to get rid of; to remove; to exclude; to eliminate; to wipe out; to divide; except; not including

strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
拔除 拔除 ba2 chu2
to pull out; to remove

被除数 被除數 bei4 chu2 shu4

摈除 擯除 bin4 chu2
to discard; to get rid of; to dispense with

屏除 屏除 bing3 chu2
to get rid of; to dismiss; to brush aside

摒除 摒除 bing4 chu2
to get rid of; to dismiss

曾经沧海难为水,除却巫山不是云 曾經滄海難為水,除卻巫山不是雲 ceng2 jing1 cang1 hai3 nan2 wei2 shui3 - chu2 que4 wu1 shan1 bu4 shi4 yun2
there are no rivers to one who has crossed the ocean, and no clouds to one who has passed Mount Wu (idiom); one who has seen the world doesn't stop at small things

拆除 拆除 chai1 chu2
to tear down; to demolish; to dismantle; to remove

铲除 剷除 chan3 chu2
to root out; to eradicate; to sweep away; to abolish

撤除 撤除 che4 chu2
to remove; to dismantle

乘除 乘除 cheng2 chu2
to multiply and divide

除暴 除暴 chu2 bao4
to eliminate outlaws

除暴安良 除暴安良 chu2 bao4 an1 liang2
to root out the strong and give people peace (idiom); to rob the rich and give to the poor

除冰 除冰 chu2 bing1
to defrost; to get rid of ice

除不尽 除不盡 chu2 bu4 jin4
indivisible (math)

除草 除草 chu2 cao3
to weed

除草剂 除草劑 chu2 cao3 ji4
weed killer; herbicide

除尘 除塵 chu2 chen2
to eliminate dust (i.e. filter out suspended particles)

除尘机 除塵機 chu2 chen2 ji1
dusting machine; dust filter

除臭剂 除臭劑 chu2 chou4 ji4

除此之外 除此之外 chu2 ci3 zhi1 wai4
apart from this; in addition to this

除掉 除掉 chu2 diao4
to eliminate

除恶务尽 除惡務盡 chu2 e4 wu4 jin4
to eradicate evil completely (idiom); thorough in rooting out wickedness

除法 除法 chu2 fa3
division (math.)

除非 除非 chu2 fei1
only if (..., or otherwise, ...); only when; only in the case that; unless

除根 除根 chu2 gen1
to root out; to eliminate the roots; to cure once and for all

除垢剂 除垢劑 chu2 gou4 ji4

除过 除過 chu2 guo4
(dialect) except; besides

除号 除號 chu2 hao4
division sign (math.)

除净 除淨 chu2 jing4
to remove completely; to eliminate; to cleanse from

除旧布新 除舊布新 chu2 jiu4 bu4 xin1
to get rid of the old to bring in the new (idiom); to innovate

除旧更新 除舊更新 chu2 jiu4 geng1 xin1
to replace the old with new (idiom)

除开 除開 chu2 kai1
besides; except; to get rid of (sb); (math.) to divide

除了 除了 chu2 le5
besides; apart from (... also...); in addition to; except (for)

除灵 除靈 chu2 ling2
to expel spirits; (old) to end the period of mourning

除另有约定 除另有約定 chu2 ling4 you3 yue1 ding4
unless otherwise agreed

除名 除名 chu2 ming2
to strike off (the rolls); to remove from a list; to expunge; to expel

除去 除去 chu2 qu4
to eliminate; to remove; except for; apart from

除湿器 除濕器 chu2 shi1 qi4

除数 除數 chu2 shu4
divisor (math.)

除霜 除霜 chu2 shuang1
to defrost; defrosting

除祟 除祟 chu2 sui4
to drive out devils and spirits exorcism

除外 除外 chu2 wai4
to exclude; not including sth (when counting or listing); except for

除夕 除夕 chu2 xi1
lunar New Year's Eve

除邪 除邪 chu2 xie2
to guard against evil; to exorcise

除以 除以 chu2 yi3
(math.) divided by

除沾染 除沾染 chu2 zhan1 ran3

除子 除子 chu2 zi3
divisor (math.)

除罪 除罪 chu2 zui4
to pardon

词缀剥除 詞綴剝除 ci2 zhui4 bo1 chu2
affix stripping; to determine the root of a word by removing prefix and suffix

涤除 滌除 di2 chu2
to wash away; to eliminate; to do away with

废除 廢除 fei4 chu2
to abolish; to abrogate; to repeal

废除军备 廢除軍備 fei4 chu2 jun1 bei4
to disarm

粪除 糞除 fen4 chu2
(literary) to clean up

割除 割除 ge1 chu2
to amputate; to excise (cut out)

革除 革除 ge2 chu2
to eliminate; to expel; to abolish

根除 根除 gen1 chu2
to eradicate

故障排除 故障排除 gu4 zhang4 pai2 chu2
fault resolution; trouble clearing

归除 歸除 gui1 chu2
long division; calculation on the abacus

毁除 毀除 hui3 chu2
to destroy

加减乘除 加減乘除 jia1 jian3 cheng2 chu2
four rules of arithmetic; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

剪草除根 剪草除根 jian3 cao3 chu2 gen1
lit. cut grass and pull out roots (idiom); fig. to destroy root and branch; to eradicate

减除 減除 jian3 chu2
to reduce; to lessen (pain etc); to deduct (from taxes)

剪除 剪除 jian3 chu2
to eradicate; to exterminate

解除 解除 jie3 chu2
to remove; to sack; to get rid of; to relieve (sb of their duties); to free; to lift (an embargo); to rescind (an agreement)

戒除 戒除 jie4 chu2
to quit; to give up (a bad habit)

蠲除 蠲除 juan1 chu2
to reprieve; to avoid; to redeem

蠲除苛政 蠲除苛政 juan1 chu2 ke1 zheng4
to alleviate oppressive administration (idiom)

开除 開除 kai1 chu2
to expel

开除党籍 開除黨籍 kai1 chu2 dang3 ji2
to expel from the Party

开除学籍 開除學籍 kai1 chu2 xue2 ji2
to expel from school

扣除 扣除 kou4 chu2
to deduct

阑尾切除术 闌尾切除術 lan2 wei3 qie1 chu2 shu4
appendectomy (medicine)

滤除 濾除 lv4 chu2
to filter out

免除 免除 mian3 chu2
to prevent; to avoid; to excuse; to exempt; to relieve; (of a debt) to remit

灭除 滅除 mie4 chu2
to eliminate; to kill off

排除 排除 pai2 chu2
to eliminate; to remove; to exclude; to rule out

拚除 拚除 pan4 chu2
to reject; to abandon

破除 破除 po4 chu2
to eliminate; to do away with; to get rid of

破除迷信 破除迷信 po4 chu2 mi2 xin4
to eliminate superstition (idiom)

切除 切除 qie1 chu2
to excise; to cut out (a tumor)

清除 清除 qing1 chu2
to clear away; to eliminate; to get rid of

祛除 祛除 qu1 chu2
to dispel; to clear

驱除 驅除 qu1 chu2
to drive off; to dispel; to expel

驱除鞑虏 驅除韃虜 qu1 chu2 da2 lu3
expel the Manchu, revolutionary slogan from around 1900

祛邪除灾 祛邪除災 qu1 xie2 chu2 zai1
to drive away demons to prevent calamity (idiom)

去除 去除 qu4 chu2
to remove; to dislodge

攘除 攘除 rang3 chu2
to get rid of; to weed out; to reject

若要人不知,除非己莫为 若要人不知,除非己莫為 ruo4 yao4 ren2 bu4 zhi1 - chu2 fei1 ji3 mo4 wei2
If you don't want anyone to know, don't do it (idiom). fig. If you do something bad, people will inevitably hear about it.

三下五除二 三下五除二 san1 xia4 wu3 chu2 er4
three, set five remove two (abacus rule); efficiently; quickly and easily

扫除 掃除 sao3 chu2
to sweep; to clean with a brush; to sweep away (often fig.)

扫除机 掃除機 sao3 chu2 ji1
mechanical sweeper

扫除天下 掃除天下 sao3 chu2 tian1 xia4
to sweep away evil; to purge (the world of crime)

筛除 篩除 shai1 chu2
to screen or filter out; to winnow (agriculture)

删除 刪除 shan1 chu2
to delete; to cancel

释除 釋除 shi4 chu2
to dispel (doubts)

拭除 拭除 shi4 chu2
to wipe off

剔除 剔除 ti1 chu2
to reject; to discard; to get rid of

庭除 庭除 ting2 chu2
front court; courtyard

脱除 脫除 tuo1 chu2
to get rid of

消除 消除 xiao1 chu2
to eliminate; to remove

消除毒剂 消除毒劑 xiao1 chu2 du2 ji4

消除对妇女一切形式歧视公约 消除對婦女一切形式歧視公約 xiao1 chu2 dui4 fu4 nv3 yi1 qie4 xing2 shi4 qi2 shi4 gong1 yue1
Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

消除锯齿 消除鋸齒 xiao1 chu2 ju4 chi3
anti-alias (computer graphics)

消除歧义 消除歧義 xiao1 chu2 qi2 yi4
to disambiguate

小除夕 小除夕 xiao3 chu2 xi1
the day before New Year's Eve

兴利除弊 興利除弊 xing1 li4 chu2 bi4
to promote what is useful and get rid of what is harmful (idiom)

削除 削除 xue1 chu2
to remove; to eliminate; to delete

移除 移除 yi2 chu2
to remove

摘除 摘除 zhai1 chu2
to excise; to remove an organ

斩草除根 斬草除根 zhan3 cao3 chu2 gen1
to cut weeds and eliminate the roots (idiom); to destroy root and branch; to eliminate completely

整除 整除 zheng3 chu2
to divide exactly without remainder (in integer arithmetic); exact division

整除数 整除數 zheng3 chu2 shu4
factor; exact divisor

肿瘤切除术 腫瘤切除術 zhong3 liu2 qie4 chu2 shu4

种族清除 種族清除 zhong3 zu2 qing1 chu2
ethnic cleansing

诛除 誅除 zhu1 chu2
to wipe out; to exterminate

自由基清除剂 自由基清除劑 zi4 you2 ji1 qing1 chu2 ji4
radical scavenger (chemistry)