ode; eulogy; to praise in writing; to wish (in letters)

strokes 13
strokes after radical 4
巴颂管 巴頌管 ba1 song4 guan3
bassoon (loanword); also written 低音管 or 巴松管

称颂 稱頌 cheng1 song4
to praise

传颂 傳頌 chuan2 song4
to eulogize; to pass on praise

歌功颂德 歌功頌德 ge1 gong1 song4 de2
to sing sb's praises (mostly derogatory)

歌颂 歌頌 ge1 song4
to sing the praises of; to extol; to eulogize

可颂 可頌 ke3 song4
croissant (loanword)

荣光颂 榮光頌 rong2 guang1 song4
Gloria (in Catholic mass)

圣诞颂 聖誕頌 sheng4 dan4 song4
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

颂词 頌詞 song4 ci2
commendation speech; eulogy; ode

颂辞 頌辭 song4 ci2
variant of 頌詞|颂词

颂歌 頌歌 song4 ge1

颂声载道 頌聲載道 song4 sheng1 zai4 dao4
lit. praise fills the roads (idiom); praise everywhere; universal approbation

颂扬 頌揚 song4 yang2
to eulogize; to praise

颂赞 頌贊 song4 zan4
to praise

香颂 香頌 xiang1 song4
chanson (loanword)

赞颂 讚頌 zan4 song4
to bless; to praise

祝颂 祝頌 zhu4 song4
to express good wishes