to accompany; to keep sb company; to assist; old variant of 賠|赔

strokes 10
strokes after radical 8
大陪审团 大陪審團 da4 pei2 shen3 tuan2
grand jury

地陪 地陪 di4 pei2
local guide; tour escort

奉陪 奉陪 feng4 pei2
(honorific) to accompany; to keep sb company

久陪 久陪 jiu3 pei2
to accompany over long term

陪伴 陪伴 pei2 ban4
to accompany

陪产 陪產 pei2 chan3
to be present during childbirth

陪唱女 陪唱女 pei2 chang4 nv3
KTV hostess

陪唱小姐 陪唱小姐 pei2 chang4 xiao3 jie5
KTV hostess

陪衬 陪襯 pei2 chen4
to enhance by contrast; to set off; to serve as a background in order to bring out the subject with greater brilliance; to serve as a prop; a foil

陪床 陪床 pei2 chuang2
to look after a hospitalized loved one

陪都 陪都 pei2 du1
provisional capital of a country (e.g. in time of war); secondary capital; alternative capital

陪读 陪讀 pei2 du2
to accompany one's child or spouse who is studying overseas; to help a child with their study, reading or practicing together

陪嫁 陪嫁 pei2 jia4

陪酒 陪酒 pei2 jiu3
to drink along (with sb)

陪奁 陪奩 pei2 lian2

陪练 陪練 pei2 lian4
training partner; sparring partner

陪聊 陪聊 pei2 liao2
to keep sb company for a chat; (esp.) to be a paid escort

陪审团 陪審團 pei2 shen3 tuan2

陪审员 陪審員 pei2 shen3 yuan2

陪侍 陪侍 pei2 shi4
to wait upon (older people); to accompany; attendant

陪送 陪送 pei2 song4
dowry; to give as a dowry; to accompany sb

陪同 陪同 pei2 tong2
to accompany

陪葬 陪葬 pei2 zang4
to be buried with or next to dead person (of deceased's partner, or of funerary objects)

陪葬品 陪葬品 pei2 zang4 pin3
funerary objects (items buried together with the dead)

陪罪 陪罪 pei2 zui4
to apologize; apology

全陪 全陪 quan2 pei2
tour escort (throughout the entire tour)

三陪小姐 三陪小姐 san1 pei2 xiao3 jie5
female escort; bar girl

失陪 失陪 shi1 pei2
goodbye (modest formula); Excuse me, I must leave.