to fall; meteor; to perish; see also 殞|殒

strokes 12
strokes after radical 10
球粒陨石 球粒隕石 qiu2 li4 yun3 shi2
chondrite (type of meteorite)

陨坑 隕坑 yun3 keng1
meteorite crater

陨落 隕落 yun3 luo4
to fall down; to decay; to fall from the sky; to die

陨命 隕命 yun3 ming4
variant of 殞命|殒命; to die; to perish

陨石 隕石 yun3 shi2
meteorite; aerolite

陨首 隕首 yun3 shou3
to offer one's life in sacrifice

陨星 隕星 yun3 xing1
meteorite; falling star