surname Ti

topic; problem for discussion; exam question; subject; to inscribe; to mention

strokes 18
strokes after radical 9
安全问题 安全問題 an1 quan2 wen4 ti2
safety issue; security issue

本题 本題 ben3 ti2
the subject under discussion; the point at issue

标题 標題 biao1 ti2
title; heading; headline; caption; subject

标题党 標題黨 biao1 ti2 dang3
"sensational headline writers", people who write misleading titles in order to generate clicks from Internet users; clickbait

标题栏 標題欄 biao1 ti2 lan2
title bar (of a window) (computing)

标题新闻 標題新聞 biao1 ti2 xin1 wen2
headline news; title story

标题语 標題語 biao1 ti2 yu3
title word; entry (in dictionary)

不题 不題 bu4 ti2
we will not elaborate on that (used as pluralis auctoris)

常见问题 常見問題 chang2 jian4 wen4 ti2
common problems; FAQ

常问问题 常問問題 chang2 wen4 wen4 ti2
frequently asked questions; FAQ

朝核问题 朝核問題 chao2 he2 wen4 ti2
Korean nuclear problem

出难题 出難題 chu1 nan2 ti2
to raise a tough question

出题 出題 chu1 ti2
to draw up the theme (for discussion)

出问题 出問題 chu1 wen4 ti2
to have sth go wrong; to have a problem arise; to give problems

大题小作 大題小作 da4 ti2 xiao3 zuo4
to cut a long story short; a brief treatment of a complicated subject; fig. to treat an important question as a minor matter

点题 點題 dian3 ti2
to bring out the main theme; to make the point; to bring out the substance concisely

电视专题片 電視專題片 dian4 shi4 zhuan1 ti2 pian4
television documentary or feature

多选题 多選題 duo1 xuan3 ti2
multiple-choice question

副标题 副標題 fu4 biao1 ti2
subheading; subtitle

核问题 核問題 he2 wen4 ti2
the nuclear problem

话题 話題 hua4 ti2
subject (of a talk or conversation); topic

基础问题 基礎問題 ji1 chu3 wen4 ti2
basic issue; fundamental question

讲题 講題 jiang3 ti2
topic of a lecture

解题 解題 jie3 ti2
to solve problems; to explicate

借题发挥 借題發揮 jie4 ti2 fa1 hui1
to use the current topic to put over one's own ideas; to use sth as a pretext to make a fuss

金榜题名 金榜題名 jin1 bang3 ti2 ming2
to win top marks in the imperial examinations

经济问题 經濟問題 jing1 ji4 wen4 ti2
economic problem

具体问题 具體問題 ju4 ti3 wen4 ti2
concrete issue

考题 考題 kao3 ti2
exam question

课题 課題 ke4 ti2
task; problem; issue

扣题 扣題 kou4 ti2
to stick to the topic

离题 離題 li2 ti2
to digress; to stray from the subject

例题 例題 li4 ti2
problem or question solved for illustrative purposes in the classroom; practice question (used in preparation for an exam); sample question

留题 留題 liu2 ti2
extemporaneous thoughts noted down after a visit

论题 論題 lun4 ti2

冒题 冒題 mao4 ti2
writing style in which the main subject is not introduced initially; opposite of 破題|破题

没问题 沒問題 mei2 wen4 ti2
no problem

谜题 謎題 mi2 ti2
puzzle; riddle

命题 命題 ming4 ti2
proposition (logic, math.); to assign an essay topic

命题逻辑 命題邏輯 ming4 ti2 luo2 ji5
propositional logic

母题 母題 mu3 ti2
motif (loanword); main idea; theme

难题 難題 nan2 ti2
difficult problem

跑题 跑題 pao3 ti2
to digress; to stray from the topic

偏题 偏題 pian1 ti2
obscure question; trick exam question; catch question

品题 品題 pin3 ti2
to evaluate (an individual); to appraise

破题 破題 po4 ti2
writing style in which the main subject is approached directly from the outset; opposite of 冒題|冒题

普通问题 普通問題 pu3 tong1 wen4 ti2
common questions; general questions

切题 切題 qie4 ti2
to keep to the subject

如题 如題 ru2 ti2
refer to the title or subject (in an online forum)

三农问题 三農問題 san1 nong2 wen4 ti2
the three rural issues: agriculture, rural areas and peasants

三体问题 三體問題 san1 ti3 wen4 ti2
three-body problem (mechanics)

试题 試題 shi4 ti2
exam question; test topic

书题 書題 shu1 ti2
book title

题跋 題跋 ti2 ba2
short comments; preface and postscript

题材 題材 ti2 cai2
subject matter

题词 題詞 ti2 ci2
inscription; dedication

题花 題花 ti2 hua1
title design

题记 題記 ti2 ji4
epigraph; inscription; graffito

题解 題解 ti2 jie3
notes; key (to exercises)

题名 題名 ti2 ming2
autograph; to sign one's name

题目 題目 ti2 mu4
subject; title; topic

题签 題簽 ti2 qian1
to write the title of a book on a label

题写 題寫 ti2 xie3
to create a work of calligraphy for display in a prominent place (typically, a sign)

题序 題序 ti2 xu4
to compose a preface (or introductory remarks, etc); question (or section) order (on an exam paper); question (or section) number

题意 題意 ti2 yi4
meaning of a title; implication; theme

题旨 題旨 ti2 zhi3
subject of literary work

题字 題字 ti2 zi4
inscription; autograph

贴题 貼題 tie1 ti2
relevant; pertinent

文不对题 文不對題 wen2 bu4 dui4 ti2
irrelevant; beside the point

问题 問題 wen4 ti2
question; problem; issue; topic

无题 無題 wu2 ti2

习题 習題 xi2 ti2
school work exercises

先决问题 先決問題 xian1 jue2 wen4 ti2
preliminary question; priority problem; issues requiring more immediate attention

小标题 小標題 xiao3 biao1 ti2

小题大作 小題大作 xiao3 ti2 da4 zuo4
variant of 小題大做|小题大做

小题大做 小題大做 xiao3 ti2 da4 zuo4
to make a big fuss over a minor issue (idiom)

性质命题 性質命題 xing4 zhi4 ming4 ti2
categorical proposition (logic)

选择题 選擇題 xuan3 ze2 ti2
multiple-choice question

严重问题 嚴重問題 yan2 zhong4 wen4 ti2
serious problem

疑难问题 疑難問題 yi2 nan2 wen4 ti2
knotty problem; intractable difficulty

议题 議題 yi4 ti2
topic of discussion; topic; subject; issue (under discussion)

造成问题 造成問題 zao4 cheng2 wen4 ti2
to create an issue; to cause a problem

直言命题 直言命題 zhi2 yan2 ming4 ti2
categorical proposition (logic)

主题 主題 zhu3 ti2
theme; subject

主题乐园 主題樂園 zhu3 ti2 le4 yuan2
theme park

主题演讲 主題演講 zhu3 ti3 yan3 jiang3
keynote speech

专题 專題 zhuan1 ti2
special topic

走题 走題 zou3 ti2
to get off the main topic; to digress