abbr. for 論語|论语, The Analects (of Confucius)

opinion; view; theory; doctrine; to discuss; to talk about; to regard; to consider; per; by the (kilometer, hour etc)

strokes 15
strokes after radical 8
罢论 罷論 ba4 lun4
abandoned idea

板块理论 板塊理論 ban3 kuai4 li3 lun4
plate tectonics

卑之,毋甚高论 卑之,毋甚高論 bei1 zhi1 - wu2 shen4 gao1 lun4
my opinion, nothing very involved (idiom, humble expression); my humble point is a familiar opinion; what I say is really nothing out of the ordinary

卑之,无甚高论 卑之,無甚高論 bei1 zhi1 - wu2 shen4 gao1 lun4
my opinion, nothing very involved (idiom, humble expression); my humble point is a familiar opinion; what I say is really nothing out of the ordinary

悖论 悖論 bei4 lun4
paradox (logic)

本体论 本體論 ben3 ti3 lun4

辩论 辯論 bian4 lun4
debate; argument; to argue over

辨证论治 辨證論治 bian4 zheng4 lun4 zhi4
holistic diagnosis and treatment (TCM)

别论 別論 bie2 lun4
a different matter; another story; (old) objection

博鳌亚洲论坛 博鰲亞洲論壇 bo2 ao2 ya4 zhou1 lun4 tan2
Bo'ao Forum for Asia (since 2001)

博弈论 博弈論 bo2 yi4 lun4
game theory

不刊之论 不刊之論 bu4 kan1 zhi1 lun4
indisputable statement; unalterable truth

不可知论 不可知論 bu4 ke3 zhi1 lun4
agnosticism, the philosophical doctrine that some questions about the universe are in principle unanswerable

不论 不論 bu4 lun4
whatever; no matter what (who, how etc); regardless of; not to discuss

不易之论 不易之論 bu4 yi4 zhi1 lun4
perfectly sound proposition; unalterable truth; irrefutable argument

不予评论 不予評論 bu4 yu3 ping2 lun4
No comment!

策论 策論 ce4 lun4
essay on current affairs submitted to the emperor as policy advice (old)

常住论 常住論 chang2 zhu4 lun4
eternalism (permanence of soul, Sanskrit śāśvata-vāda)

场论 場論 chang3 lun4
field theory (physics)

超泛神论 超泛神論 chao1 fan4 shen2 lun4
panentheism, theological theory of God as equal to the Universe while transcending it

成败论人 成敗論人 cheng2 bai4 lun4 ren2
to judge people based on their success or failure (idiom)

持平之论 持平之論 chi2 ping2 zhi1 lun4
fair argument; unbiased view

创世论 創世論 chuang4 shi4 lun4
creationism (religion)

创造论 創造論 chuang4 zao4 lun4
creationism (religion)

达沃斯论坛 達沃斯論壇 da2 wo4 si1 lun4 tan2
Davos world economic forum (WEF)

代数函数论 代數函數論 dai4 shu4 han2 shu4 lun4
algebraic function theory (math.)

单源论 單源論 dan1 yuan2 lun4
theory of single origin (of mankind)

导论 導論 dao3 lun4

邓小平理论 鄧小平理論 deng4 xiao3 ping2 li3 lun4
Deng Xiaoping Theory; Dengism; the foundation of PRC economic development after the cultural revolution, building the capitalist economy within Chinese communist party control

电磁理论 電磁理論 dian4 ci2 li3 lun4
electromagnetism; electromagnetic theory

定论 定論 ding4 lun4
final conclusion; accepted argument

定性理论 定性理論 ding4 xing4 li3 lun4
qualitative theory

断灭论 斷滅論 duan4 mie4 lun4
annihilation (of soul, Sanskrit uccheda)

堆垒数论 堆壘數論 dui1 lei3 shu4 lun4
additive number theory (math.)

多神论 多神論 duo1 shen2 lun4
polytheism (belief in a plurality of Deities)

多神论者 多神論者 duo1 shen2 lun4 zhe3
polytheist (believer in a plurality of Deities)

多元论 多元論 duo1 yuan2 lun4
pluralism, philosophical doctrine that the universe consists of different substances

二元论 二元論 er4 yuan2 lun4
dualism, belief that the universe is made of two different substance (e.g. mind and matter or good and evil)

反杜林论 反杜林論 fan3 du4 lin2 lun4
Anti-Dühring, book by Friedrich Engels 恩格斯

反映论 反映論 fan3 ying4 lun4
theory of reflection (in dialectic materialism), i.e. every perception reflects physical reality

范畴论 範疇論 fan4 chou2 lun4
category theory; general nonsense (math.)

泛神论 泛神論 fan4 shen2 lun4
pantheism, theological theory equating God with the Universe

泛自然神论 泛自然神論 fan4 zi4 ran2 shen2 lun4
pandeism, theological theory that God created the Universe and became one with it

方法论 方法論 fang1 fa3 lun4
methodology; Discours de la méthode by René Descartes 笛卡兒|笛卡儿, 1637

非相对论性 非相對論性 fei1 xiang1 dui4 lun4 xing4
non-relativistic (physics)

分类理论 分類理論 fen1 lei4 li3 lun4
classification theory

复变函数论 複變函數論 fu4 bian4 han2 shu4 lun4
(math.) theory of functions of a complex variable

概而不论 概而不論 gai4 er2 bu4 lun4
fuzzy about the details

盖棺定论 蓋棺定論 gai4 guan1 ding4 lun4
don't pass judgment on a person's life until the lid is on the coffin (idiom)

盖棺论定 蓋棺論定 gai4 guan1 lun4 ding4
don't pass judgment on a person's life until the lid is on the coffin (idiom)

概论 概論 gai4 lun4
outline; introduction; survey; general discussion

概率论 概率論 gai4 lv4 lun4
probability (math.)

概型理论 概型理論 gai4 xing2 li3 lun4
scheme theory (math.)

高论 高論 gao1 lun4
enlightening remarks (honorific); brilliant views

高谈阔论 高談闊論 gao1 tan2 kuo4 lun4
to harangue; loud arrogant talk; to spout

公开讨论会 公開討論會 gong1 kai1 tao3 lun4 hui4
open forum

公论 公論 gong1 lun4
public opinion

姑置勿论 姑置勿論 gu1 zhi4 wu4 lun4
to put something aside for the time being (idiom)

广义相对论 廣義相對論 guang3 yi4 xiang1 dui4 lun4
general relativity; Einstein's theory of gravity

规范理论 規範理論 gui1 fan4 li3 lun4
Standard Model (of particle physics)

国富论 國富論 guo2 fu4 lun4
The Wealth of Nations (1776) by Adam Smith 亞當·斯密|亚当·斯密

国际先驱论坛报 國際先驅論壇報 guo2 ji4 xian1 qu1 lun4 tan2 bao4
International Herald Tribune

遑论 遑論 huang2 lun4
let alone; not to mention

集合论 集合論 ji2 he2 lun4
set theory (math.)

伽罗华理论 伽羅華理論 jia1 luo2 hua4 li3 lun4
Galois theory (math.); also written 伽羅瓦理論|伽罗瓦理论

伽罗瓦理论 伽羅瓦理論 jia1 luo2 wa3 li3 lun4
Galois theory (math.)

建构正义理论 建構正義理論 jian4 gou4 zheng4 yi4 li3 lun4
constructivist theory

将今论古 將今論古 jiang1 jin1 lun4 gu3
to observe the present to study the past

讲论 講論 jiang3 lun4
to discuss

结构理论 結構理論 jie2 gou4 li3 lun4
structural theory (physics)

结论 結論 jie2 lun4
conclusion; verdict; to conclude; to reach a verdict

解析函数论 解析函數論 jie3 xi1 han2 shu4 lun4
(math.) complex analytic function theory

进化论 進化論 jin4 hua4 lun4
Darwin's theory of evolution

经典场论 經典場論 jing1 dian3 chang3 lun4
classical field theory (physics)

就事论事 就事論事 jiu4 shi4 lun4 shi4
to discuss sth on its own merits; to judge the matter as it stands

决定论 決定論 jue2 ding4 lun4

均变论 均變論 jun1 bian4 lun4

可知论 可知論 ke3 zhi1 lun4
gnosticism, the philosophical doctrine that everything about the universe is knowable

控制论 控制論 kong4 zhi4 lun4
control theory (math.); cybernetics

理论 理論 li3 lun4
theory; to argue; to take notice of

理论贡献 理論貢獻 li3 lun4 gong4 xian4
theoretical contribution

理论基础 理論基礎 li3 lun4 ji1 chu3
theoretical foundation

理论家 理論家 li3 lun4 jia1
theorist; theoretician

理神论 理神論 li3 shen2 lun4
deism, theological theory of God who does not interfere in the Universe

立论 立論 li4 lun4
proposition; argument

量子场论 量子場論 liang4 zi3 chang3 lun4
quantum field theory

量子论 量子論 liang4 zi3 lun4
quantum theory (physics)

另当别论 另當別論 ling4 dang1 bie2 lun4
to treat differently; another cup of tea

留连论诗 留連論詩 liu2 lian2 lun4 shi1
to continue to discuss a poem over a long period

论语 論語 lun2 yu3
The Analects of Confucius 孔子

论长道短 論長道短 lun4 chang2 dao4 duan3
lit. to discuss sb's merits and demerits (idiom); to gossip

论点 論點 lun4 dian3
argument; line of reasoning; thesis; point (of discussion)

论调 論調 lun4 diao4
argument; view (sometimes derogatory)

论定 論定 lun4 ding4
to make a definitive judgment; to come to a firm conclusion

论断 論斷 lun4 duan4
to infer; to judge; inference; judgment; conclusion

论法 論法 lun4 fa3

论功 論功 lun4 gong1
to evaluate the merit of sth

论及 論及 lun4 ji2
to make reference to; to write about

论据 論據 lun4 ju4
grounds (for an argument); contention; thesis

论理 論理 lun4 li3
normally; as things should be; by rights; to reason things out; logic

论理学 論理學 lun4 li3 xue2

论述 論述 lun4 shu4
treatise; discourse; exposition

论坛 論壇 lun4 tan2
forum (for discussion)

论坛报 論壇報 lun4 tan2 bao4
Tribune (in newspaper names)

论题 論題 lun4 ti2

论文 論文 lun4 wen2
paper; treatise; thesis; to discuss a paper or thesis (old)

论战 論戰 lun4 zhan4
to debate; to contend; polemics

论争 論爭 lun4 zheng1
argument; debate; controversy

论证 論證 lun4 zheng4
to prove a point; to expound on; to demonstrate or prove (through argument); proof

谬论 謬論 miu4 lun4
misconception; fallacy

模块化理论 模塊化理論 mo2 kuai4 hua4 li3 lun4
modularity theory

末日论 末日論 mo4 ri4 lun4

品头论足 品頭論足 pin3 tou2 lun4 zu2
lit. to assess the head and discuss the feet (idiom); minute criticism of a woman's appearance; fig. to find fault in minor details; nitpicking; overcritical

评论 評論 ping2 lun4
to comment on; to discuss; comment; commentary

评论家 評論家 ping2 lun4 jia1
critic; reviewer

评头论足 評頭論足 ping2 tou2 lun4 zu2
lit. to assess the head and discuss the feet (idiom); minute criticism of a woman's appearance; fig. to find fault in minor details; to remark upon a person's appearance; nitpicking; overcritical; judgmental

普遍理论 普遍理論 pu3 bian4 li3 lun4
universal hypothesis

奇谈怪论 奇談怪論 qi2 tan2 guai4 lun4
strange tales and absurd arguments (idiom); unreasonable remarks

曲面论 曲面論 qu1 mian4 lun4
the theory of surfaces

曲线论 曲線論 qu1 xian4 lun4
the theory of curves

权变理论 權變理論 quan2 bian4 li3 lun4
contingency theory (theory of leadership)

群论 群論 qun2 lun4
group theory (math.)

认识论 認識論 ren4 shi5 lun4
epistemology (in philosophy, the theory of how we know things)

三段论 三段論 san1 duan4 lun4
syllogism (deduction in logic)

三论宗 三論宗 san1 lun4 zong1
Three Treatise School (Buddhism)

三七开定论 三七開定論 san1 qi1 kai1 ding4 lun4
thirty percent failure, seventy percent success, the official PRC verdict on Mao Zedong

社论 社論 she4 lun4
editorial (in a newspaper)

申论 申論 shen1 lun4
to give a detailed exposition; to state in detail

神造论 神造論 shen2 zao4 lun4

实变函数论 實變函數論 shi2 bian4 han2 shu4 lun4
(math.) theory of functions of a real variable

是非自有公论 是非自有公論 shi4 fei1 zi4 you3 gong1 lun4
to determine right and wrong based on public opinion (idiom); Public opinion will judge what's right and wrong.

世界经济论坛 世界經濟論壇 shi4 jie4 jing1 ji4 lun4 tan2
World Economic Forum

数黑论白 數黑論白 shu3 hei1 lun4 bai2
to enumerate what is black and yellow (idiom); to criticize sb behind his back to incite quarrels; also written 數黑論黃|数黑论黄

数黑论黄 數黑論黃 shu3 hei1 lun4 huang2
to enumerate what is black and yellow (idiom); to criticize sb behind his back to incite quarrels

数论 數論 shu4 lun4
number theory (math.)

诉论 訴論 su4 lun4
lawsuit; legal action; accusation

宿命论 宿命論 su4 ming4 lun4
fatalism; fatalistic

诉诸公论 訴諸公論 su4 zhu1 gong1 lun4
to appeal to the public

谈古论今 談古論今 tan2 gu3 lun4 jin1
to talk of the past and discuss the present (idiom); to chat freely; to discuss everything

谈论 談論 tan2 lun4
to discuss; to talk about

讨论 討論 tao3 lun4
to discuss; to talk over

讨论班 討論班 tao3 lun4 ban1
seminar; workshop

讨论会 討論會 tao3 lun4 hui4
symposium; discussion forum

讨论区 討論區 tao3 lun4 qu1
forum (esp. online); discussion area; feedback

天演论 天演論 tian1 yan3 lun4
the theory of evolution (early translation, since replaced by 進化論|进化论)

突变理论 突變理論 tu1 bian4 li3 lun4
(math.) catastrophe theory

图论 圖論 tu2 lun2
graph theory (math.)

推论 推論 tui1 lun4
to infer; inference; corollary; reasoned conclusion

微扰论 微擾論 wei1 rao3 lun4
perturbation theory

唯理论 唯理論 wei2 li3 lun4
(philosophy) rationalism

唯物论 唯物論 wei2 wu4 lun4
the philosophy of materialism, doctrine that physical matter is the whole of reality

唯象理论 唯象理論 wei2 xiang4 li3 lun4

唯心论 唯心論 wei2 xin1 lun4
philosophy of idealism, the doctrine that external reality is a product of consciousness

唯意志论 唯意志論 wei2 yi4 zhi4 lun4
voluntarism; metaphysical view, esp. due to Schopenhauer 叔本華|叔本华, that the essence of the world is willpower

稳态理论 穩態理論 wen3 tai4 li3 lun4
the steady-state theory (cosmology)

无论 無論 wu2 lun4
no matter what or how; regardless of whether...

无论何处 無論何處 wu2 lun4 he2 chu4
anywhere; wherever

无论何人 無論何人 wu2 lun4 he2 ren2

无论何时 無論何時 wu2 lun4 he2 shi2

无论何事 無論何事 wu2 lun4 he2 shi4
anything; whatever

无论如何 無論如何 wu2 lun4 ru2 he2
whatever the case; in any event; no matter what; by all possible means

无神论 無神論 wu2 shen2 lun4

无神论者 無神論者 wu2 shen2 lun4 zhe3

狭义相对论 狹義相對論 xia2 yi4 xiang1 dui4 lun4
special relativity

弦理论 弦理論 xian2 li3 lun4
string theory (physics)

弦论 弦論 xian2 lun4
string theory (in theoretical physics)

相对论 相對論 xiang1 dui4 lun4
theory of relativity

相对论性 相對論性 xiang1 dui4 lun4 xing4
relativistic (physics)

相提并论 相提並論 xiang1 ti2 bing4 lun4
to discuss two disparate things together (idiom); to mention on equal terms; to place on a par with; (often with negatives: impossible to mention X in the same breath as Y)

新民主主义论 新民主主義論 xin1 min2 zhu3 zhu3 yi4 lun4
On New Democracy (1940), by Mao Zedong

信息论 信息論 xin4 xi1 lun4
information theory

性恶论 性惡論 xing4 e4 lun4
"human nature is evil", theory advocated by Xunzi 荀子

需求层次理论 需求層次理論 xu1 qiu2 ceng2 ci4 li3 lun4
(Maslow's) hierarchy of needs (psychology)

绪论 緒論 xu4 lun4
introduction; preface

学位论文 學位論文 xue2 wei4 lun4 wen2
a dissertation; a PhD thesis

血统论 血統論 xue4 tong3 lun4
class division into proletariat and bourgeoisie class enemy, in use esp. during the cultural revolution

循环论证 循環論證 xun2 huan2 lun4 zheng4
circular argument; logical error consisting of begging the question; Latin: petitio principii

言论 言論 yan2 lun4
expression of opinion; views; remarks; arguments

言论机关 言論機關 yan2 lun4 ji1 guan1
the press; the media

言论界 言論界 yan2 lun4 jie4
the press; the media

言论自由 言論自由 yan2 lun4 zi4 you2
freedom of speech

一概而论 一概而論 yi1 gai4 er2 lun4
to lump different matters together (idiom)

一神论 一神論 yi1 shen2 lun4
monotheism; unitarianism (denying the Trinity)

一元论 一元論 yi1 yuan2 lun4
monism, belief that the universe is made of a single substance

议论 議論 yi4 lun4
to comment; to talk about; to discuss; discussion

议论纷错 議論紛錯 yi4 lun4 fen1 cuo4
see 議論紛紛|议论纷纷

议论纷纷 議論紛紛 yi4 lun4 fen1 fen1
to discuss spiritedly (idiom); tongues are wagging

阴谋论 陰謀論 yin1 mou2 lun4
conspiracy theory

有神论 有神論 you3 shen2 lun4
theism (the belief in the existence of God)

有神论者 有神論者 you3 shen2 lun4 zhe3
theist (believer in one or more Deities)

迂论 迂論 yu1 lun4
unrealistic argument; high flown and impractical opinion

舆论 輿論 yu2 lun4
public opinion

舆论调查 輿論調查 yu2 lun4 diao4 cha2
opinion poll

舆论界 輿論界 yu2 lun4 jie4
media; commentators

宇宙生成论 宇宙生成論 yu3 zhou4 sheng1 cheng2 lun4

原子论 原子論 yuan2 zi3 lun4
atomic theory

灾变论 災變論 zai1 bian4 lun4
catastrophism; the theory that geological change is caused by catastrophic events such as the Biblical flood

造舆论 造輿論 zao4 yu2 lun4
to build up public opinion; to create a fuss

争长论短 爭長論短 zheng1 chang2 lun4 duan3
lit. to argue who is right and wrong (idiom); to quibble; a storm in a teacup

争论 爭論 zheng1 lun4
to argue; to debate; to contend; argument; contention; controversy; debate

争论点 爭論點 zheng1 lun4 dian3

政论 政論 zheng4 lun4
political commentary

知识论 知識論 zhi1 shi2 lun4

诛心之论 誅心之論 zhu1 xin1 zhi1 lun4
a devastating criticism; to expose hidden motives

专家评论 專家評論 zhuan1 jia1 ping2 lun4
expert commentary

资本论 資本論 zi1 ben3 lun4
Das Kapital (1867) by Karl Marx 卡爾·馬克思|卡尔·马克思

自然神论 自然神論 zi4 ran2 shen2 lun4
deism, theological theory of God who does not interfere in the Universe

纵论 縱論 zong4 lun4
to talk freely

组合论 組合論 zu3 he2 lun4

最低限度理论 最低限度理論 zui4 di1 xian4 du4 li3 lun4
minimalist theory

坐而论道 坐而論道 zuo4 er2 lun4 dao4
to sit and pontificate; to find answers through theory and not through practice (idiom)

作用理论 作用理論 zuo4 yong4 li3 lun4
interactive theory