niche; shrine

strokes 11
strokes after radical 6
壁龛 壁龕 bi4 kan1
niche (in a wall)

佛龛 佛龕 fo2 kan1
niche for statue (esp. Buddhist, Christian etc)

龛影 龕影 kan1 ying3
niche as shown in an X-Ray (medicine)

龙龛手鉴 龍龕手鑑 long2 kan1 shou3 jian4
Longkan Shoujian, Chinese character dictionary from 997 AD containing 26,430 entries, with radicals placed into 240 rhyme groups and arranged according to the four tones, and the rest of the characters similarly arranged under each radical

龙龛手镜 龍龕手鏡 long2 kan1 shou3 jing4
see 龍龕手鑑|龙龛手鉴

神龛 神龕 shen2 kan1
shrine; niche; household shrine