pitfall; trap; to get stuck; to sink; to cave in; to frame (false charge); to capture (a city in battle); to fall (to the enemy); defect

strokes 10
strokes after radical 8
凹陷 凹陷 ao1 xian4
to cave in; hollow; sunken; depressed

坳陷 坳陷 ao4 xian4
depression; low-lying area

拗陷 拗陷 ao4 xian4
geological depression

悲剧缺陷 悲劇缺陷 bei1 ju4 que1 xian4
tragic flaw (Aristotle's hamartia)

崩陷 崩陷 beng1 xian4
to fall in; to cave in

瘪陷 癟陷 bie3 xian4

沉陷 沉陷 chen2 xian4
subsidence; caving in; fig. stranded; lost (in contemplation, daydreams etc)

冲锋陷阵 衝鋒陷陣 chong1 feng1 xian4 zhen4
to charge and break through enemy lines

出生缺陷 出生缺陷 chu1 sheng1 que1 xian4
birth defect

低陷 低陷 di1 xian4
to sink; to settle

攻陷 攻陷 gong1 xian4
to overcome; to take (a fortress); to fall (to an attack); to surrender

构陷 構陷 gou4 xian4
to frame; to bring false charges against

沦陷 淪陷 lun2 xian4
to fall into enemy hands; to be occupied; to degenerate; to submerge

沦陷区 淪陷區 lun2 xian4 qu1
enemy-held territory

内部缺陷 內部缺陷 nei4 bu4 que1 xian4
internal flaw

攀诬陷害 攀誣陷害 pan1 wu1 xian4 hai4
unjust accusation; miscarriage of justice

气陷 氣陷 qi4 xian4
collapse of 氣|气 (TCM)

倾陷 傾陷 qing1 xian4
to frame (an innocent person); to collapse

缺陷 缺陷 que1 xian4
defect; flaw; physical defect

人类免疫缺陷病毒 人類免疫缺陷病毒 ren2 lei4 mian3 yi4 que1 xian4 bing4 du2
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

深陷 深陷 shen1 xian4
to be deeply in (trouble, debt etc); deep set (eyes)

身陷 身陷 shen1 xian4
to be trapped; to be imprisoned

身陷牢笼 身陷牢籠 shen1 xian4 lao2 long2
fallen into a trap

身陷牢狱 身陷牢獄 shen1 xian4 lao2 yu4
to go to prison; to be imprisoned

身陷囹圄 身陷囹圄 shen1 xian4 ling2 yu3
thrown into prison; behind bars

塌陷 塌陷 ta1 xian4
to subside; to sink; to cave in

诬陷 誣陷 wu1 xian4
to entrap; to frame; to plant false evidence against sb

下陷 下陷 xia4 xian4
to subside; subsidence

先天性缺陷 先天性缺陷 xian1 tian1 xing4 que1 xian4
birth defect

陷害 陷害 xian4 hai4
to entrap; to set up; to frame (up); to make false charges against

陷阱 陷阱 xian4 jing3
pitfall; snare; trap

陷坑 陷坑 xian4 keng1
pitfall; pit as animal trap

陷落 陷落 xian4 luo4
to surrender (of a fortress); to fall (to the enemy); subsidence (of land)

陷落带 陷落帶 xian4 luo4 dai4
area of subsidence

陷入 陷入 xian4 ru4
to sink into; to get caught up in; to land in (a predicament)

陷入绝境 陷入絕境 xian4 ru4 jue2 jing4
to fall into impasse

陷入牢笼 陷入牢籠 xian4 ru4 lao2 long2
to fall into a trap; ensnared

陷于 陷於 xian4 yu2
caught in (a bad situation); to fall into (trap etc)

陷于瘫痪 陷於癱瘓 xian4 yu2 tan1 huan4
to be paralyzed; at a standstill

言语缺陷 言語缺陷 yan2 yu3 que1 xian4
speech defect

诱陷 誘陷 you4 xian4
to lure into a trap

语言缺陷 語言缺陷 yu3 yan2 que1 xian4
speech defect

越陷越深 越陷越深 yue4 xian4 yue4 shen1
to fall deeper and deeper (in debt, in love etc)

注意力缺陷过动症 注意力缺陷過動症 zhu4 yi4 li4 que1 xian4 guo4 dong4 zheng4
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)