crack; crevice; gap or interval; loophole; discord; rift

strokes 12
strokes after radical 10
白驹过隙 白駒過隙 bai2 ju1 guo4 xi4
a white steed flits past a crack (idiom); How time flies!

冰隙 冰隙 bing1 xi4

乘隙 乘隙 cheng2 xi4
to seize an opportunity; to exploit (a loophole)

仇隙 仇隙 chou2 xi4
feud; bitter quarrel

缝隙 縫隙 feng4 xi4
small crack; chink

观衅伺隙 觀釁伺隙 guan1 xin4 si4 xi4
lit. to look for holes, and observe gaps (idiom); to search out one's opponent's weak points; to look for the Achilles heel

间隙 間隙 jian4 xi4
interval; gap; clearance

孔隙 孔隙 kong3 xi4
pore (geology)

空隙 空隙 kong4 xi4
crack; gap between two objects; gap in time between two events

裂隙 裂隙 lie4 xi4
gap; slit; crack; crevice; fracture

气隙 氣隙 qi4 xi4
air vent; air gap

腔隙 腔隙 qiang1 xi4
lacuna; gap

伺隙 伺隙 si4 xi4
to wait for the opportunity

隙缝 隙縫 xi4 feng4

罅隙 罅隙 xia4 xi4
gap; crack; rift

嫌隙 嫌隙 xian2 xi4
hostility; animosity; suspicion

衅隙 釁隙 xin4 xi4

云隙光 雲隙光 yun2 xi4 guang1
crepuscular rays; sunbeams