to promulgate; to send out; to issue; to grant or confer

strokes 10
strokes after radical 4
颁白 頒白 ban1 bai2
variant of 斑白

颁布 頒布 ban1 bu4
to issue; to proclaim; to enact (laws, decrees etc)

颁赐 頒賜 ban1 ci4
to award (a prize); to confer on sb; to confer upon by authority

颁发 頒發 ban1 fa1
to issue; to promulgate; to award

颁给 頒給 ban1 gei3
to award; to confer on (sb)

颁奖 頒獎 ban1 jiang3
to confer an award

颁赏 頒賞 ban1 shang3
to bestow a prize or reward; an award

颁示 頒示 ban1 shi4
to make public; to display

颁授 頒授 ban1 shou4
to confer (e.g. diploma); to award

颁行 頒行 ban1 xing2
issue for enforcement