apex; crown of the head; top; roof; most; to carry on the head; to push to the top; to go against; to replace; to substitute; to be subjected to (an aerial bombing, hailstorm etc); (slang) to "bump" a forum thread to raise its profile; classifier for head

strokes 8
strokes after radical 2
拔顶 拔頂 ba2 ding3
topping (mining)

白顶鵖 白頂鵖 bai2 ding3 bi1
(bird species of China) pied wheatear (Oenanthe pleschanka)

白顶鹀 白頂鵐 bai2 ding3 wu2
(bird species of China) white-capped bunting (Emberiza stewarti)

白顶溪鸲 白頂溪鴝 bai2 ding3 xi1 qu2
(bird species of China) white-capped redstart (Chaimarrornis leucocephalus)

白顶玄鸥 白頂玄鷗 bai2 ding3 xuan2 ou1
(bird species of China) brown noddy (Anous stolidus)

白骨顶 白骨頂 bai2 gu3 ding3

白腰朱顶雀 白腰朱頂雀 bai2 yao1 zhu1 ding3 que4
(bird species of China) common redpoll (Acanthis flammea)

车顶 車頂 che1 ding3
car roof

齿条千斤顶 齒條千斤頂 chi3 tiao2 qian1 jin1 ding3
rack and pinion jack

赤胸朱顶雀 赤胸朱頂雀 chi4 xiong1 zhu1 ding3 que4
(bird species of China) common linnet (Linaria cannabina))

聪明绝顶 聰明絕頂 cong1 ming5 jue2 ding3
highly intelligent (idiom)

丹顶鹤 丹頂鶴 dan1 ding3 he4
(bird species of China) red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis)

堤顶大路 堤頂大路 di1 ding3 da4 lu4

顶拜 頂拜 ding3 bai4
to prostrate oneself; to kneel and bow the head (in submission, supplication, worship etc)

顶班 頂班 ding3 ban1
to take over sb else's job; to substitute for

顶板 頂板 ding3 ban3
roof; roof plate; rock layer forming roof of a cave or mine; abacus

顶棒 頂棒 ding3 bang4
bucking bar (metal bar fixing the tail of a rivet as it is driven)

顶包 頂包 ding3 bao1
to serve as forced labor; to take the rap for sb

顶补 頂補 ding3 bu3
to fill a vacancy; to substitute for

顶部 頂部 ding3 bu4
roof; topmost part; top (of tree, wall etc); apex

顶层 頂層 ding3 ceng2
top floor; the top of a building

顶戴 頂戴 ding3 dai4
cap badge (official sign of rank in Qing dynasty)

顶挡 頂擋 ding3 dang3
to resist; to obstruct; to bear responsibility for

顶灯 頂燈 ding3 deng1
top light (on mast, dome etc); roof lamp

顶点 頂點 ding3 dian3
summit; peak; (math.) vertex

顶端 頂端 ding3 duan1
summit; peak

顶多 頂多 ding3 duo1
at most; at best

顶阀 頂閥 ding3 fa2
top valve; head valve

顶峰 頂峰 ding3 feng1
peak; summit; fig. high point; masterpiece

顶风 頂風 ding3 feng1
to face into the wind; against the wind; fig. against the law

顶风停止 頂風停止 ding3 feng1 ting2 zhi3
to lie to (facing the wind)

顶盖 頂蓋 ding3 gai4
roof; lid

顶杆 頂桿 ding3 gan3
top bar; crown bar

顶缸 頂缸 ding3 gang1
to take the blame; to be a scapegoat; to carry the can

顶岗 頂崗 ding3 gang3
to replace sb on a workshift; to substitute for

顶格 頂格 ding3 ge2
(typesetting) to not indent; to set the text flush with the left (or top) margin

顶骨 頂骨 ding3 gu3
parietal bone (top of the scull)

顶呱呱 頂呱呱 ding3 gua1 gua1
tip-top; excellent; first-rate

顶刮刮 頂颳颳 ding3 gua1 gua1
variant of 頂呱呱|顶呱呱

顶级 頂級 ding3 ji2
top-notch; first-rate

顶架 頂架 ding3 jia4

顶尖 頂尖 ding3 jian1
peak; apex; world best; number one; finest (competitors); top (figures in a certain field)

顶尖儿 頂尖兒 ding3 jian1 er5
erhua variant of 頂尖|顶尖

顶尖级 頂尖級 ding3 jian1 ji2
first class; top; world best

顶角 頂角 ding3 jiao3
angle at apex; summit angle; cusp

顶客 頂客 ding3 ke4
see 丁克

顶夸克 頂夸克 ding3 kua1 ke4
top quark (particle physics)

顶礼膜拜 頂禮膜拜 ding3 li3 mo2 bai4
to prostrate oneself in worship (idiom); (fig.) to worship; to bow down to

顶梁柱 頂梁柱 ding3 liang2 zhu4
pillar; backbone

顶楼 頂樓 ding3 lou2
top floor; attic; loft; garret; penthouse; (flat) rooftop (often used as an outdoor living area etc)

顶轮 頂輪 ding3 lun2
sahasrāra or sahasrara, the crown or fontanel chakra 查克拉, residing at the top of the skull

顶冒 頂冒 ding3 mao4
abbr. for 頂名冒姓|顶名冒姓

顶门壮户 頂門壯戶 ding3 men2 zhuang4 hu4
to support the family business (idiom)

顶面 頂面 ding3 mian4
top; top side; top surface

顶名冒姓 頂名冒姓 ding3 ming2 mao4 xing4
to pretend to be sb else

顶目 頂目 ding3 mu4
item; event; project

顶牛儿 頂牛兒 ding3 niu2 er5
to push with the forehead; to lock horns; to be at loggerheads

顶棚 頂棚 ding3 peng2
ceiling; awning (under ceiling)

顶让 頂讓 ding3 rang4
to hand over (a business etc) for an agreed price (Tw)

顶上 頂上 ding3 shang4
on top of; at the summit

顶事 頂事 ding3 shi4
useful; fitting

顶替 頂替 ding3 ti4
to replace

顶天立地 頂天立地 ding3 tian1 li4 di4
lit. able to support both heaven and earth; of indomitable spirit (idiom)

顶头 頂頭 ding3 tou2
to come directly towards one; top; immediate (superior)

顶头上司 頂頭上司 ding3 tou2 shang4 si5
one's immediate superior

顶谢 頂謝 ding3 xie4
to bow in thanks

顶芽 頂芽 ding3 ya2
terminal bud (growing at the tip of a plant)

顶叶 頂葉 ding3 ye4
parietal lobe

顶用 頂用 ding3 yong4
to be of use

顶针 頂針 ding3 zhen1

顶住 頂住 ding3 zhu4
to withstand; to stand up to

顶撞 頂撞 ding3 zhuang4
to contradict (elders or superiors)

顶嘴 頂嘴 ding3 zui3
to talk back; to answer back

顶罪 頂罪 ding3 zui4
to take the blame for sb else; to compensate for one's crime; to get charges dropped (by paying money etc)

对顶角 對頂角 dui4 ding3 jiao3
angle to the vertical; angle (between two lines or two planes)

对流层顶 對流層頂 dui4 liu2 ceng2 ding3
tropopause; top of troposphere

方顶 方頂 fang1 ding3
square roof

房顶 房頂 fang2 ding3
housetop; roof

峰顶 峰頂 feng1 ding3
summit; crest

封顶 封頂 feng1 ding3
to put a roof (on a building); to cap the roof (finishing a building project); fig. to put a ceiling (on spending, prize, ambition etc); to top off; fig. to reach the highest point (of growth, profit, interest rates); to stop growing (of plant bud or bran

封顶仪式 封頂儀式 feng1 ding3 yi2 shi4
ceremony of capping the roof (to mark the completion of a building project)

妇女能顶半边天 婦女能頂半邊天 fu4 nv3 neng2 ding3 ban4 bian1 tian1
Woman can hold up half the sky; fig. nowadays, women have an equal part to play in society

拱顶 拱頂 gong3 ding3
an arched roof; a dome; a vault

骨顶鸡 骨頂雞 gu3 ding3 ji1
(bird species of China) Eurasian coot (Fulica atra)

褐顶雀鹛 褐頂雀鶥 he4 ding3 que4 mei2
(bird species of China) dusky fulvetta (Alcippe brunnea)

黑顶麻雀 黑頂麻雀 hei1 ding3 ma2 que4
(bird species of China) saxaul sparrow (Passer ammodendri)

黑顶奇鹛 黑頂奇鶥 hei1 ding3 qi2 mei2
(bird species of China) black-headed sibia (Heterophasia desgodinsi)

黑顶蛙口鸱 黑頂蛙口鴟 hei1 ding3 wa1 kou3 chi1
(bird species of China) Hodgson's frogmouth (Batrachostomus hodgsoni)

黑顶噪鹛 黑頂噪鶥 hei1 ding3 zao4 mei2
(bird species of China) black-faced laughingthrush (Trochalopteron affine)

红顶绿鸠 紅頂綠鳩 hong2 ding3 lv4 jiu1
(bird species of China) whistling green pigeon (Treron formosae)

红顶鹛 紅頂鶥 hong2 ding3 mei2
(bird species of China) chestnut-capped babbler (Timalia pileata)

黄嘴朱顶雀 黃嘴朱頂雀 huang2 zui3 zhu1 ding3 que4
(bird species of China) twite (Linaria flavirostris)

机顶盒 機頂盒 ji1 ding3 he2
set-top box; decoder for digital or satellite TV signal etc

极北朱顶雀 極北朱頂雀 ji2 bei3 zhu1 ding3 que4
(bird species of China) Arctic redpoll (Acanthis hornemanni)

尖顶 尖頂 jian1 ding3
pointed object; cusp; pinnacle; steeple

金顶戴菊 金頂戴菊 jin1 ding3 dai4 ju2
goldcrest (Regulus satrapa)

金顶戴菊鸟 金頂戴菊鳥 jin1 ding3 dai4 ju2 niao3
goldcrest (Regulus satrapa)

绝顶聪明 絕頂聰明 jue2 ding3 cong1 ming5
extremely bright (idiom)

崁顶 崁頂 kan3 ding3
Kanting township in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, Taiwan

崁顶乡 崁頂鄉 kan3 ding3 xiang1
Kanting township in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, Taiwan

狂顶 狂頂 kuang2 ding3
(slang) to strongly support; to strongly approve of

楼顶 樓頂 lou2 ding3
top of a building

炉顶 爐頂 lu2 ding3
furnace top

螺旋千斤顶 螺旋千斤頂 luo2 xuan2 qian1 jin1 ding3
screw jack

茅屋顶 茅屋頂 mao2 wu1 ding3
thatch roof

冒名顶替 冒名頂替 mao4 ming2 ding3 ti4
to assume sb's name and take his place (idiom); to impersonate; to pose under a false name

冒名顶替者 冒名頂替者 mao4 ming2 ding3 ti4 zhe3
impersonator; impostor

灭顶 滅頂 mie4 ding3
to be drowned (figurative and literal)

摩顶放踵 摩頂放踵 mo2 ding3 fang4 zhong3
to rub one's head and heels (idiom); to slave for the benefit of others; to wear oneself out for the general good

拿大顶 拿大頂 na2 da4 ding3
to do a handstand

拿顶 拿頂 na2 ding3
to do a handstand

篷顶 篷頂 peng2 ding3
canopy; roof; ceiling

棚顶 棚頂 peng2 ding3
canopy; roof; ceiling

平顶 平頂 ping2 ding3
flat roof

平顶山 平頂山 ping2 ding3 shan1
Pingdingshan prefecture level city in Henan

平顶山市 平頂山市 ping2 ding3 shan1 shi4
Pingdingshan prefecture level city in Henan

千斤顶 千斤頂 qian1 jin1 ding3
jack (for lifting weight)

穹顶 穹頂 qiong2 ding3
dome; vault; domed roof

三个臭皮匠,顶个诸葛亮 三個臭皮匠,頂個諸葛亮 san1 ge4 chou4 pi2 jiang5 - ding3 ge4 zhu1 ge3 liang4
lit. three ignorant cobblers add up to a genius (idiom); fig. collective wisdom; wisdom of the masses exceeds that of any individual

山顶 山頂 shan1 ding3

醍醐灌顶 醍醐灌頂 ti2 hu2 guan4 ding3
lit. to anoint your head with the purest cream (idiom); fig. to enlighten people with perfect wisdom; flawless Buddhist teaching

天顶 天頂 tian1 ding3

头顶 頭頂 tou2 ding3
top of the head

透顶 透頂 tou4 ding3
out-and-out; thoroughly

秃顶 禿頂 tu1 ding3
bald head

伪顶 偽頂 wei3 ding3
false roof

屋顶 屋頂 wu1 ding3

吸顶灯 吸頂燈 xi1 ding3 deng1
flush-mounted ceiling lamp (loanword)

歇顶 歇頂 xie1 ding3
to be balding; to be thinning on top

谢顶 謝頂 xie4 ding3
to go bald

液压千斤顶 液壓千斤頂 ye4 ya1 qian1 jin1 ding3
hydraulic jack

硬顶跑车 硬頂跑車 ying4 ding3 pao3 che1
sports coupé (car)

玉皇顶 玉皇頂 yu4 huang2 ding3
Jade Emperor peak on Mt Taishan

圆顶 圓頂 yuan2 ding3

圆屋顶 圓屋頂 yuan2 wu1 ding3

栈顶 棧頂 zhan4 ding3
stack top (computing)

置顶 置頂 zhi4 ding3
to sticky (an Internet forum thread etc)

中气层顶 中氣層頂 zhong1 qi4 ceng2 ding3
mesopause; top of mesosphere

自顶向下 自頂向下 zi4 ding3 xiang4 xia4

棕顶树莺 棕頂樹鶯 zong4 ding3 shu4 ying1
(bird species of China) grey-sided bush warbler (Cettia brunnifrons)