secret; hidden; concealed; (prefix) crypto-

to lean upon

strokes 16
strokes after radical 14
恻隐 惻隱 ce4 yin3
compassion; empathetic

恻隐之心 惻隱之心 ce4 yin3 zhi1 xin1

该隐 該隱 gai1 yin3
Cain (name); Cain (biblical character), a figure of Judeo-Christian-Muslim mythology

个人隐私 個人隱私 ge4 ren2 yin3 si1
personal privacy; private matters

归隐 歸隱 gui1 yin3
to go back to one's native place and live in seclusion

忽隐忽现 忽隱忽現 hu1 yin3 hu1 xian4
intermittent; now you see it, now you don't

李商隐 李商隱 li3 shang1 yin3
Li Shangyin (c. 813-858), Tang poet

难言之隐 難言之隱 nan2 yan2 zhi1 yin3
a hidden trouble hard to mention (idiom); sth too embarrassing to mention; an embarrassing illness

若隐若现 若隱若現 ruo4 yin3 ruo4 xian4
faintly discernible (idiom)

时显时隐 時顯時隱 shi2 xian3 shi2 yin3
appearing and disappearing; intermittently visible

时隐时现 時隱時現 shi2 yin3 shi2 xian4
appearing and disappearing (idiom); intermittently visible

消隐 消隱 xiao1 yin3
to hide; to retreat into privacy

郇山隐修会 郇山隱修會 xun2 shan1 yin3 xiu1 hui4
Priory of Zion (fictional masonic order)

隐避 隱避 yin3 bi4
to hide; to conceal and avoid (contact); to keep sth concealed

隐蔽 隱蔽 yin3 bi4
to conceal; to hide; covert; under cover

隐蔽强迫下载 隱蔽強迫下載 yin3 bi4 qiang3 po4 xia4 zai4
drive-by download (a form of malware booby-trap); silent drive-by download

隐病不报 隱病不報 yin3 bing4 bu4 bao4
not to tell others of one's illness

隐藏 隱藏 yin3 cang2
to hide; to conceal; to mask; to shelter; to harbor (i.e. keep sth hidden); to hide oneself; to lie low; to nestle; hidden; implicit; private; covert; recessed (lighting)

隐藏处 隱藏處 yin3 cang2 chu4
shelter; hiding place

隐翅虫 隱翅蟲 yin3 chi4 chong2
rove beetle

隐遁 隱遁 yin3 dun4
to hide (from the world)

隐恶扬善 隱惡揚善 yin3 e4 yang2 shan4
to praise the virtue of sb or sth while concealing their faults

隐伏 隱伏 yin3 fu2
to hide; to lie low

隐睾 隱睾 yin3 gao1
cryptorchidism; undescended testis

隐含 隱含 yin3 han2
to contain in a concealed form; to keep covered up; implicit

隐函数 隱函數 yin3 han2 shu4
implicit function

隐花植物 隱花植物 yin3 hua1 zhi2 wu4
Cryptogamae; cryptogamous plant (botany); plants such as algae 藻類|藻类, moss 苔蘚|苔藓 and fern 蕨類|蕨类 that reproduce by spores 孢子 in place of flowers

隐患 隱患 yin3 huan4
a danger concealed within sth; hidden damage; misfortune not visible from the surface

隐讳 隱諱 yin3 hui4
to hold back from saying precisely what is on one's mind

隐晦 隱晦 yin3 hui4
vague; ambiguous; veiled; obscure

隐讳号 隱諱號 yin3 hui4 hao4
cross symbol (×), used to replace a character one does not wish to display

隐疾 隱疾 yin3 ji2
an unmentionable illness (e.g. venereal disease)

隐迹 隱跡 yin3 ji4
hidden tracks

隐迹埋名 隱跡埋名 yin3 ji4 mai2 ming2
to live incognito

隐居 隱居 yin3 ju1
to live in seclusion

隐居隆中 隱居隆中 yin3 ju1 long2 zhong1
to live in seclusion

隐君子 隱君子 yin3 jun1 zi5
recluse; hermit; used for homophone 癮君子|瘾君子, opium addict

隐瞒 隱瞞 yin3 man2
to conceal; to hide (a taboo subject); to cover up the truth

隐瞒不报 隱瞞不報 yin3 man2 bu4 bao4
to cover up (a matter that should be reported to the authorities)

隐秘 隱秘 yin3 mi4
secret; hidden

隐密 隱密 yin3 mi4
secret; hidden

隐秘难言 隱秘難言 yin3 mi4 nan2 yan2
too embarrassing to mention

隐灭 隱滅 yin3 mie4
to fade away; to vanish; to disappear

隐名埋姓 隱名埋姓 yin3 ming2 mai2 xing4
to conceal one's identity; living incognito

隐没 隱沒 yin3 mo4
to vanish gradually; to disappear; to fade out

隐匿 隱匿 yin3 ni4
to cover up; to hide; to conceal

隐栖动物学 隱棲動物學 yin3 qi1 dong4 wu4 xue2

隐情 隱情 yin3 qing2
sth one wishes to keep secret; ulterior motive; a subject best avoided

隐情不报 隱情不報 yin3 qing2 bu4 bao4
not to report sth; to keep sth secret

隐颧 隱顴 yin3 quan2
a skull with sunken cheek bone; cryptozygous

隐然 隱然 yin3 ran2
a feint; a hidden way of doing sth

隐燃 隱燃 yin3 ran2
burning with no flame; fire beneath the surface; hidden combustion

隐忍 隱忍 yin3 ren3
to bear patiently; to endure silently; to forbear

隐忍不发 隱忍不發 yin3 ren3 bu4 fa1
to keep one's emotions inside oneself; to restrain one's emotions

隐忍不言 隱忍不言 yin3 ren3 bu4 yan2
to keep one's emotions inside oneself; to restrain one's emotions

隐色 隱色 yin3 se4
protective coloration (esp. of insects); camouflage

隐射 隱射 yin3 she4
(to fire) innuendo; to insinuate

隐身 隱身 yin3 shen1
to hide oneself; invisible (person or online status)

隐身草 隱身草 yin3 shen1 cao3
legendary grass conferring invisibility; fig. to conceal oneself or one's plans

隐身草儿 隱身草兒 yin3 shen1 cao3 er5
erhua variant of 隱身草|隐身草

隐生宙 隱生宙 yin3 sheng1 zhou4
Cryptozoic; geological eon before the appearance of abundant fossils; hidden life, as opposed to Phanerozoic

隐事 隱事 yin3 shi4
a secret

隐士 隱士 yin3 shi4

隐饰 隱飾 yin3 shi4
a cover-up

隐私 隱私 yin3 si1
secrets; private business; privacy

隐私权 隱私權 yin3 si1 quan2
privacy right

隐私政策 隱私政策 yin3 si1 zheng4 ce4
privacy policy

隐潭 隱潭 yin3 tan2
hidden pond or pool

隐痛 隱痛 yin3 tong4
hidden anguish; secret suffering; (medicine) dull pain

隐土 隱土 yin3 tu3
legendary land of hermits; secret land; the back of beyond

隐退 隱退 yin3 tui4
to retire (from society, esp. from politics); to vanish

隐位 隱位 yin3 wei4
cryptic epitope (immunology, a protein component that becomes effective when activated by antigen)

隐显 隱顯 yin3 xian3
appearing and disappearing; dimly visible; intermittent; implicit (but not clearly present)

隐显目标 隱顯目標 yin3 xian3 mu4 biao1
intermittent target

隐现 隱現 yin3 xian4
glimpse (of something hidden)

隐写术 隱寫術 yin3 xie3 shu4

隐形 隱形 yin3 xing2

隐形眼镜 隱形眼鏡 yin3 xing2 yan3 jing4
contact lens

隐性 隱性 yin3 xing4
hidden; crypto-; recessive (gene)

隐性基因 隱性基因 yin3 xing4 ji1 yin1
recessive gene

隐姓埋名 隱姓埋名 yin3 xing4 mai2 ming2
to conceal one's identity; living incognito

隐修 隱修 yin3 xiu1

隐修士 隱修士 yin3 xiu1 shi4
monk (Christian)

隐修院 隱修院 yin3 xiu1 yuan4
monastery (Christian); abbey

隐血 隱血 yin3 xue4
occult blood (in medicine, fecal blood from internal bleeding)

隐逸 隱逸 yin3 yi4
to live in seclusion; reclusive; hermit; recluse

隐意 隱意 yin3 yi4
implied meaning

隐隐 隱隱 yin3 yin3
faint; indistinct

隐隐绰绰 隱隱綽綽 yin3 yin3 chuo4 chuo4
faint; distant; indistinct

隐隐约约 隱隱約約 yin3 yin3 yue1 yue1
faint; distant; barely audible

隐隐作痛 隱隱作痛 yin3 yin3 zuo4 tong4
to ache dully

隐映 隱映 yin3 ying4
to set off one another

隐忧 隱憂 yin3 you1
secret concern; private worry

隐语 隱語 yin3 yu3
secret language; codeword

隐喻 隱喻 yin3 yu4

隐约 隱約 yin3 yue1
vague; faint; indistinct

隐约其辞 隱約其辭 yin3 yue1 qi2 ci2
equivocal speech; to use vague or ambiguous language

隐衷 隱衷 yin3 zhong1
a secret; sth best not told to anyone; confidential information

月光隐遁 月光隱遁 yue4 guang1 yin3 dun4
to live in hiding; living as a recluse; to hide from the world