bright; clear; resonant; to shine; to show; to reveal

strokes 9
strokes after radical 7
爱漂亮 愛漂亮 ai4 piao4 liang5
to like looking attractive (usually of girls); aestheticism

傍亮 傍亮 bang4 liang4
dawn; daybreak

擦亮 擦亮 ca1 liang4
to polish

擦亮眼睛 擦亮眼睛 ca1 liang4 yan3 jing1
to keep one's eyes open (idiom); to be on one's guard; to be clear-eyed

敞亮 敞亮 chang3 liang4
bright and spacious

打开天窗说亮话 打開天窗說亮話 da3 kai1 tian1 chuang1 shuo1 liang4 hua4
not to mince words; not to beat about the bush

邓亮洪 鄧亮洪 deng4 liang4 hong2
Tang Liang Hong (opposition candidate in Jan 1996 Singapore elections)

点亮 點亮 dian3 liang4
to illuminate; to turn on the lights; to light (a blaze)

发亮 發亮 fa1 liang4
to shine; shiny

高风亮节 高風亮節 gao1 feng1 liang4 jie2
of noble character and unquestionable integrity (idiom)

光亮 光亮 guang1 liang4

光亮度 光亮度 guang1 liang4 du4
brightness; luminosity

宏亮 宏亮 hong2 liang4
see 洪亮

洪亮 洪亮 hong2 liang4
loud and clear; resonant

洪亮吉 洪亮吉 hong2 liang4 ji2
Hong Liangji (1746-1809), poet and historian

红泥月亮 紅泥月亮 hong2 ni2 yue4 liang5

见亮 見亮 jian4 liang4
please forgive me

晶亮 晶亮 jing1 liang4
bright; shiny

宽亮 寬亮 kuan1 liang4
wide and bright; without worries; deep and sonorous (voice)

蜡烛不点不亮 蠟燭不點不亮 la4 zhu2 bu4 dian3 bu4 liang4
some people have to be pushed for them to take action

亮氨酸 亮氨酸 liang4 an1 suan1
leucine (Leu), an essential amino acid

亮彩 亮彩 liang4 cai3
a bright color; sparkle; shine; glitter

亮出 亮出 liang4 chu1
to suddenly reveal; to flash (one's ID, a banknote etc)

亮底牌 亮底牌 liang4 di3 pai2
to show one's hand; to lay one's cards on the table

亮点 亮點 liang4 dian3
highlight; bright spot

亮度 亮度 liang4 du4

亮光 亮光 liang4 guang1
light; beam of light; gleam of light; light reflected from an object

亮黄灯 亮黃燈 liang4 huang2 deng1
(lit.) to flash the yellow light; (fig.) to give a warning sign

亮晶晶 亮晶晶 liang4 jing1 jing1
gleaming; glistening

亮菌 亮菌 liang4 jun1
Armillariella tabescens (mushroom used in trad. Chinese medicine)

亮菌甲素 亮菌甲素 liang4 jun1 jia3 su4
armillarisin (fungal enzyme used as antibiotic)

亮蓝 亮藍 liang4 lan2
bright blue

亮丽 亮麗 liang4 li4
bright and beautiful

亮闪闪 亮閃閃 liang4 shan3 shan3

亮饰 亮飾 liang4 shi4

亮堂 亮堂 liang4 tang2
bright; clear

亮堂堂 亮堂堂 liang4 tang2 tang2
very bright; well-lit

亮相 亮相 liang4 xiang4
to strike a pose (Chinese opera); (fig.) to make a public appearance; to come out in public (revealing one's true personality, opinions etc); (of a product) to appear on the market or at a trade show etc

亮星 亮星 liang4 xing1
bright star

亮星云 亮星雲 liang4 xing1 yun2
emission nebula

亮锃锃 亮鋥鋥 liang4 zeng4 zeng4
polished to a shine; shiny; glistening

嘹亮 嘹亮 liao2 liang4
loud and clear; resonant

麻麻亮 麻麻亮 ma1 ma5 liang4
(dialect) to begin to dawn; to be just getting light

蒙蒙亮 矇矇亮 meng1 meng1 liang4
dawn; the first glimmer of light

明亮 明亮 ming2 liang4
bright; shining; glittering; to become clear

盼星星盼月亮 盼星星盼月亮 pan4 xing1 xing1 pan4 yue4 liang4
to wish for the stars and the moon; to have unreal expectations

漂亮 漂亮 piao4 liang5
pretty; beautiful

人工照亮 人工照亮 ren2 gong1 zhao4 liang4
artificial lighting

三个臭皮匠,顶个诸葛亮 三個臭皮匠,頂個諸葛亮 san1 ge4 chou4 pi2 jiang5 - ding3 ge4 zhu1 ge3 liang4
lit. three ignorant cobblers add up to a genius (idiom); fig. collective wisdom; wisdom of the masses exceeds that of any individual

三个臭皮匠,合成一个诸葛亮 三個臭皮匠,合成一個諸葛亮 san1 ge4 chou4 pi2 jiang5 - he2 cheng2 yi1 ge4 zhu1 ge3 liang4
lit. three ignorant cobblers add up to a genius (idiom); fig. collective wisdom

三个臭皮匠,赛过一个诸葛亮 三個臭皮匠,賽過一個諸葛亮 san1 ge4 chou4 pi2 jiang5 - sai4 guo4 yi1 ge4 zhu1 ge3 liang4
lit. three ignorant cobblers add up to a genius (idiom); fig. collective wisdom; wisdom of the masses exceeds that of any individual

三个臭皮匠,赛过诸葛亮 三個臭皮匠,賽過諸葛亮 san1 ge4 chou4 pi2 jiang5 - sai4 guo4 zhu1 ge3 liang4
lit. three ignorant cobblers add up to a genius (idiom); fig. collective wisdom; wisdom of the masses exceeds that of any individual

三个臭皮匠,胜过一个诸葛亮 三個臭皮匠,勝過一個諸葛亮 san1 ge4 chou4 pi2 jiang5 - sheng4 guo4 yi1 ge4 zhu1 ge3 liang4
variant of 三個臭皮匠,賽過一個諸葛亮|三个臭皮匠,赛过一个诸葛亮

闪亮 閃亮 shan3 liang4
brilliant; shiny; a flare; to glisten; to twinkle

闪亮儿 閃亮兒 shan3 liang4 er5
erhua variant of 閃亮|闪亮

事后诸葛亮 事後諸葛亮 shi4 hou4 zhu1 ge3 liang4
a genius in retrospect (idiom); hindsight is 20-20

视亮度 視亮度 shi4 liang4 du4
apparent brightness (astronomy)

爽亮 爽亮 shuang3 liang4
clear; open; bright

水亮 水亮 shui3 liang4
moist and glossy; wet look (of lipstick)

天亮 天亮 tian1 liang4
dawn; daybreak

天然照亮 天然照亮 tian1 ran2 zhao4 liang4
natural lighting

田亮 田亮 tian2 liang4
Tian Liang (1979-), former male Chinese diver, Olympic medalist

透亮 透亮 tou4 liang4
bright; shining; translucent; crystal clear

乌亮 烏亮 wu1 liang4
lustrous and black; jet-black

鲜亮 鮮亮 xian1 liang5
bright (color); vivid

响亮 響亮 xiang3 liang4
loud and clear; resounding

雪亮 雪亮 xue3 liang4
lit. bright as snow; shiny; dazzling; sharp (of eyes)

一时瑜亮 一時瑜亮 yi1 shi2 yu2 liang4
two remarkable persons living at the same period (as 周瑜 and 諸葛亮|诸葛亮)

异亮氨酸 異亮氨酸 yi4 liang4 an1 suan1
isoleucine (Ile), an essential amino acid

银亮 銀亮 yin2 liang4
shiny bright as silver

油亮 油亮 you2 liang4
glossy; shiny

月亮 月亮 yue4 liang5
the moon

月亮女神号 月亮女神號 yue4 liang5 nv3 shen2 hao4
SELENE, Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft, launched in 2007

贼亮 賊亮 zei2 liang4
bright; shiny; dazzling; glaring

锃亮 鋥亮 zeng4 liang4

崭亮 嶄亮 zhan3 liang4
shining; brilliant

照亮 照亮 zhao4 liang4
to illuminate; to light up; lighting

真亮 真亮 zhen1 liang4

诸葛亮 諸葛亮 zhu1 ge3 liang4
Zhuge Liang (181-234), military leader and prime minister of Shu Han 蜀漢|蜀汉 during the Three Kingdoms period; the main hero of the fictional Romance of Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义, where he is portrayed as a sage and military genius; mastermind