to split; to crack; to break open; to rend

strokes 12
strokes after radical 6
爆裂 爆裂 bao4 lie4
to rupture; to burst; to explode

爆裂物 爆裂物 bao4 lie4 wu4

崩裂 崩裂 beng1 lie4
to rupture; to burst open; to break up

车裂 車裂 che1 lie4
to tear off a person's four limbs and head using five horse drawn carts (as capital punishment); to tear limb from limb

扯裂 扯裂 che3 lie4

成熟分裂 成熟分裂 cheng2 shu2 fen1 lie4
meiosis (in sexual reproduction)

唇颚裂 唇顎裂 chun2 e4 lie4
cleft lip and palate

皴裂 皴裂 cun1 lie4
chap (lips, skin etc)

大裂谷 大裂谷 da4 lie4 gu3
great rift valley

东非大裂谷 東非大裂谷 dong1 fei1 da4 lie4 gu3
Great East African rift valley

断裂 斷裂 duan4 lie4
fracture; rupture; to break apart

断裂带 斷裂帶 duan4 lie4 dai4
fault zone (geology)

断裂模数 斷裂模數 duan4 lie4 mo2 shu4
modulus rupture

断裂强度 斷裂強度 duan4 lie4 qiang2 du4
rupture strength; breaking strength

颚裂 顎裂 e4 lie4
cleft palate (birth defect)

腭裂 齶裂 e4 lie4
cleft palate

二分裂 二分裂 er4 fen1 lie4
binary division (in bacterial reproduction)

发指眦裂 髮指眥裂 fa4 zhi3 zi4 lie4
hair standing up and eyes wide in anger (idiom); enraged; in a towering rage

反分裂法 反分裂法 fan3 fen1 lie4 fa3
anti-secession law of 2005 (whereby PRC claims the right to invade Taiwan)

非洲大裂谷 非洲大裂谷 fei1 zhou1 da4 lie4 gu3
Great East African rift valley

分裂 分裂 fen1 lie4
to split up; to divide; to break up; fission; schism

分裂情感性障碍 分裂情感性障礙 fen1 lie4 qing2 gan3 xing4 zhang4 ai4
schizoaffective disorder

分裂主义 分裂主義 fen1 lie4 zhu3 yi4

分裂组织 分裂組織 fen1 lie4 zu3 zhi1
separatist organization; meristem (botany)

干裂 乾裂 gan1 lie4
(of dry soil, skin etc) to crack; to chap

割裂 割裂 ge1 lie4
to cut apart; to sever; to separate; to isolate

核分裂 核分裂 he2 fen1 lie4
nuclear fission

核裂变 核裂變 he2 lie4 bian4
atomic fission; nuclear fission; fission

轘裂 轘裂 huan4 lie4
see 車裂|车裂

脊柱裂 脊柱裂 ji3 zhu4 lie4
spina bifida

减数分裂 減數分裂 jian3 shu4 fen1 lie4
meiosis (in sexual reproduction)

精神分裂症 精神分裂症 jing1 shen2 fen1 lie4 zheng4

决裂 決裂 jue2 lie4
to rupture; to burst open; to break; to break off relations with; a rupture

龟裂 龜裂 jun1 lie4
to crack; cracked; fissured; creviced; (of skin) chapped

开裂 開裂 kai1 lie4
to split open; to dehisce (of fruit or cotton bolls, to split open)

可裂变 可裂變 ke3 lie4 bian4

可裂变材料 可裂變材料 ke3 lie4 bian4 cai2 liao4
fissile material

类精神分裂型人格违常 類精神分裂型人格違常 lei4 jing1 shen2 fen1 lie4 xing2 ren2 ge2 wei2 chang2
schizoid personality disorder (SPD)

链式裂变反应 鏈式裂變反應 lian4 shi4 lie4 bian4 fan3 ying4
chain reaction of nuclear fission

裂变 裂變 lie4 bian4

裂变材料 裂變材料 lie4 bian4 cai2 liao4
fissionable material

裂变产物 裂變產物 lie4 bian4 chan3 wu4
fission products

裂变碎片 裂變碎片 lie4 bian4 sui4 pian4
fission fragment

裂变同位素 裂變同位素 lie4 bian4 tong2 wei4 su4
fissile isotope

裂变武器 裂變武器 lie4 bian4 wu3 qi4
fission weapon

裂变炸弹 裂變炸彈 lie4 bian4 zha4 dan4
fission bomb

裂缝 裂縫 lie4 feng4
crack; crevice

裂谷 裂谷 lie4 gu3
rift valley

裂谷热病毒 裂谷熱病毒 lie4 gu3 re4 bing4 du2
Rift Valley fever virus

裂痕 裂痕 lie4 hen2
crack; gap; split

裂化 裂化 lie4 hua4
to crack (fractionally distill oil)

裂解 裂解 lie4 jie3
pyrolysis; splitting (chemistry)

裂开 裂開 lie4 kai1
to split open

裂口 裂口 lie4 kou3
breach; split; rift; vent (volcanic crater)

裂脑人 裂腦人 lie4 nao3 ren2

裂片 裂片 lie4 pian4
splinter; chip; tear (split in a surface); lobe

裂体吸虫 裂體吸蟲 lie4 ti3 xi1 chong2
schistosome, parasitic flatworm causing snail fever (bilharzia or schistosomiasis)

裂纹 裂紋 lie4 wen2
crack; flaw

裂璺 裂璺 lie4 wen4
crack; split; fracture line

裂隙 裂隙 lie4 xi4
gap; slit; crack; crevice; fracture

裂罅 裂罅 lie4 xia4
rift; crevice; fissure

裂殖 裂殖 lie4 zhi2

裂殖菌 裂殖菌 lie4 zhi2 jun1
Schizomycetes (taxonomic class of fungi)

裂殖菌纲 裂殖菌綱 lie4 zhi2 jun1 gang1
Schizomycetes (taxonomic class of fungi)

卵裂 卵裂 luan3 lie4
cleavage of fertilized ovum into cells

挠裂 撓裂 nao2 lie4
split due to repeated folding; flex crack

劈裂 劈裂 pi1 lie4
to split open; to cleave; to rend

破裂 破裂 po4 lie4
to rupture; to fracture; to break down; (linguistics) plosion

鳃裂 鰓裂 sai1 lie4
gill slit (in fish)

身败名裂 身敗名裂 shen1 bai4 ming2 lie4
to lose one's standing; to have one's reputation swept away; a complete defeat and fall from grace

双龙大裂谷 雙龍大裂谷 shuang1 long2 da4 lie4 gu3
Shuanglong ravine in Mt Xiong'er national geological park 熊耳山, Zaozhuang 棗莊|枣庄, Shandong

撕裂 撕裂 si1 lie4
to rip apart; to tear; laceration; rent

四分五裂 四分五裂 si4 fen1 wu3 lie4
all split up and in pieces (idiom); disunity (in an organization); complete lack of unity; to disintegrate; falling apart; to be at sixes and sevens

碎裂 碎裂 sui4 lie4
to disintegrate; to shatter into small pieces

碎心裂胆 碎心裂膽 sui4 xin1 lie4 dan3
in mortal fear (idiom)

天崩地裂 天崩地裂 tian1 beng1 di4 lie4
heaven falls and earth rends (idiom); rocked by a major disaster; fig. violent revolution; major social upheaval

头痛欲裂 頭痛欲裂 tou2 tong4 yu4 lie4
to have a splitting headache (idiom)

歪瓜裂枣 歪瓜裂棗 wai1 gua1 lie4 zao3
ugly; repulsive

外侧裂 外側裂 wai4 ce4 lie4
lateral sulcus or Sylvian fissure (a main division of the brain)

外侧裂周区 外側裂周區 wai4 ce4 lie4 zhou1 qu1
perisylvian (the part of the brain surrounding the lateral sulcus or Sylvian fissure), involved in speech

外侧裂周围 外側裂周圍 wai4 ce4 lie4 zhou1 wei2
perisylvian (the part of the brain surrounding the lateral sulcus or Sylvian fissure), involved in speech

无丝分裂 無絲分裂 wu2 si1 fen1 lie4

细胞分裂 細胞分裂 xi4 bao1 fen1 lie4
cell division

心胆俱裂 心膽俱裂 xin1 dan3 ju4 lie4
to be scared out of one's wits (idiom)

有丝分裂 有絲分裂 you3 si1 fen1 lie4

羽裂 羽裂 yu3 lie4
pinnation (splitting of leaves into lobes)

绽裂 綻裂 zhan4 lie4
to split open; to split apart

纵裂 縱裂 zong4 lie4
lobe; longitudinal slit; vertical fracture