unit of area equal to 100 畝|亩 or 6.67 hectares; a short while; a little while ago; circa. (for approximate dates)

variant of 傾|倾

strokes 8
strokes after radical 2
俄顷 俄頃 e2 qing3
in a moment; presently

公顷 公頃 gong1 qing3

近顷 近頃 jin4 qing3
recently; of late

顷久 頃久 qing3 jiu3
an instant or an eternity

顷刻 頃刻 qing3 ke4
instantly; in no time

顷刻间 頃刻間 qing3 ke4 jian1
in an instant

顷者 頃者 qing3 zhe3
just now; a short while ago

顷之 頃之 qing3 zhi1
in a moment; shortly after

然顷 然頃 ran2 qing3
in a short time; soon; before long

少顷 少頃 shao3 qing3
in a short while; presently

食顷 食頃 shi2 qing3
a short moment

市顷 市頃 shi4 qing3
unit of area equal to 100 畝|亩 or 6.67 hectares

万顷 萬頃 wan4 qing3
large landholding; vast space

一弹指顷 一彈指頃 yi1 tan2 zhi3 qing3
a snap of the fingers (idiom); in a flash; in the twinkling of an eye

有顷 有頃 you3 qing3
shortly thereafter; for a moment