to crumble; to collapse; to decline; to decay; decadent; dejected; dispirited; balding

strokes 16
strokes after radical 7
倾颓 傾頹 qing1 tui2
to collapse; to topple; to capsize

山颓木坏 山頹木壞 shan1 tui2 mu4 huai4
lit. the mountains crumble and the trees lie ruined; a great sage has died (idiom)

衰颓 衰頹 shuai1 tui2
uninspired; dejected; discouraged

颓败 頹敗 tui2 bai4
to decay; to decline; to become corrupt

颓放 頹放 tui2 fang4
decadent; dissolute; degenerate

颓废 頹廢 tui2 fei4
decadent; dispirited; depressed; dejected

颓废派 頹廢派 tui2 fei4 pai4
decadents (of the Decadent movement of late 19th century Europe)

颓风 頹風 tui2 feng1
degenerate custom; decadent ways

颓坏 頹壞 tui2 huai4
dilapidated; decrepit

颓景 頹景 tui2 jing3
scene of dilapidation

颓老 頹老 tui2 lao3
old and decrepit; senile

颓靡 頹靡 tui2 mi2

颓圮 頹圮 tui2 pi3
to collapse; dilapidated

颓然 頹然 tui2 ran2
decrepit; ruined; disappointed

颓丧 頹喪 tui2 sang4
dejected; disheartened; listless

颓势 頹勢 tui2 shi4
decline (in fortune)

颓塌 頹塌 tui2 ta1
to collapse

颓唐 頹唐 tui2 tang2
dispirited; depressed

颓萎 頹萎 tui2 wei3
listless; dispirited

颓朽 頹朽 tui2 xiu3
decaying; rotten; decrepit

颓垣断壁 頹垣斷壁 tui2 yuan2 duan4 bi4
crumbling fences and dilapidated walls (idiom)

颓运 頹運 tui2 yun4
crumbling fate; declining fortune