to separate; to partition; to stand or lie between; at a distance from; after or at an interval of

strokes 12
strokes after radical 10
鼻中隔 鼻中隔 bi2 zhong1 ge2
nasal septum

二氧化碳隔离 二氧化碳隔離 er4 yang3 hua4 tan4 ge2 li2
carbon sequestration; carbon dioxide sequestration

分隔 分隔 fen1 ge2
to divide; to separate; partition

伏隔核 伏隔核 fu2 ge2 he2
nucleus accumbens (anatomy)

隔岸观火 隔岸觀火 ge2 an4 guan1 huo3
to watch the fires burning across the river; to delay entering the fray until all others have been exhausted by fighting amongst themselves (idiom)

隔壁 隔壁 ge2 bi4
next door; neighbor

隔壁老王 隔壁老王 ge2 bi4 lao3 wang2
Mr Wang from next door (term used jocularly to refer to a neighbor who is supposedly sleeping with one's wife)

隔壁有耳 隔壁有耳 ge2 bi4 you3 er3
walls have ears

隔都 隔都 ge2 dou1
ghetto (loanword)

隔断 隔斷 ge2 duan4
partition; to stand between; wall or fence serving as partition

隔断板 隔斷板 ge2 duan4 ban3
partition board

隔行 隔行 ge2 hang2
to interlace; to interleave (computing)

隔行如隔山 隔行如隔山 ge2 hang2 ru2 ge2 shan1
different trades, worlds apart (idiom); to sb outside the profession, it is a closed book

隔行扫描 隔行掃描 ge2 hang2 sao3 miao2
interlaced scanning

隔阂 隔閡 ge2 he2
misunderstanding; estrangement; (language etc) barrier

隔间 隔間 ge2 jian1
compartment; booth; cubicle; partitioned-off area

隔绝 隔絕 ge2 jue2
isolated (from the world); disconnected

隔军事分界线 隔軍事分界線 ge2 jun1 shi4 fen1 jie4 xian4
military demarcation line MDL; refers to Korean demilitarized zone DMZ

隔开 隔開 ge2 kai1
to separate

隔离 隔離 ge2 li2
to separate; to isolate

隔离霜 隔離霜 ge2 li2 shuang1
pre-makeup cream; makeup base; foundation primer

隔膜 隔膜 ge2 mo2
diaphragm (anatomy); distant (socially aloof); divided by lack of mutual comprehension; nonexpert

隔年皇历 隔年皇曆 ge2 nian2 huang2 li4
lit. almanac from years back (idiom); obsolete practice; old-fashioned principle

隔墙有耳 隔牆有耳 ge2 qiang2 you3 er3
the walls have ears (idiom)

隔热 隔熱 ge2 re4
to insulate thermally; insulating (material, effect etc)

隔热材料 隔熱材料 ge2 re4 cai2 liao4

隔日 隔日 ge2 ri4
see 隔天

隔三差五 隔三差五 ge2 san1 cha4 wu3
every few days (idiom)

隔三岔五 隔三岔五 ge2 san3 cha4 wu3
see 隔三差五|隔三差五

隔山 隔山 ge2 shan1
half-sibling relationship; brothers with different mother; step-

隔扇 隔扇 ge2 shan5
partition; partition board

隔世 隔世 ge2 shi4
separated by a generation; a lifetime ago

隔天 隔天 ge2 tian1
the next day; on alternate days

隔靴搔痒 隔靴搔癢 ge2 xue1 sao1 yang3
lit. to scratch the outside of the boot (idiom); fig. beside the point; ineffectual

隔夜 隔夜 ge2 ye4
overnight; of the previous day

隔音 隔音 ge2 yin1

隔油池 隔油池 ge2 you2 chi2
grease trap

光隔离器 光隔離器 guang1 ge2 li2 qi4
opto-isolator (electronics)

横隔 橫隔 heng2 ge2
tabula (horizontal floor of polyp)

横隔膜 橫隔膜 heng2 ge2 mo2

恍如隔世 恍如隔世 huang3 ru2 ge2 shi4
like a thing of the previous generation; as if it were a lifetime ago

恍若隔世 恍若隔世 huang3 ruo4 ge2 shi4
see 恍如隔世

间隔 間隔 jian4 ge2
compartment; gap; interval; to divide

间隔号 間隔號 jian4 ge2 hao4
Chinese centered dot mark · (punct. used to separate Western names or words)

间隔摄影 間隔攝影 jian4 ge2 she4 ying3
time-lapse photography

睽隔 睽隔 kui2 ge2
to be separated; to be parted (literary)

每隔 每隔 mei3 ge2
at intervals of; every (so often)

区隔 區隔 qu1 ge2
to mark off; interval; segment (e.g. of market); compartment; segmentation

人心隔肚皮 人心隔肚皮 ren2 xin1 ge2 du4 pi2
there is no knowing what is in a man's heart (idiom)

时隔 時隔 shi2 ge2
separated in time (usu. followed by a quantity of time)

世隔绝 世隔絕 shi4 ge2 jue2
isolated from the world; disconnected

碳隔离 碳隔離 tan4 ge2 li2
carbon sequestration

天地悬隔 天地懸隔 tian1 di4 xuan2 ge2
lit. a gulf between heaven and earth; wide difference of opinion (idiom)

天悬地隔 天懸地隔 tian1 xuan2 di4 ge2
see 天差地遠|天差地远

相隔 相隔 xiang1 ge2
separated by (distance or time etc)

严格隔离 嚴格隔離 yan2 ge2 ge2 li2
rigorous isolation

一日不见,如隔三秋 一日不見,如隔三秋 yi1 ri4 bu4 jian4 - ru2 ge2 san1 qiu1
one day apart seems like three years (idiom)

一线之隔 一線之隔 yi1 xian4 zhi1 ge2
a fine line; a fine distinction

与世隔绝 與世隔絕 yu3 shi4 ge2 jue2
to be cut off from the rest of the world (idiom)

远隔千里 遠隔千里 yuan3 ge2 qian1 li3
thousands of miles away; far away

中隔 中隔 zhong1 ge2
septum (anatomy)

种族隔离 種族隔離 zhong3 zu2 ge2 li2

纵隔 縱隔 zong4 ge2
mediastinum (organs and tissues in the thorax between the lungs)

阻隔 阻隔 zu3 ge2
to separate; to cut off