surname Xiang

back of neck; item; thing; term (in a mathematical formula); sum (of money); classifier for principles, items, clauses, tasks, research projects etc

strokes 12
strokes after radical 3
白项凤鹛 白項鳳鶥 bai2 xiang4 feng4 mei2
(bird species of China) white-naped yuhina (Yuhina bakeri)

比赛项目 比賽項目 bi3 sai4 xiang4 mu4
sporting event; item on program of sports competition

常项 常項 chang2 xiang4
constant term (in a math expression)

词项逻辑 詞項邏輯 ci2 xiang4 luo2 ji5
categorical logic

大项 大項 da4 xiang4
main item (of program)

待办事项列表 待辦事項列表 dai4 ban4 shi4 xiang4 lie4 biao3
to-do list

单项 單項 dan1 xiang4

党项 黨項 dang3 xiang4
Tangut branch of the Qiang 羌 ethnic group; ancient ethnic group who made up the Xixia dynasty 西夏 1038-1227

党项族 黨項族 dang3 xiang4 zu2
Tangut branch of the Qiang 羌 ethnic group; ancient ethnic group who made up the Xixia dynasty 西夏 1038-1227

多项式 多項式 duo1 xiang4 shi4
polynomial (math.); multinomial

多项式方程 多項式方程 duo1 xiang4 shi4 fang1 cheng2
(math.) polynomial equation

多项式方程组 多項式方程組 duo1 xiang4 shi4 fang1 cheng2 zu3
(math.) system of polynomial equations

二次多项式 二次多項式 er4 ci4 duo1 xiang4 shi4
quadratic polynomial

二项式 二項式 er4 xiang4 shi4
two items; binomial (math.)

二项式定理 二項式定理 er4 xiang4 shi4 ding4 li3
the Binomial Theorem (math.)

二项式系数 二項式係數 er4 xiang4 shi4 xi4 shu4
a binomial coefficient (math.); the number of combinations

分项 分項 fen1 xiang4
sub-item (of program)

和平共处五项原则 和平共處五項原則 he2 ping2 gong4 chu3 wu3 xiang4 yuan2 ze2
Zhou Enlai's Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence; 1954 Panchsheel series of agreements between PRC and India

奖项 獎項 jiang3 xiang4
award; prize

进项 進項 jin4 xiang5
income; receipts; earnings; revenue

颈项 頸項 jing3 xiang4

款项 款項 kuan3 xiang4
funds; a sum of money

来项 來項 lai2 xiang5

立项 立項 li4 xiang4
to launch a project

浦项 浦項 pu3 xiang4
Pohang (city in South Korea)

七项全能 七項全能 qi1 xiang4 quan2 neng2

欠项 欠項 qian4 xiang4
liabilities; debt

强项 強項 qiang2 xiang4
key strength; strong suit; specialty

三大纪律八项注意 三大紀律八項注意 san1 da4 ji4 lv4 ba1 xiang4 zhu4 yi4
the Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention, a military doctrine issued in 1928 by Mao Zedong for the Red Army, which included a number of injunctions demanding high standards of behavior and respect for civilians during wartime

三项 三項 san1 xiang4
three items; three events; three terms; tri-; trinomial, ternary (math.); triathlon (abbr. for 三項全能|三项全能)

三项全能 三項全能 san1 xiang4 quan2 neng2

三项式 三項式 san1 xiang4 shi4
trinomial (math.)

十项 十項 shi2 xiang4
ten items; decathlon (athletics)

十项全能 十項全能 shi2 xiang4 quan2 neng2

石油换食品项目 石油換食品項目 shi2 you2 huan4 shi2 pin3 xiang4 mu4
Iraq Oil for Food Program

事项 事項 shi4 xiang4
matter; item

四项基本原则 四項基本原則 si4 xiang4 ji1 ben3 yuan2 ze2
the Four Cardinal Principles enunciated by Deng Xiaoping 鄧小平|邓小平 in 1979: to uphold the socialist road, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the leadership of the CPC, and Maoism and Marxism-Leninism

体育项目 體育項目 ti3 yu4 xiang4 mu4
sporting event

五项全能 五項全能 wu3 xiang4 quan2 neng2

现代五项 現代五項 xian4 dai4 wu3 xiang4
modern pentathlon

项城 項城 xiang4 cheng2
Xiangcheng county level city in Zhoukou 周口, Henan

项城市 項城市 xiang4 cheng2 shi4
Xiangcheng county level city in Zhoukou 周口, Henan

项颈 項頸 xiang4 jing3
back of neck

项链 項鏈 xiang4 lian4

项目 項目 xiang4 mu4
item; project; (sports) event

项目管理 項目管理 xiang4 mu4 guan3 li3
project management

项圈 項圈 xiang4 quan1

项上人头 項上人頭 xiang4 shang4 ren2 tou2
head; neck (as in "to save one's neck", i.e. one's life)

项英 項英 xiang4 ying1
Xiang Ying (1898-1941), communist general involved in forming the New Fourth Army 新四軍, killed in 1941 during the New Fourth Army incident 皖南事变

项羽 項羽 xiang4 yu3
Xiang Yu the Conqueror (232-202 BC), warlord defeated by first Han emperor

项庄舞剑 項莊舞劍 xiang4 zhuang1 wu3 jian4
lit. Xiang Zhuang performs the sword dance, but his mind is set on Liu Bang 劉邦|刘邦 (idiom, refers to plot to kill Liu Bang during Feast at Hongmen 鴻門宴|鸿门宴 in 206 BC); fig. an elaborate deception hiding malicious intent

项庄舞剑,意在沛公 項莊舞劍,意在沛公 xiang4 zhuang1 wu3 jian4 - yi4 zai4 pei4 gong1
lit. Xiang Zhuang performs the sword dance, but his mind is set on Liu Bang 劉邦|刘邦 (idiom); refers to 206 BC plot to murder Liu Bang, aka Duke of Pei 沛公 and the future Han emperor, during a sword dance at Feast at Hongmen 鴻門宴|鸿门宴; an elaborate deception to

项庄舞剑,志在沛公 項莊舞劍,志在沛公 xiang4 zhuang1 wu3 jian4 - zhi4 zai4 pei4 gong1
see 項莊舞劍,意在沛公|项庄舞剑,意在沛公

小项 小項 xiao3 xiang4
small item; event (of program)

选项 選項 xuan3 xiang4
to make a choice (between several alternatives); a choice; an option; an alternative

一项一项地 一項一項地 yi1 xiang4 yi1 xiang4 de5
one by one

义项 義項 yi4 xiang4
sense (of a word)

用项 用項 yong4 xiang4
items of expenditure; expenditures

余项 餘項 yu2 xiang4
remainder term (math); remainder; residue

杂项 雜項 za2 xiang4

专项 專項 zhuan1 xiang4
special; dedicated