 lou4
crude; coarse; unsophisticated; shallow

孤陋 孤陋 gu1 lou4
ignorant; ill-informed

孤陋寡闻 孤陋寡聞 gu1 lou4 gua3 wen2
ignorant and inexperienced; ill-informed and narrow-minded

寡陋 寡陋 gua3 lou4
having little knowledge; not well-read

简陋 簡陋 jian3 lou4
simple and crude

陋规 陋規 lou4 gui1
objectionable practices

陋居 陋居 lou4 ju1
The Burrow (Harry Potter)

陋屋 陋屋 lou4 wu1
humble dwelling

陋习 陋習 lou4 xi2
corrupt practice; bad habits; malpractice

浅陋 淺陋 qian3 lou4
shallow and crude; meager (knowledge or skill)

因陋就简 因陋就簡 yin1 lou4 jiu4 jian3
crude but simple methods (idiom); use whatever methods you can; to do things simply and thriftily; It's not pretty but it works.

愚陋 愚陋 yu2 lou4
ignorant and backward