to fly

strokes 3
strokes after radical 0
阿飞 阿飛 a1 fei1
hoodlum; hooligan; young rowdy

笨鸟先飞 笨鳥先飛 ben4 niao3 xian1 fei1
lit. the clumsy bird flies early (idiom); fig. to work hard to compensate for one's limited abilities

比翼齐飞 比翼齊飛 bi3 yi4 qi2 fei1
to fly wing to wing (idiom); two hearts beating as one; (of a couple) inseparable

比翼双飞 比翼雙飛 bi3 yi4 shuang1 fei1
lit. a pair of birds flying close together (idiom); fig. two hearts beating as one; name of a sweet and sour chicken wing dish

不明飞行物 不明飛行物 bu4 ming2 fei1 xing2 wu4
unidentified flying object (UFO)

不翼而飞 不翼而飛 bu4 yi4 er2 fei1
to disappear without trace; to vanish all of a sudden; to spread fast; to spread like wildfire

不着陆飞行 不著陸飛行 bu4 zhuo2 lu4 fei1 xing2
nonstop flight

插翅难飞 插翅難飛 cha1 chi4 nan2 fei1
lit. even given wings, you couldn't fly (idiom); fig. impossible to escape

垂直和短距起落飞机 垂直和短距起落飛機 chui2 zhi2 he2 duan3 ju4 qi3 luo4 fei1 ji1
vertical or short takeoff and landing aircraft

垂直起落飞机 垂直起落飛機 chui2 zhi2 qi3 luo4 fei1 ji1
vertical takeoff and landing aircraft

打飞机 打飛機 da3 fei1 ji1
to masturbate (slang)

单翼飞机 單翼飛機 dan1 yi4 fei1 ji1

低空飞过 低空飛過 di1 kong1 fei1 guo4
to just scrape through with a narrow pass (in an exam)

短距起落飞机 短距起落飛機 duan3 ju4 qi3 luo4 fei1 ji1
short takeoff and landing aircraft

放飞 放飛 fang4 fei1
to allow to fly

放飞机 放飛機 fang4 fei1 ji1
to ditch sb (slang)

飞奔 飛奔 fei1 ben1
to dash (run fast); to rush; to dart

飞镖 飛鏢 fei1 biao1
darts (game); dart (weapon shaped like a spearhead)

飞驰 飛馳 fei1 chi2
to speed; to rush

飞虫 飛蟲 fei1 chong2
flying insect; winged insect

飞出 飛出 fei1 chu1
to fly out

飞出个未来 飛出個未來 fei1 chu1 ge5 wei4 lai2
Futurama (US TV animated series, 1999-)

飞船 飛船 fei1 chuan2
airship; spaceship

飞弹 飛彈 fei1 dan4

飞刀 飛刀 fei1 dao1
a throwing knife; fly cutter (machine tool)

飞地 飛地 fei1 di4
administrative enclave; land of one country enclosed within another; a salient

飞碟 飛碟 fei1 die2
flying saucer; frisbee

飞短流长 飛短流長 fei1 duan3 liu2 chang2
to spread malicious gossip

飞蛾 飛蛾 fei1 e2

飞蛾扑火 飛蛾撲火 fei1 e2 pu1 huo3
the moth flies into the flame; fatal attraction

飞蛾投火 飛蛾投火 fei1 e2 tou2 huo3
lit. like a moth flying into the fire (idiom); fig. to choose a path to certain destruction

飞鸽 飛鴿 fei1 ge1
Flying Pigeon (famous bicycle brand, made in Tianjin since 1936)

飞觥走斝 飛觥走斝 fei1 gong1 zou3 jia3
to drink one's fill (idiom)

飞过 飛過 fei1 guo4
to fly over; to fly past

飞红 飛紅 fei1 hong2
to blush

飞鸿踏雪 飛鴻踏雪 fei1 hong2 ta4 xue3
see 雪泥鴻爪|雪泥鸿爪

飞鸿雪爪 飛鴻雪爪 fei1 hong2 xue3 zhua3
see 雪泥鴻爪|雪泥鸿爪

飞虎队 飛虎隊 fei1 hu3 dui4
Flying Tigers, US airmen in China during World War Two; Hong Kong nickname for police special duties unit

飞蝗 飛蝗 fei1 huang2
flying locusts

飞黄腾达 飛黃騰達 fei1 huang2 teng2 da2
lit. the divine steed Feihuang gallops (idiom); fig. to achieve meteoric success in one's career

飞机 飛機 fei1 ji1

飞机餐 飛機餐 fei1 ji1 can1
airplane meal (GM)

飞机舱门 飛機艙門 fei1 ji1 cang1 men2
airplane cabin door

飞机场 飛機場 fei1 ji1 chang3
airport; (slang) flat chest

飞机票 飛機票 fei1 ji1 piao4
air ticket

飞机师 飛機師 fei1 ji1 shi1
pilot; aviator

飞机失事 飛機失事 fei1 ji1 shi1 shi4
plane crash

飞溅 飛濺 fei1 jian4
to splash; to spatter

飞将军 飛將軍 fei1 jiang1 jun1
nickname of Han dynasty general Li Guang 李廣|李广

飞快 飛快 fei1 kuai4
very fast; at lightning speed; (coll.) razor-sharp

飞来飞去 飛來飛去 fei1 lai2 fei1 qu4
to fly about; to fly hither and thither; to flit; to swarm; to spiral

飞来横祸 飛來橫禍 fei1 lai2 heng4 huo4
sudden and unexpected disaster (idiom)

飞利浦 飛利浦 fei1 li4 pu3
Philips (company)

飞龙 飛龍 fei1 long2
wyvern (type of dragon)

飞轮 飛輪 fei1 lun2
flywheel; sprocket wheel

飞轮海 飛輪海 fei1 lun2 hai3
Fahrenheit, Taiwan pop group, from 2005

飞马 飛馬 fei1 ma3
at the gallop

飞马座 飛馬座 fei1 ma3 zuo4
Pegasus (constellation)

飞秒 飛秒 fei1 miao3
femtosecond, fs, 10^-15 s

飞沫 飛沫 fei1 mo4
aerosol; spray; mist; splattered drops; spray from sneeze or saliva

飞沫传染 飛沫傳染 fei1 mo4 chuan2 ran3
droplet infection (disease transmission from sneezing, coughing etc)

飞沫四溅 飛沫四濺 fei1 mo4 si4 jian4
to spray in all directions

飞鸟 飛鳥 fei1 niao3

飞鸟时代 飛鳥時代 fei1 niao3 shi2 dai4
Asuka Period in Japanese history (538-710 AD)

飞盘 飛盤 fei1 pan2

飞跑 飛跑 fei1 pao3
to run like the wind; to rush; to gallop

飞禽 飛禽 fei1 qin2

飞禽走兽 飛禽走獸 fei1 qin2 zou3 shou4
birds and animals; the beasts of the field and the birds of the air

飞身 飛身 fei1 shen1
to move quickly; to vault; flying tackle

飞身翻腾 飛身翻騰 fei1 shen1 fan1 teng2
flying somersault

飞升 飛升 fei1 sheng1
to levitate heavenwards (a Daoist success); to take off; to soar (of prices)

飞升 飛昇 fei1 sheng1
to levitate heavenwards (a Daoist success); to take off; to soar (of prices)

飞逝 飛逝 fei1 shi4
(of time) to pass quickly; to be fleeting

飞鼠 飛鼠 fei1 shu3
flying squirrel; (dialect) bat

飞速 飛速 fei1 su4
flying speed; rapid (growth)

飞天 飛天 fei1 tian1
flying Apsara (Buddhist art)

飞艇 飛艇 fei1 ting3

飞腿 飛腿 fei1 tui3

飞蚊症 飛蚊症 fei1 wen2 zheng4
eye floaters (moving spots in the eye's vitreous humor)

飞吻 飛吻 fei1 wen3
to blow a kiss

飞舞 飛舞 fei1 wu3
to flutter; to dance in the breeze

飞翔 飛翔 fei1 xiang2
to circle in the air; to soar

飞行 飛行 fei1 xing2
(of planes etc) to fly; flying; flight; aviation

飞行记录 飛行記錄 fei1 xing2 ji4 lu4
flight record

飞行记录器 飛行記錄器 fei1 xing2 ji4 lu4 qi4
flight recorder; black box

飞行记录仪 飛行記錄儀 fei1 xing2 ji4 lu4 yi2
flight recorder; black box

飞行甲板 飛行甲板 fei1 xing2 jia3 ban3
flight deck

飞行员 飛行員 fei1 xing2 yuan2
pilot; aviator

飞雪 飛雪 fei1 xue3
Flying Snow, a character in "Hero"

飞檐走壁 飛檐走壁 fei1 yan2 zou3 bi4
to leap onto roofs and vault over walls (usually associated with martial arts)

飞扬 飛揚 fei1 yang2
to rise; to fly upward

飞扬跋扈 飛揚跋扈 fei1 yang2 ba2 hu4
bossy and domineering; throwing one's weight about

飞鹰 飛鷹 fei1 ying1

飞鹰走马 飛鷹走馬 fei1 ying1 zou3 ma3
to ride out hawking (idiom); to hunt

飞鱼 飛魚 fei1 yu2
Exocet (missile)

飞鱼 飛魚 fei1 yu2
flying fish

飞鱼族 飛魚族 fei1 yu2 zu2
"flying fish family", family who sacrifice everything to send their children abroad to study

飞鱼座 飛魚座 fei1 yu2 zuo4
Volans (constellation)

飞越 飛越 fei1 yue4
to fly across; to fly over; to fly past; (literary) (of one's spirits) to soar

飞跃 飛躍 fei1 yue4
to leap

飞跃道 飛躍道 fei1 yue4 dao4
parkour, French sport invented by David Belle in 1980s, with the aim of efficiently traversing obstacles in the environment

飞贼 飛賊 fei1 zei2
cat burglar; burglar who gains entrance by scaling walls; intruding enemy airman; air marauder

飞涨 飛漲 fei1 zhang3
soaring inflation; rocketing prices

飞针走线 飛針走線 fei1 zhen1 zou3 xian4
flying needle and running seam (idiom); skillful needlework

飞征 飛征 fei1 zheng1
birds and beasts; the beasts of the field and the birds of the air; same as 飛禽走獸|飞禽走兽

飞舟 飛舟 fei1 zhou1
fast boat

飞转 飛轉 fei1 zhuan4
to spin rapidly; to whirl around; (of time) to fly by

纷飞 紛飛 fen1 fei1
to swirl in the air (of thickly falling snowflakes, flower petals etc); to flutter about

奋飞 奮飛 fen4 fei1
to spread wings and fly

烽烟四起,战火纷飞 烽煙四起,戰火紛飛 feng1 yan1 si4 qi3 - zhan4 huo3 fen1 fei1
lit. fire beacons in all four directions (idiom); the confusion of war

高飞 高飛 gao1 fei1
Goofy (friend of Mickey Mouse)

高飞 高飛 gao1 fei1
to soar

高飞远走 高飛遠走 gao1 fei1 yuan3 zou3
to fly high and run far (idiom); to leave in a hurry for a distance place

航天飞机 航天飛機 hang2 tian1 fei1 ji1
space shuttle

横飞 橫飛 heng2 fei1
to splash across; to splatter

红外线导引飞弹 紅外線導引飛彈 hong2 wai4 xian4 dao3 yin3 fei1 dan4
infrared guided missile

黄飞鸿 黃飛鴻 huang2 fei1 hong2
Wong Fei Hung (1847-1924), famous martial artist and revolutionary

灰飞烟灭 灰飛煙滅 hui1 fei1 yan1 mie4
lit. scattered ashes and dispersed smoke (idiom); fig. to be annihilated; to vanish in a puff of smoke

魂飞魄散 魂飛魄散 hun2 fei1 po4 san4
lit. the soul flies away and scatters (idiom); fig. to be frightened stiff; spooked out of one's mind; terror-stricken

鸡飞蛋打 雞飛蛋打 ji1 fei1 dan4 da3
the chicken has flown the coop and the eggs are broken; a dead loss (idiom)

健步如飞 健步如飛 jian4 bu4 ru2 fei1
running as fast as flying

杰瑞·宋飞 傑瑞·宋飛 jie2 rui4 - song4 fei1
Jerry Seinfeld

惊飞 驚飛 jing1 fei1
to go off like a rocket; to rocket

空中飞人 空中飛人 kong1 zhong1 fei1 ren2
trapeze artist; frequent flyer

劳燕分飞 勞燕分飛 lao2 yan4 fen1 fei1
not wishing to part

龙飞 龍飛 long2 fei1
to promote (to official position in former times)

龙飞凤舞 龍飛鳳舞 long2 fei1 feng4 wu3
flamboyant or bold cursive calligraphy (idiom)

满天飞 滿天飛 man3 tian1 fei1
to rush around everywhere; always active

漫天飞舞 漫天飛舞 man4 tian1 fei1 wu3
(of snow etc) to fill the sky

眉飞色舞 眉飛色舞 mei2 fei1 se4 wu3
smiles of exultation; radiant with delight

南飞过冬 南飛過冬 nan2 fei1 guo4 dong1
(of birds) to migrate south for the winter

喷气式飞机 噴氣式飛機 pen1 qi4 shi4 fei1 ji1
jet aircraft

鹏飞 鵬飛 peng2 fei1
flight of the roc (used in names); soaring flight

齐柏林飞艇 齊柏林飛艇 qi2 bo2 lin2 fei1 ting3
Zeppelin dirigible airship

起飞 起飛 qi3 fei1
(of an aircraft) to take off

起飞弹射 起飛彈射 qi3 fei1 tan2 she4
takeoff catapult (on aircraft carrier)

迁飞 遷飛 qian1 fei1
to migrate (of birds)

群飞 群飛 qun2 fei1
to fly as a flock; to flock together

陕飞集团 陝飛集團 shan3 fei1 ji2 tuan2
Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation (state owned enterprise)

神采飞扬 神采飛揚 shen2 cai3 fei1 yang2
in high spirits (idiom); glowing with health and vigor

神舟号飞船 神舟號飛船 shen2 zhou1 hao4 fei1 chuan2
Shenzhou (spacecraft)

试飞员 試飛員 shi4 fei1 yuan2
test pilot

双飞 雙飛 shuang1 fei1
flying in pairs; close union as husband and wife; round-trip flight; (slang) threesome

双宿双飞 雙宿雙飛 shuang1 su4 shuang1 fei1
lit. to rest and fly together (idiom); fig. to live in each other's pockets; to be inseparable

双翼飞机 雙翼飛機 shuang1 yi4 fei1 ji1

水上飞机 水上飛機 shui3 shang4 fei1 ji1

太空飞船 太空飛船 tai4 kong1 fei1 chuan2
space shuttle

腾飞 騰飛 teng2 fei1
lit. to fly upwards swiftly; fig. rapid advance; rapidly developing (situation)

突飞猛进 突飛猛進 tu1 fei1 meng3 jin4
to advance by leaps and bounds

无人飞行器 無人飛行器 wu2 ren2 fei1 xing2 qi4
drone; unmanned aerial vehicle

喜群飞 喜群飛 xi3 qun2 fei1
gregarious (ornithology)

侠盗飞车 俠盜飛車 xia2 dao4 fei1 che1
Grand Theft Auto (video game series)

霞飞 霞飛 xia2 fei1
Joseph Joffre (1852-1931), leading French general at the start of World War One

下飞机 下飛機 xia4 fei1 ji1
to get off a plane; to deplane

协和飞机 協和飛機 xie2 he2 fei1 ji1
Concorde, supersonic passenger airliner

血肉横飞 血肉橫飛 xue4 rou4 heng2 fei1
flesh and blood flying (idiom); carnage; people blown to pieces

宇宙飞船 宇宙飛船 yu3 zhou4 fei1 chuan2

远走高飞 遠走高飛 yuan3 zou3 gao1 fei1
to go far; to escape to faraway places

越飞 越飛 yue4 fei1
Adolph Abramovich Joffe (1883-1927), Soviet and Comintern diplomat and spy in 1922-23 in Republican China

岳飞 岳飛 yue4 fei1
Yue Fei (1103-1142), Song dynasty patriot and general

云霄飞车 雲霄飛車 yun2 xiao1 fei1 che1
roller coaster

展翅高飞 展翅高飛 zhan3 chi4 gao1 fei1
to spread one's wings and soar (idiom); to develop one's abilities freely

战火纷飞 戰火紛飛 zhan4 huo3 fen1 fei1
fire of war everywhere (idiom); enveloped in the flames of war

张飞 張飛 zhang1 fei1
Zhang Fei (168-221), general of Shu and blood-brother of Liu Bei in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, famous as fearsome fighter and lover of wine

张飞打岳飞 張飛打岳飛 zhang1 fei1 da3 yue4 fei1
lit. Zhang Fei fights Yue Fei; fig. an impossible combination; an impossible turn of events (idiom)

直飞 直飛 zhi2 fei1
to fly directly; direct flight

直升飞机 直升飛機 zhi2 sheng1 fei1 ji1
see 直升機|直升机

质的飞跃 質的飛躍 zhi4 de5 fei1 yue4
qualitative leap